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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 314


Chapter 314: The Giant!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao was stunned, and then he felt every inch of his Jing and Mai was full of

power. The power was so strong that it was rushing fiercely back into his


With another sound of ’’boom’’, he passed out.

Before he passed out, he seemed to hear some weird voice.

- Clatter -

[What is it?

Running water?]

At this moment, he still had a little clear mind. He heard the sound of Bing-Er

having a shower...

The next moment, he passed out.

The only thing he knew was that his spiritual mind had entered some empty


There was a gleamy path in front to him, and it didn't seem to have an end.

Ye Xiao was walking on that path without a destination. He just stared at the

light far ahead of him, and he followed it all along.

He walked and walked and walked...

He didn't know how long he had been walking. He felt like he had travelled

thousands of miles. The only thing he could see was the light far ahead of him.

It was silent and dark, and it felt like he was the only one left in the world!

He had been walking for a long time and for such a long distance, but the light

was still far away.

If he was an ordinary person, he would have long lost his patience, [Why have I

not arrived yet? Is anything wrong? Did I go the wrong way? Maybe this is the

wrong path for me?]

In fact, he was thinking, [I will keep walking along this way. I may not be able

to reach the light in any short time, as long as I keep walking ahead, I will

reach it someday. I don't believe there is any place I can never reach. I wonder

how far away is it that I actually cannot reach it after walking for so long. I

have to figure out what it is making the light there. I have to know what I am

walking to!]

So he thought, so he did. He just kept walking.

When he just made up his mind to keep walking, that light suddenly became so

big. - Puff! - It actually came in front of him.

Ye Xiao didn't know if he did walk to the light or the light moved to him.

No matter what, the light came to him!

He had a close look at it and found out it was actually a mountain!

No! It wasn't a mountain! It was a person!

It was a huge man who was like a mountain!

That man stood there with his head reaching the sky, and his hands like the

moon and the sun. His feet was pasted on the ground, his eyes were closed, and

he didn't move a bit.

Ye Xiao stood in front of this man and felt himself so small.

That man was huge. His toe alone was thousands of times bigger than a

human body!

Ye Xiao was sure about one thing. If that man fell down, even if he has

recovered his former Dao Origin Stage cultivation, he wouldn't be able to get

away from being hit by it, no matter what he tried.

He would just get smashed to death!

There wouldn't any luck for him!

’’There is actually such a huge person in the world!’’ Ye Xiao was surprised and


He thought that god's creation was truly marvelous. Ye Xiao looked at the

light. He had been shocked by the size of that giant man, so he didn't realize

that the light wasn't from that man. It was from something on the left hand of

that giant man.

[What is this man?

Why am I here?]

Ye Xiao felt that it must have something to do with the Boundless Space, and it

was also related to the East-rising Purple Qi he was cultivating. However, he

couldn't even imagine what he was doing, and what he could actually do in this


Was it that giant man who made him come?

He was lost in thoughts, and then he suddenly shouted, ’’What is your purpose

to make me come here?’’

It was extremely silent. Ye Xiao was surprised that even je himself couldn't

hear the words he said.

In other words, he didn't actually make any sound at all. He wasn't able to.

Ye Xiao couldn't believe it, so he tried hard again, ’’What is this place?’’

No sound at all.

He still couldn't hear himself.

He was stunned.

[What is going on?]

He looked up at the giant man and found nothing. He lowered his head and

tried to figure out a solution for all this.

However, no matter how he tried, he couldn't think of anything practical. He

tried to get back to his body. He knew that it was only his spiritual mind that

arrived in this place; his soul was not in his body at the moment.

As long as his spiritual mind returned to his body, the scene would disappear

right away!

That was how he was connected to the Boundless Space. Where he stood right

now might be some special space, and perhaps it could work like the Boundless

Space. That would allow him to come and go from this space as he wished.

Maybe he couldn't learn more about this space.

However, it was frustrating, Ye Xiao couldn't actually do it.

He tried some other ways, but none of them brought him back to his body.

The giant man was there in front of him all the time. He didn't disappear; he

just quietly stood there with his eyes closed.

[What should I do to get back?] Ye Xiao asked himself in his head.

He slowly calmed down and then sat on the floor with his legs crossed. He was

peacefully lost in thoughts.

[Why would such a giant man show up in front of me?]

[What is all this for? Why? What is all this going to show me?]

Ye Xiao frowned and thought.

[I came here while I am operating the East-rising Purple Qi. It must be some

phase about the East-rising Purple Qi. Maybe this is the real second level of the

East-rising Purple Qi. I will need to get pass this phase! ...] He kept thinking

and doubtfully made such a conclusion.

While he was having such thought, something happened around him.

He looked up with fear.

He saw that giant man open his eyes and slow gaze into the distance.

At the moment, endless colorful clouds showed up in this world.

Rainbows showed up one after another far in the sky. They just hang in the sky

without moving, like endless bridges.

The giant opened his eyes and gazed at the distance. He didn't move a bit.

He slowly opened his mouth like he was going to say something...



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