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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 319


Chapter 319: Why Are You Naked?

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

[Oh my god. What wrong have I done? I have just stopped tearing up, but now the blood?!]

It was Bing-Er walking out from the inner room. She saw Ye Xiao looking at her distractedly. He was so concentrated and so absorbed that his eyeballs nearly popped out. She blushed and said with happiness, ’’Brother Xiao, why are you looking at me like that?’’

Her voice was like the bird tweeting deep in the valley. It woke Ye Xiao and he distractedly said, ’’Bing-Er... You... Why are you not wearing anything?’’

Bing-Er was shocked. She looked down on her body and looked up with confusion in eyes, ’’Brother Xiao... I am wearing everything decently... I am not naked! Nonsense!’’

She felt both shy and happy.

She roughly had a twelve years old mind now. She thought, [Brother Xiao looks at me like that thinking the image of me naked... Humph. Brother Xiao is such a playboy! What a hooligan... That is so embarrassing...]

[Urh?] Ye Xiao was surprised. He looked to her again and what he could see was only the white skin of her like snow. As she was breathing, some parts were shaking...

Again, it was so shocking to him. He couldn't help but feel his blood erupting between his legs again...

He wasn't crazy after all. He knew there must be something wrong, so he closed his eyes and took deep breath. He suppressed the urge and dismissed the Yin Yang Eyes martial art. When he looked to her again, he saw Bing-Er in white dress with a calm and peaceful face. She was standing there quietly with a smile on her face. In her eyes, there were glows of joy...

[She Is wearing everything!

How on earth is she naked?]

Ye Xiao shook his head and thought with confusion, [Was it my illusion?]

He operated the Yin Yang Eyes again and looked at Bing-Er. All of a sudden... she again became... a naked beauty in front of him.

This time, he was even closer to her!

Because Bing-Er worried about him as he acted weirdly, she walked over to him to check on him!

As she got closer to him, every inch of her body became vivid and clear in Ye Xiao's sight!

Ye Xiao couldn't suppress the urge anymore.

- Puff! -

Ye Xiao raised up his head and closed his eyes. He stopped the martial art, but it was too late. Two streams of blood rushed out from his nose flying into the air. After a while, it slowly flowed down...

It was such an... embarrassing scene!

Ye Xiao felt he was disgraced.

[That is shameful!

I have never been ashamed like this before, not in both lives!

What happened to me these days? First I teared;now I bleed. Can I have some peace?!

Goddamn it! It is all that stupid Yin Yang Eyes's fault. The Right Eye scared me, and the Left Eye set me up. It is simply fooling me around!

Yin Yang Eyes is absolutely a martial art that fools you to death!]

’’Brother Xiao, your nose is bleeding again. Are you alright...’’ Bing-Er exclaimed.

She hurriedly took out a napkin to wipe the blood on Ye Xiao's face. While she was doing it, she said with concerns, ’’Brother Xiao, why is your nose bleeding like this? Is there something wrong with you? Should you go to the doctor? You can never delay such a thing... What should you do if you keep bleeding like this...’’

Facing such soft and gentle caring from her, Ye Xiao felt terribly embarrassed.

[You little girl. How long since you have learnt some words. Look how you have a sharp mouth. Should I consider it a fortune or not!

Ah... How do I answer that?

That is hellishly embarrassing...]

Ye Xiao covered his nose and embarrassedly coughed. He barely wanted to talk.

He calmed down and felt so frustrated that he nearly wanted to cry.

[See through all fakes, reveal the secret of the heaven and earth;discern the ways of the world, conquer the dead and the living. So it is said about Yin Yang Eyes, but this is it?] Ye Xiao sighed. He was so speechless and he nearly wanted to kill himself. [What a bloody joke. I am so doomed...]

[One eye sees the ghosts, and the other sees through women's clothes...] He sighed. [I thought it was some marvelous martial art... I was so excited about it for a long time... Now I am excited, but in a way that I don't want...]

[If it was just allowing me to see through the girls' clothes, that is fine. It showed men's naked body to me as well...] Ye Xiao wanted to puke. He felt a bit dizzy. [My god. I am not going to do such a disgusting thing!]

[No wonder I would tear for such a long time when I accepted this martial art. That was a warning of this...] He felt that he couldn't have any tears now even if he cried.

[That was reasonable to cry. It was a foresight indeed...]

He sighed.

He dismissed the Yin Yang Eyes and felt so bored.

[A giant man showed up for such a bloody stupid martial art...

Was it a stunt or something?

Why do I have to be through this.

[The first grade is to see through the secrets of the world... The key of Yin Yang Eye is to...] Ye Xiao reviewed the martial art again. If he couldn't find anything useful about it, he would just leave it.

He didn't like to see a girl's body through her clothes. He would prefer to see a girl naked directly.

Taking advantage of a girl without being noticed, that was something he wouldn't allow himself to do.

The shame in his heart was the barrier in his mind!

[... First step, to see through the exterior protection...] This made Ye Xiao feel right.

Wasn't exterior protection supposed to be... clothes?

Clothes was an exterior protection on people's body!

[... Second step of the first grade, to see deeper through the nature...]

Ye Xiao was lost. He couldn't understand what this nature meant.

What should be deeper?

However, he had made up his mind now.

He would go on cultivating this martial art. Maybe he would need it someday.

However, if he could still only see through people's clothes when he finished the first step...

He would just put it away!

He would seal it!

[I, Ye Xiao, no matter in which of my lives, will never need such martial art that only allows me to peep on women's body!

Men should have principle!]

He made up his mind and then started to check his body and his cultivation progress. As he expected, he should have been benefited greatly after converting all those cold qi. He just didn't know how much it was!

He checked on himself, and he was surprised. He exclaimed even though he was a calm and steady man.

’’My god. What is happening?’’



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