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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 317


Chapter 317: Bing-Er Grew Up

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

She was curious and she didn't stop wiping Ye Xiao's tears with a white clean napkin, although she could never wipe it out...

She would follow Song Jue's instruction to prepare a wash basin of warm water for Ye Xiao so that he could drink it all. It kept Ye Xiao from getting dry in the eyes.

At the first few days, Song Jue worried that such a situation might damage Ye Xiao's eyes. After he made sure Ye Xiao was indeed cultivating some special martial art, he started to try pouring water into Ye Xiao. The eyes would be safe, but the problem of dehydration should be considered.

It would be a legendary joke... if he died because of dehydration due to crying!

Ye Xiao tried to object, but he failed, so he had to drink water while he was tearing. Tears went into the wash basin, and he drank it back, before it became tears again.

He had cursed this martial art for million times badly in mind already!

[What kind of bullsh*t martial art!

Where should I keep my dignity now...]

Thus, the next few days, Lord Ye naturally wouldn't go out of the house for any second. This period of time became the days that he behaved himself the most in his second life!

He didn't even step out of his room.

That was full four days!

Song Jue couldn't help thinking that misfortune never came without good luck. He never expected that a tearing problem could actually keep his young master at home. If he got to know it earlier, maybe this uncle would personally produce such an event himself. God really was good at fooling people!

During these days, Ye Xiao had quite a lot of spare time. Bing-Er was the only person who could see Ye Xiao like this for now. Ye Xiao decided to accept the truth. [Bing-Er should be fine with my look now. I don't think it matters if she sees me more. She is only no older than nine, actually...]

Thus, while Lord Ye was weeping, he started some lessons for Bing-Er.

Hmm, he just went on with the lessons...

During the four days, the tears he had in total could drown himself to death! Even so, after his hard work day and night, Bing-Er's mind was growing rapidly.

Ye Xiao even had this feeling.

It was like Bing-Er had been through four years.

She seemed to know much more now, so she had more to consider now.

Four days earlier, when Bing-Er was sleeping, she wouldn't sleep well if Ye Xiao wasn't with her. She would turn round and round all night and would go to Ye Xiao's arms before she could finally fall asleep.

However, three days earlier, only after one day, Bing-Er began to feel embarrassed... She had scruples.

Her face would turn red and her eyes would be soft and gentle. It made Ye Xiao really want to be a monster...

Two days earlier, that was after two days, Bing-Er was behaving like a big girl. She would blush when she spoke. She would be silent even when she had something to say. It made her more attractive. That really made people want to do something wrong...

One day earlier... Ye Xiao could tell that Bing-Er still wanted to stay in his arms all day long, but she could already restrain herself. She would hold her desire and decisively refuse to sleep with Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao had lost his sweet little service now...

At the moment...

Tears in Ye Xiao's eyes finally stopped.

It wouldn't be just alright. His eyes turned totally red, and he looked like a girl who had been raped and crying for a long time...

’’My lord, Bing-Er want to... But...’’ Bing-Er blushed. She kept rubbing her clothes with her small hands. She said, ’’... It's just... Intimate contact is improper between men and women... This...’’

Ye Xiao was stunned.

[What? Intimate contact is...? Isn't it something I just taught her yesterday? So now she is using it to refuse me?

I just want to kiss her as a reward. I didn't think much about it.]

Ye Xiao's reward to Bing-Er had always been, ’’Bing-Er, if you improved yourself, Brother Xiao will give you a kiss on cheek as a reward.’’

Bing-Er was so happy about getting such a reward. Every time when she got some improvement, she would reach her face to Ye Xiao with an expression of ’’kiss me’’. She would get close to Ye Xiao with her eyes closed waiting for the reward.

And then it changed. She became shy, and she would just sit there still with a blushed face waiting for Ye Xiao to come and kiss her...

At the moment, she actually refused to take the ’’reward’’. It was a ’’reward’’ that this young evil man used to take advantage of her.

[Habit makes things natural, doesn't it? But it doesn't work on Bing-Er?]

’’What?’’ Ye Xiao looked at Bing-Er.

Bing-Er's hair was tied up high. Her eyes were changing expressions as her face blushed.

That is:

’’Limpid her soul is while her bones are like jades. Pretty her face is like flowers while her eyebrows are like willow leaves. She who should be the most beautiful one in heavens surely must be the first beauty in mortal world!’’ [1]

’’Nothing...’’ Bing-Er lowered her head and shyly spoke, ’’If you really want to... Bing-Er, Bing-Er would never refuse... But... But...’’

She repeated ’’but’’ several times as her face turned red even more. She was trying to say something, but she didn't.

’’I see...’’ Ye Xiao was enlightened. He laughed out loud. ’’My Bing-Er has grown up now. She is a big girl now... She will blush now. Hahahaha...’’

Bing-Er was shy being laughed at by Ye Xiao. Even her neck turned red with her face. She moved her waist seemingly showing bashfulness.

Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’Since Bing-Er has grown up and you must be sensible now, the way I give you reward may be improper. Hmm. Let me see... How should I reward you now?’’

Bing-Er smiled bashfully. She quietly looked up at Ye Xiao and said, ’’If you really want to give me that... reward... Bing-Er... will be pleased to take it...’’

When she spoke to the last few words, her voice had become like the sound of mosquito.

She lowered her head like her head was buried into her towering breasts. She just didn't want to raise her head anymore.

Ye Xiao said, ’’No. You said it. It is improper, so we have to make a change...’’

Bing-Er exhaled of relief. In her eyes, there was actually a sense of disappointment. She said, ’’Anyway... Bing-Er is... your girl. Whenever you want... to touch me, you can... There will be no other man who could touch me even on my hair!’’

When she said that, she was extremely bashful. However, at the end, she sounded very decisive and determined. Apparently, she was telling the truth.

It was what she thought, and she wouldn't change it!

[1] 秋水为神玉为骨,芙蓉如面柳如眉,天上宫阙唯绝色,人间亘古第一美!


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