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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 318


Chapter 318: What A Martial Art!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao heard it and he was shocked.

And then some words that Bing-Er said stunned him.

’’... Am your... girl!’’

’’Your girl!’’

Ye Xiao thought about that strange giant man and that weird martial art!

He couldn't help but get lost in thoughts. He totally forgot about the beauty that was in front of her.

Bing-Er saw that he was in thoughts, so she reckoned he must be worrying about something important. She wouldn't dare to interrupt him, so she just quietly left.

Before these days, she would have just lingered around and wouldn't go. However, she now understood something must be done first while others later.

Now she was ’’sensible’’!

As Ye Xiao conjectured, Bing-Er should have a twelve years old girl's mind now. In fact, she was a sensible one.

It only took him several days to finish this.

That meant Bing-Er should have learned a lot before;she must have been well educated. It would take her just another several days to grow up to eighteen years old.

Ye Xiao felt successful about it.

At the moment, he was lost in thoughts about that Yin Yang Eyes.

He activated his spiritual mind and tried to check the space in his head. As expected, he found a book in the air shining golden glows. When he started to look at it, that book turned into some golden light dots and then disappeared.

In his head, some words about martial art kept showing up.

’’Universe up in the sky;Yin Yang on the earth. Yin and Yang complements one another, that leads to the birth of all... What is Yin Yang?... Human, he who controls Yin and Yang will succeed. People are too stupid to understand it. Now there is this method about Yin Yang. An eye sees the fortune, while the other differentiates Yin Yang. That is Yin Yang Eyes! ... People all have eyes. The left one is Yang, while the right one is Yin. They see the movement of sea and land;they see the sun, the moon and the stars... They see those that mortals cannot see, and watch those that mortals cannot watch... All the mystery is in the Yin Yang Eyes...’’

’’First grade is to see through the secret of the world. The second grade is to see through the Yin Yang in the world. The third grade is to see through the sun the moon and the stars...’’

After reading this martial art book, Ye Xiao was shocked. He couldn't help thinking about the East-rising Purple Qi he had been cultivating. He had chosen to cultivate both Yin and Yang aspects on that.

Now there was this Yin Yang Eyes for him.

Would they be related to each other?

However, that was not the question he should think of at the moment. His East-rising Purple Qi was still weak. He hadn't started the Yin Yang Eyes yet. Even though they were truly related, it wouldn't show the connection now!

As the Yin Yang Eyes book said, this martial art should be a truly marvelous one. Now that he had the opportunity, he would surely take it.

So he thought, so he did. He calmed down himself and then cultivated for a while following the instructions of Yin Yang Eyes. After cultivating for ninety-nine rounds by performing his spiritual qi, he felt that he had already grasped the method. He was happy about it, so he started to operate this special martial art. He focused on his right eye and intently observed it.

The first feeling was that his right eye was uncomfortable. It felt like the tears were coming out again.

He was shocked. He didn't want to start weeping again. It would be such a tragic if he did.

Luckily, that feeling only lasted for seconds.

After that, he was totally astonished by what he saw through his right eye.

He saw...

He saw another world in front of him.

Things were still the same in his room. However, everything was covered by a dense mass of fog. It was cold and full of sorrow like the world beneath the ground. His room was actually horrible like the hell!

Ye Xiao was shocked. He hurriedly dismissed the Yin Yang Eyes. When he looked around again, there was nothing cold and sorrowful at all.

He couldn't believe it, so he operated the Yin Yang Eyes again. He was shocked again as what he could see was exactly like before. There were even some dim shadows walking around.

Those shadows didn't feel like real, but they could change their appearance. Sometimes, they were tall, while sometimes, they were short;sometimes fat while sometimes slim...

They didn't notice Ye Xiao. They just walked around like they were busy with something...

With no reason, a cold wind blew. The shadows were all gone, like they never existed...

Ye Xiao was freaking out. He hurriedly dismissed the martial art again.

’’What is this Yin Yang Eyes for?’’

Ye Xiao was troubled. ’’So it can show me the ghosts? Isn't it just fooling myself? Why do I get such strange martial art?’’

Rubbing the gooseflesh that appeared on his body, he was frustrated.

[Yin Yang Eyes deals with Yin Yang like this? ...

Is it real?

It is totally a different thing comparing to the Yin and Yang attributes of my East-rising Purple Qi. It is completely not the same thing!]

As he was shocked, he decided not to use the Yin Eye of Yin Yang Eyes anymore.

However, he still had no idea what the Yang Eye could do?

So driven by the curiosity, he operated the martial art again to activate his left eye, with fear in mind. At the beginning, it felt much like when he did the right eye. Apparently, when he operated Yin Yang Eyes, his eyes would feel uncomfortable and he would feel like to weep.

The feeling of tears didn't appear since Ye Xiao tried not to let it.

He was astonished at the moment, so he wouldn't want to be weeping at all.

In front of him, there was a gorgeous beauty walking outside from her room. She was naked. Every step she walked made her... on her chest shake.

It was shocking. It was surprising. It was soul-stirring...

All of a sudden, Ye Xiao really didn't know how to describe the scene in his sight. His head was in a mess. He himself didn't know what he was thinking right now...

That beautiful girl stared at him with an innocent look and curious eyes. Deep inside her eyes, there was love...

Ye Xiao was shocked and he looked at this gorgeous lady. He couldn't prevent his blood boil and rush up to his head.

He felt itchy in his nose. His nose was about to bleed, and the blood would be rushing out like spring water!



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