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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 322


Chapter 322: A Very Important Skill!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

’’Bing-Er, maybe it is also a good idea to discuss this with you...’’ Ye Xiao said.

’’... About what?’’ Bing-Er murmured. She was being shy and couldn't come back to herself yet.

’’Do you think that there is anyway we can make those ghosts work for me?’’ Ye Xiao asked.

’’AH...’’ Bing-Er exclaimed again and crawled into Ye Xiao's arms, trembling. ’’Brother Xiao, don't talk about this kind of thing, please. Not that word. Please...’’

Her pretty face became pale again...

Ye Xiao was amused. [Turns out she is fearful about this...]

He felt happy and bore it in mind.

[Humph. I need to say this here. What happened here has a great effect to Ye Xiao's future... Ahem... something...]

’’Okay, Brother Xiao will stop.’’ Ye Xiao rolled his eyes. ’’Lets talk about something else then.’’

Bing-Er's face was full of fear. She slowly looked up and said, ’’What?’’

She was afraid that Ye Xiao would talk about ghosty things again. She was preparing to hide her face at anytime.

Ye Xiao laughed and said, ’’Bing-Er, if you have a skill... that allows you to...’’

He intentionally stopped.

Bing-Er's face turned pale and her eyes were full of nervousness. She kept looking away and then she didn't even dare to look in the air around her. She felt like she truly had that capability to see ghosts...

She thought Ye Xiao was going to talk about ghosts again.

Ye Xiao knew he succeeded in this prank, so he laughed. He said, ’’Alright. If you can see through the clothes on people... What would it benefit you?’’

Bing-Er was just calm. She finally felt relieved since the topic was changed, ’’To see through people's clothes. What would that scene be. Let me see...’’

While murmuring, she frowned and was lost in thoughts.

’’Generally, if you can see through one's clothes, you can see something on him... Maybe money? Or maybe something valuable? Maybe some hidden weapons? Everything that is hidden on him. That is one way that may benefit me...’’

While Bing-Er was talking and thinking, Ye Xiao was enlightened and his eyes lit up.

[The girl is pure minded. She truly has rather different thoughts from me. What she thinks of is truly useful. Unlike me... I kept thinking about something raunchy... or dirty...]

’’What else?’’ Ye Xiao tried to lead her to more answers.

’’What else could be seen except these?’’ Bing-Er kept rolling her pretty eyes. She said, ’’If I can see through one's clothes, I can see through something else too... Like gauze curtain. It is thinner than clothes. There is more... I wonder if I can see through the walls? Walls are definitely thicker than clothes. It must be difficult to see through it. Maybe it won't work. What if I can also see through walls? Is there anything thicker than walls? The earth? Can I see the things under the ground? Maybe not...’’

Bing-Er wasn't very confident about what she was saying, but Ye Xiao's eyes lit up more and more.

Hearing Bing-Er, Ye Xiao suddenly felt that his Yin Yang Eyes martial art was dramatically practical.

It wasn't a surprise that Ye Xiao couldn't think of many of these. What happened to him was... When he first used the Yin Yang Eyes, he saw Bing-Er's naked body. It was such a pretty, delicate and attractive body that led a man to imaginations.

That was stuck in his head. That was why he would be focusing on ’’body’’ and ’’clothes’’ all the time... Ahem. This is a common illness of men. Virgin or not, every man has it.

That is normal.

It is always good to be understanding!

Now, Ye Xiao had thought it over. Suddenly, he came up with further practical situations. [If Bing-Er's conjecture is true. Maybe I can see the hidden weapons on others. I can avoid stealth attacks... Then this is some great skill...’’

When he thought about hidden weapons, he thought about the knives and needles that was hidden all over him. He felt it scary.

Since he could hide such kind of weapons, his enemy also could. He might be a true superior cultivator after two lives' cultivation, but he was not one of the greatest cultivator after all!

He wasn't invincible yet.

He imagined how his enemies were embarrassed when they met him, who was like a hedgehog.

He wondered when he met somebody just like himself...

How would he be?

He would definitely panic. That was sure.

If he met an enemy that was even stronger, stranger, trickier than him, what then?

Could he escape it unscathed?

Even though he had a high opinion of himself, he couldn't guarantee it!

However, what if his enemies knew about all the stuff on him in advance? What if they knew how he would use them?

Ye Xiao felt cold and thrilled while thinking about that.

Because if that was real, it couldn't be easier for his enemies to get him killed!

To find out a set-up or a trap, that was the most important thing that concerned about his life!

He could imagine how big an advantage it was if he could see it in advance!

Ye Xiao showed a serious face and he nodded.

[It seems this Yin Yang Eyes is rather useful. It will be a waste not to go on with it... As I accepted it, I got the first level power.

It seemed easy to cultivate.]

He blinked and said, ’’Bing-Er, please go on.’’

’’As for other aspects...’’ Bing-Er hesitantly spoke, ’’I don't know where the limit of such skill stands. But if we go for it, I wonder if it allows me to see through human body? If we see skin as special clothes on us... It makes sense. If it allows me to see through human body... Where the wound is;where there is illness;where... These can be seen by just a look. Well surely, if this skill really is that powerful. I think not. Can it really be that marvelous?’’

Ye Xiao was shocked!

[That's great!

Bing-Er is right. That can't be more right!

This skill is described as 'to see through the secret of the world', then it must be able to allow me to see through human body. It is to allow me to 'see things that mortals cannot see, and watch things that mortals cannot watch'. That totally makes sense!]

If it was real, this skill must be very important to him!

It was so important that it made Ye Xiao's heart leap up.



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