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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 313


Chapter 313: Indescribable Purple Cloud

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

The cold lifeless qi inside Bing-Er's body was even more horrible and pure. It

was far beyond those inside Bing Xinyue and Wenren Chuchu. However, they

were basically the same thing.

There was actually so much horrible lifeless qi inside Bing-Er's body!

The lifeless qi that just came out was so powerful. If it was inside some

ordinary person's body, that person should have been dead for a long time.

Even Wenren Chuchu, a Sky Origin Stage cultivator, might fail to handle it. If it

was Bing Xinyue, maybe she could hold on with it for sometime, but it was only

slowing down the death!

That was a slight stream of the power of that lifeless qi!

The horrible and extremely cold lifeless qi showed up like tides inside Bing-

Er's body. It seemed endless!

In fact, taking Ye Xiao's present cultivation capability into consideration,

taking care of the cold lifeless qi inside Bing Xinyue's body was the best he

could do. The extreme cold lifeless qi inside Bing-Er's body was in a much

higher level. He could only realize that it was a problem and got away from it.

If he forcibly hang on with it, he would be frozen right away and couldn't get

out anymore!

However, he was in an unconscious state at the moment. He was carrying the

powers from the Nine Spaces to operate the power of the Purple Qi Descends.

The lifeless qi inside Bing-Er was accidentally activated. It seemed to be locked

inside somewhere, and it could only get out a bit while the purple qi was

descending. Luckily, it couldn't form into a much bigger crisis.

That meant the two powers were fighting against each other in the


However, the two victims were unconscious at the moment. In the two streams

of power, the purple qi was well organized, so it was in a higher position. The

lifeless qi was forced out accidentally, so it was going to an end for sure.

The purple qi removed it bit by bit from a different location.

The power of purple qi was like the burning sun in the sky as it crashed into

the cold lifeless qi; they were naturally enemies. The power of purple qi rushed

in like tides.

Everywhere it went, it was like the sun burning in the dark. Where the sun

went, this light would come.

Under the suppression from its natural enemy, those tiny streams of cold

lifeless qi weren't able to resist. Within seconds, all the cold lifeless qi was


It was even converted into a part of the power of the ’’sun’’...

The Purple Qi Descends rushed around Bing-Er's Jing and Mai quickly and


It was like a tiny sun, lighting up every corner of her body.

The lifeless qi inside Bing-Er completely disappeared.

It was quite a change. If any one of them was both awake during the process,

Ye Xiao would have been killed by the cold lifeless qi while fighting against it.

Bing-Er would have been seriously damaged by it.

However... By the will of gods, they were both lost in consciousness.

The enormous cold lifeless qi didn't harm them, instead, it was totally

converted into powerful spiritual power hidden inside Ye Xiao's body.

The lifeless qi inside Bing-Er's body was decreased by one third at least after


It was an astonishing amount.

If Ye Xiao was awake, even if he could avoid getting damaged, it would take

him half a year to convert such an amount of lifeless qi no matter how hard he


However, now it only took him two days. What a strange situation.

Two days separately.

He finished such a huge task!

Time was passing by...

For a long while, Bing-Er woke up. She blinked and saw Ye Xiao in front of her.

’’That is weird. Why did I fall asleep...’’ Bing-Er murmured, ’’Brother Xiao, are

you ok now?’’

She reached her hand to touch Ye Xiao's forehead. It felt normal now, so she

felt relieved. ’’Thank god. Brother Xiao is fine now.’’

As she got to know Ye Xiao was well, she started to look around and she found

her small hands were covered by something black. She screamed, ’’Ah. What

happened. That is disgusting...’’

She smelled it and found that it was a bit smelly. She might have lost her

memory, but girls all loved cleanness. How could she bear the dirt on herself.

She got out from Ye Xiao's arms and went for a shower.

Ye Xiao felt like he just had a dream.

It was a weird and mystical dream!

It was generally a good dream though!

Since he started to deal with the cold qi, he was doing it wholeheartedly. While

he was so busy doing it, he surprisedly found that there was a mass of purple

cloud in the sky.

The endless cold qi that filled up the entire Space was absorbed by the purple

cloud in a big amount.

It kept absorbing the cold qi without a stop, and it absorbed a big amount.

Because of its help, the pressure on Ye Xiao was decreased by one third!

Ye Xiao felt relieved all of a sudden, and he felt he had power to spare. He was

experience on dealing with the eruption of the cold qi, so It wasn't difficult for

him anymore. This time, it was just too much cold qi at a time which exhausted

him. Now that one third of the cold qi was drawn away by the purple cloud, he

surely felt it quite proficient and easy. He made a full effort on absorbing and

converting, in order to get through the crisis sooner. Ye Xiao felt that the

purple cloud was just right in the sky. Although it was, he could still reach it,

which made him attracted to it.

He tried to get close to it, and he felt that the purple cloud was trying get close

to him too. No matter how they tried, they just couldn't get any closer.

However, every attempt made Ye Xiao felt better.

He didn't know if that feeling was real or was just an illusion!

As the power of East-rising Purple Qi got bigger, it was getting faster too. Ye

Xiao could feel himself getting stronger while the purple cloud was becoming

more splendid.

Ye Xiao could finally be sure about one thing now. As he improved his Eastrising

Purple Qi a bit, he could get a bit closer to the purple cloud!

They would eventually get together!

East-rising Purple Qi, the Purple Qi Descends...

The mystical and powerful energy was rushing inside his Jing and Mai, and

even Ye Xiao himself could hear the sound of the spiritual qi rushing.

That sound seemed to be real, but at the same time, it was like an illusion. It

chilled Ye Xiao up like nothing he had experienced before.

The cold qi was getting less and less under all his efforts...

Finally, Ye Xiao seemed to hear a sound of ’’boom’’. It was his body.

The purple cloud exploded when that sound came up. It exploded into pieces,

flying in the sky and disappearing from the reality.



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