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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 320


Chapter 320: A Huge Progress On Cultivation

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Since the beginning, the cold qi he experienced most recently was the densest. As such, he had expected that the burst of cold qi this time would benefit him greatly after he had converted them all.

He just didn't expect it to be such a huge benefit.

It was like a gold brick falling from the sky and he owned it all! A safe fortune!

His Jing and Mai were changed a little bit. There seemed to be no difference before, but the Jing and Mai became a bit darker than before.

The change of color might not be considered anything serious, however, Ye Xiao knew that it was of some special change!

He focused on figuring out the reason for the change and he was surprised. The color became darker because there was a narrow stream of purple line in it. It seemed to be impalpable, but there it was.

Ye Xiao knew that it must be related to the East-rising Purple Qi. He tried operating the spiritual qi. He had just activated his spiritual mind, but the spiritual qi in his dantian had already suddenly rushed up. It was three times faster than before to fill all the place that was suitable for cultivation.

It acted while he thought it!

Ye Xiao was surprised and happy about that.

Generally, only Spirit Origin Stage cultivator could do that. Was he already in Spirit Origin Stage now?

He checked on it and was disappointed.

He was still in the third level of the Sky Origin Stage. He had improved a lot though. He was nearly breaking to the fourth level.

It would take him a hell lot of time to reach the top level of the Sky Origin Stage, not to mention Spirit Origin Stage.

After his Jing and Mai were improved, they became more flexible. It allowed him to move faster. It made him strike three times faster than before so that he could more efficiently defend from the enemies.

In fact, he had no other improvements except this so far...

Ye Xiao was happy but disappointed as well.

If Ye Xiao told anybody else about how he was feeling now, every cultivator in the world would spit on him. [You actually think it is not fast enough for you? How fast do you want? I am going to spit you to hell, greedy bastard

It takes you only an afternoon to break through a level!

We all need to spend lots of time fixing our Jing and Mai after breaking through a new level. Yours are fine and they actually became even flexible...

Your mind state upgraded too!

Now you are the one who complains about it...

You are... You are such a prick!]

He had actually received a new martial art that many other people would dream of...

He himself didn't know it, but Yin Yang Eyes was a martial art that was considered priceless, marvelous and unique in other people's eyes!

Such a great thing, Ye Xiao actually treated it like nothing important. He would put it away at any time...

It was always a difficult thing to compare two people!

[I should probably think deeper about what this Yin Yang Eyes could do. It shouldn't be so limited as it is such mystical martial art...]

At dinner, Ye Xiao held the chopsticks in one hand while the bowl in another. He just stared at the air...

Song Jue and Bing-Er looked at him with strange looks. They were shocked by the weird situation on Ye Xiao.

They watched Ye Xiao pick up a piece of meat... with bones! He picked it up and put it to his mouth. He bit it and bit it again... His eyes were profound... In fact, he was in a daze...

- Creak! Creak! Creak... -

The meat with bones were chewed into pieces and he swallowed it all. His eyes were still the same. He just picked up another piece of meat, put it into the mouth... - Creak! Creak! Creak... -

Song Jue and Bing-Er were both stunned. They didn't know what to say.

Song Jue felt scared. A sense of cold raised on his back.

’’I mean... Xiao Xiao, why do you eat like this? Do you really like to swallow the whole piece of meat with bones in it? I know you are not weak anymore, you are a superior cultivator, but... you don't have to show us your strength in this way. Are you showing off here?’’ Song Jue asked.

Ye Xiao raised his head and said, ’’Ah?’’

Song Jue was annoyed. ’’What do you mean 'ah'? Can't you just finish eating before you go on thinking? It wouldn't take long to have dinner, would it?’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’Urh.’’

Song Jue was annoyed, ’’Are you going to change or not? Do you hear me?’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’Hmm. That's right. Correct!’’

Song Jue rolled up his eyes and sighed.

Bing-Er couldn't help laughing behind her hand.

The uncle and the nephew, one was annoyed, while another was in a daze. The answers never really answered the questions! That was donkeys' lips don't match horses'jaws!

Bing-Er looked even gorgeous when she smiled.

Song Jue nearly couldn't look away from her. He hurriedly looked aside and said in mind, [Forgive me...]

At this moment, Ye Xiao suddenly put down his chopsticks. He looked extremely serious and he said in a deep voice, ’’There is one thing I cannot think through.’’

Song Jue and Bing-Er asked, ’’What is it? Go on. Let us help you!’’

Ye Xiao frowned and said, ’’Look. If a guy suddenly has a special skill... He can see something that others cannot... What should he use such skill for?’’

Since he couldn't think of any good answers, he decided to ask for others' opinions. Maybe it would give him an enlightenment!

Song Jue was disdainful. ’’Bullsh*t! How is that some special skill. That is just some kid who got their saint eyes activated, so he sees some ghosty thing... Do you really think it is worth a discussion? As the kid grows up, he would lose it. It is nothing serious...’’

’’It is a common thing in the world though... Normal people may think he is occupied by devil. They may not know what to do about it, but, for cultivators... It is nothing serious really,’’ Song Jue disdainfully spoke.

He was showing pride and the attitude of ’’you are just an ignorant kid’’. [The older, the wiser.]

Ye Xiao was speechless, [If it really is just a kid's thing, do you really think I would be troubled?]

’’Well, what if someone can use such a skill?’’ It wasn't Ye Xiao's question this time. It was from Bing-Er.


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