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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 316


Chapter 316: An Ashamed Monarch

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

While he was deep in thought, he heard a panicking voice screaming, ’’Brother Xiao... Brother Xiao... What happened to you? Why are you suddenly crying... You cry... so much tears. Who upsets you... Brother Xiao... You... Could... Could you stop crying?’’

The voice was full of concern and worry. It seemed that if Ye Xiao kept letting his tears down, the owner of this voice would cry with him...

Ye Xiao opened his eyes, only to see an extremely pretty girl looking at him with worry on her face.

That was exactly the girl who had a perfect shape of body, pretty face and a little girl's mind. Hmm. After Ye Xiao's guidance for some time, Bing-Er was getting more and more mature though.

Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’Be good, Bing-Er. I am fine. I am getting better. I am not crying...’’

While he was speaking, tears came out.

His nose was blocked, and he was tearing up, so that made him sound like weeping.

Obviously, Ye Xiao's words were not so persuasive!

Bing-Er was more concerned and she said, ’’But you are crying. You don't want me to worry, so you try to comfort me... Brother, you are lying...’’

Ye Xiao said with tears, ’’No. I really am not crying. Really. Look closer?’’

And then he forcibly made a smile.

It was even worse than crying when he smiled with tears on his face.

Bing-Er was stunned and then choked with sobs, ’’You are still crying. You are crying. Brother Xiao, I felt sad looking at you crying... I want to cry too...’’

[Oh no.] Ye Xiao thought. He just wanted to say something to comfort her, but Bing-Er had already sat not the floor and started crying. She just burst into a rage of tears...

That was some world-shocking cry!

Ye Xiao panicked.

[Oh my god. The thing that I am afraid the most is a woman crying...]

If a woman cried in front of him, he would never know what to do. Not at all.

He made up his mind and held Bing-Er into his arms tight. With tears on him, he said gently, ’’Don't cry, Bing-Er. I won't cry too. I am not crying, really. Don't cry. Don't.’’

In his mind, he was cursing, [What the heck is this martial art? It actually made me tear for such a long time. Tears I have had in my two lives in total would never be more than I have now. That is shameful.

Please don't let Uncle Song come!]

Bing-Er was still tearing, ’’If you stop crying... purr... Bing-Er will stop too... purr... But you are still crying. You never stop. I... Purr...’’

She was getting worse and louder.

Ye Xiao's eyes were full of tears too. He really had no idea what to do with Bing-Er now.

He had to just let it be.

Tears kept coming out from his eyes. It came out and out and out... like spring water...


The gods didn't seem to like to listen to Ye Xiao's prayer. Song Jue heard the deplorable cry and finally couldn't hold his curiosity. [What on earth happened?]

He ignored Ye Xiao's words ’’do not get in my room...’’

Ye Xiao forbade people to get in his room because Bing-Er was there. Bing-Er was a little girl, and she knew barely anything, so he made such a rule.

In fact, at the same time, he wanted to keep his secrets.

Song Jue thought that he was just trying to do something that he wouldn't want to be seen, so he agreed with ambiguous thoughts. Since then, he had never entered Ye Xiao's room.

At the moment, he heard such a deplorable cry and worried that there might be something serious. He couldn't think more of the rule anymore.

He pushed the door and was shocked.

’’What... What is going with you two?’’

Song Jue saw them holding each other. The guy was weeping while the girl was crying loudly like death was going to separate them. He was shocked.

[What happened to them?

I didn't see anything special? Why are they crying so bad?

Besides... It is normal that Bing-Er is crying... Nothing serious. Maybe Ye Xiao did something to her? Well, even if nothing happened, she would cry too. But... But why is Ye Xiao crying?]

Song Jue believed one thing about Ye Xiao as he thought he knew his nephew very well. There might be a lot of people that were capable of killing him, but if there was anybody that could make him cry... Song Jue believed there was surely none!

However, the fact was against what he believed apparently, even though Song Jue would rather chop his head off rather than believing it.

Ye Xiao's face was covered by tears and snot, and he was breathing heavily. Apparently, he was crying because of sadness...

Song Jue was blank all of a sudden. [Is anything really serious happening?]

Ye Xiao couldn't stop his tears. He watched Song Jue open the door and get in. He really wanted to cry now as he saw him, [This is so shameful...]

After a while, Song Jue finally understood the truth after Ye Xiao explained everything to him. However, he didn't seem to really understand it.

’’You cry because of just a martial art... I haven't seen any strange martial art like that. I haven't even heard of any... Who do you think you can lie to, little bastard... What is going on?’’

Song Jue murmured and got out of the room.

He decided to leave the entire room for the two crying people...

[Ah. I am truly lost now. I don't understand so many things these days...]

Song Jue sighed.

Song Jue left after murmuring about ’’girls’’, ’’guys’’ and stuff. Song Jue regretted so much that he hoped he could just hit on the wall and kill himself.

[What... What the heck is that?]

Since that day, Ye Xiao hadn't stopped tearing at all.

Tears fell down in daytime, and also at night. Tears fell down when he was sitting, also when he was walking. He ate, tears would fall down. He slept, tears would down. Anyways, tears kept coming!

It was like there was a huge river inside his body, and his eyes was the way out.

The river was a river of tears, and it was inexhaustible...

Before that river was dried out, the tears wouldn't stop.

Luckily, Bing-Er didn't cry. It was eventually fine when she understood it. She might lose her memory, but she was clever. After Song Jue left, she knew that her Brother Xiao wasn't sad, so she stopped.

For the days to come, she just stared at Ye Xiao's eyes with curiosity, like she was looking at some rare animal. [Wow, weird. A man has more tears than a woman...]



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