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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 315


Chapter 315: Yin Yang Eyes

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

[It really is. I made a good guess.] Ye Xiao thought, [The eyes of this giant man

had no emotions. There is only solemnness and rightfulness.]

[His eyes seemed to be focused on something, but in fact, he is watching down

on the mortals. It is looking down on the world, but it is not arrogant... It is

like... all living things suffer? Maybe what his eyes are showing is some kind

of... mercy?]

Ye Xiao thought in mind.

[No. It is not just mercy. There is some... heartlessness, cruelness. It is some

kind of... decisiveness. There is no hesitation with it...]

[It is some murderous intent... There is also a sense of righteousness in it.]

Ye Xiao spoke in mind, [Is this telling me that people are suffering so I need to

save them? No. It shouldn't be. If it is, there wouldn't be that murderous


[If not, what is it then?]

[This giant man stands on the floor reaching the sky and holds the sun and the


Ye Xiao felt that maybe he understood something, but it was difficult to

summarize them. He frowned because he couldn't collect all his thoughts to

make a conclusion.

[The giant man opened his mouth. It feels like he wants to talk but he

couldn't... It means... He has something to tell me, but he doesn't know how to

say it or he cannot say it...]

[What does he want to tell me then?]

[Is it said that there should be some secret between the master and his disciple,

however, cultivation requires people to learn by themselves. No one's master

can guide them forever... That is talking about some high-level method. There

is also some saying like 'the master teaches the trade, but the apprentice's skill

is self-made'. That is about some low-class cultivation...]

[I guess I have to think it through myself then!]

He frowned and lost himself in thoughts. He sat with his legs crossed and

closed his eyes. Peacefully, he was deeply immersed in cultivation.

As time passed, he didn't know how long it had taken him. It might be one day,

one month, one year or even longer. Suddenly, there was a word that showed

up in his head.


It was just this one word.

After such a long time, that was the only thing that showed up for him!

[Human!] Ye Xiao thought, [What is... human?]

[There are men, women, good people, bad people...] Ye Xiao kept thinking.

[Human beings in the world have so many desires. They ask for so much. They

have so many... thoughts. No matter what, there is something they have in

common... They are all human beings. Only when they are human beings can

they have desires and other emotions.]

[A man, no matter whether he is strong or weak, good or bad, he must be a

human being. That is all the questions to begin with.]

[That is not enough though.]

[How can we not divide evil from sacredness? A man should try to be a good


[What makes one a good man?]

[To be a good man, but not to be a stupid man. It would be better to be a bad

guy than a stupid man. So, what to do? What not to do? There are so many


[No! There are not so many arguments...]

[Good or bad, strong or weak... There are many opinions about that. But it

seems nothing is about that...]

[Or maybe...]

[It is rather simple to be a human being... To be a real man!]


This thought was like a lightning that struck on Ye Xiao's head. It suddenly

cleared his mind!

[To be a human, we need to distinguish good from bad, white from black. We

shall stick on praying virtue and punishing vice. We should walk on the right

way! We should save people who suffer, and stop those who do evil... Hmmm.

Stopping is not enough. We should kill them! We kill them all! No mercy!]

[A bad guy might not target me forever, but if I let him go, he will hurt others,

and that will be my fault. There are too many people that are easy to get hurt!]

[So I must wipe them out and prevent bad things!]

[To be a man, I should stand right on the earth while reaching the sky like this

giant man. I shall reach the sky, step on the floor, hold the sun and the moon,

and embrace the river and the mountain. I shall have a clear conscience!]

He was enlightened and he murmured, ’’To be a man, I should stand right on

the earth reaching the sky like this giant man. I shall reach the sky, step on the

floor, hold the sun and the moon, embrace the river and the mountain. I shall

have a clear conscience! Kill the evil is to praise the angel. I shall kill whatever

should be killed. I shall show no mercy! Even if there will be a mountain of

dead bodies behind me and a long blood river under my feet, even if I will be

cursed by all the people in the world, as long as I feel unashamed... I shall be a

real human!’’

’’That is... human!’’

Ye Xiao opened his eyes and looked at the giant man.

His eyes were concentrated and fearless.

The eyes of that giant man actually had some changes.

His solid, murderous, arrogant eyes gradually turned soft and gentle. There

seemed to be smile in it.

- Boom! - And then the giant just disappeared.

As the giant man vanished, the world started to shake and explode. It became

pieces of stars.

At the same time, Ye Xiao returned to his body.

He could hear a voice talking to him though.

He felt like it was from the sky and also felt like it was from inside his heart!

’’... Hahaha... I am not alone!’’ That voice was clear and happy. Ye Xiao seemed

to have a vision of a man looking at himself with a smile.

’’Ye Xiao, now that you understand what is a real man, I should give this

martial art to help you conquer the world!’’

And then Ye Xiao felt that there was a martial art method popping up in his

brain. He didn't feel strange to it at all, like he had already cultivated this

martial art for thousands of years.

Yin Yang Eyes!

That was the name of it.

And then Ye Xiao felt his eyes were itchy and painful. Tears came out, and he

couldn't stop them from falling. He tried to keep his eyes closed to stop the

tear, yet he failed.

He couldn't stop it, so he just let it flow. His eyes were getting more and more

itchy, and it was so uncomfortable.

He didn't feel well, but he knew that it was the Yin Yang Eyes making a change

on him. It wasn't a bad thing; it wouldn't hurt his eyes!

However, he wonder what this Yin Yang Eyes could be used for?



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