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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 312


Chapter 312: The Lifeless Qi in Bing-Er

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao felt that the pressure on him has turned smaller. [Is what I'm doing to vent the cold qi working? No matter what it is, this is good.]

So he worked even harder on converting the cold qi by operating the East-rising Purple Qi.

He didn't know what was happening during the process.

Bing-Er's teeth were creaking, and within seconds, her body was covered by a thin layer of frost. She was in an even worse condition than Ye Xiao. She was trembling, and the cold air out from her breath was rising.

[Am I dying... Am I dying because of frost...] She sadly thought, [I have just been recovered. I haven't had time to have a walk outside... Now I am dying. What a shame... I haven't have enough time to stay with brother...]

At this moment...

All of a sudden...

All the cold qi that entered Bing-Er's body got a way out. It all rapidly went to the same direction. As this happened, the extreme coldness, that feeling of frozen death, suddenly disappeared...

The cold qi that entered her body all ran to that way like thousands of horses racing. That way was like leading to a black hole that had no end. It swallowed all the cold qi...

’’How strange... What is happening? Why did it stop getting cold?’’ Bing-Er held Ye Xiao tightly. She didn't know what was going on. As her body was getting warm again, she felt that Ye Xiao's body was getting warm too. She felt happy about it...

Ye Xiao felt the pressure on him was getting lighter. He operated the East-rising Purple Qi on full effort. The cold qi inside the Space was rapidly decreasing, and the conversion was accelerating along with the East-rising Purple Qi.

Till this moment, Ye Xiao finally felt relieved.

He finally got through this crisis.

Opportunity came right after crisis. His body was in a dangerous situation, but it also brought him opportunity. It gave him the chance to convert the cold qi into his own energy.

He should better not delay the process.

Thus, Ye Xiao immersed himself into the cultivation of converting energy.

It was like his soul moved outside his body and everything was hazy...

The East-rising Purple Qi cycled again and again, crushing his body in it...

Ye Xiao didn't know everything. He didn't know that the East-rising Purple Qi got so close to the cold qi, so it entered Bing-Er's Jing and Mai, and ran again and again inside her body too.

Every round it ran, it brought out some dark purple qi and converted it into the energy of the East-rising Purple Qi...

As it kept going, more and more of that dark purple thing got drawn out from her Jing and Mai. Gradually, it became like a mass of fog...

Ye Xiao was in an unconscious condition, yet he could still feel the change of the heat. He felt it getting cold again, so he thought it was the reverse strike from the rest of the cold qi. As such, he decisively started to convert it again...

Bing-Er stayed in Ye Xiao's arms. She was able to hold it on at first, but then she felt sleepier and sleepier. She just fell asleep inside Ye Xiao's arms...

She had no idea what a huge mystical change was taking place inside her body...

She had a little girl's mind at the moment after all.

She didn't know the danger hidden in such change. She felt better, so she didn't worry at all. Besides, she felt Ye Xiao's body getting warm and well again, so she felt relieved. That was why she was relaxed and fell asleep. The conversion inside her body was gradually continuing as she was in sleep.

Bing-Er didn't know what was going on, but at least she could feel the situation getting better. Ye Xiao totally knew nothing about everything. He just kept concentrating on cultivation to convert the energy. He kept boosting it, trying to get through all this.

It was a powerful eruption of the Cosmic Hades after all. If he didn't get it solved soon, it would surely damage the Nine Spaces. If things got too bad, those materials he put into the Space would have done what the last thing he wanted them to do in the world.

That meant he would have lost a god-given opportunity to upgrade his cultivation capability.

The entire Space was blown by the cold qi. Only the egg was sitting tight on that plate. It didn't care about what was going on around it at all. No matter how strong the cold qi was, it wouldn't affect Mr. Egg. Apparently, it was in quite a high grade.

The blowing cold qi was continuing. It wouldn't bother the egg, yet all the other things in the Space could be impacted.

Ye Xiao was focusing on dealing with the cold qi crisis. He never realized that since he had reached the second level of the East-rising Purple Qi, his cultivation was improved, but not improved big enough.

The real power of the second-level East-rising Purple Qi should be just like this. In fact, it should be much stronger.

He didn't know that he had just reached it, so surely, he wouldn't be able to have such a powerful strength. Only after he went much further in cultivating it could he truly have the real power of the second-level of East-rising Purple Qi. Once he reached top of the second-level East-rising Purple Qi the Purple Qi Descends.

At this moment, Ye Xiao was unconsciously fighting against the enormous cold qi with the help of the Nine Spaces. Wood Space, Gold Space, Water Space...

Different powers automatically rushed into his body to help him defend from the cold qi.

Under such a situation, it required the owner of the Space to dominate the powers in it to defend the Cosmic Hades.

In other word, Ye Xiao took charge of the Space. The Nine Spaces all followed his lead!

At least this time, in this dangerous moment, he finally controlled all the power in the Nine Spaces. Naturally, he had a feeling of ’’I am king of this world’’. Besides, he was Xiao Monarch in his previous life after all. At this moment, he felt like he was ’’descending’’ to the world.

The spiritual qi was running after the East-rising Purple Qi. It started to run around his body.

Such circulation got into Bing-Er's body too. Bing-Er and Ye Xiao were now connected. The cold qi stream was running inside both of their Jing and Mai, thus, the power of the Purple Qi Descends followed into her body too.

That made a special pattern. The purple qi was created inside Ye Xiao, and it ran into Bing-Er's body along with the cold qi. It circulated inside Bing-Er's Jing and Mai and then returned to Ye Xiao's dantian. That was a repeating circulation.

It didn't end up unsophisticated though. As the circulation went on, inside Bing-Er's Jing and Mai, there was another kind of cold qi rising.

If Ye Xiao had a clear mind at the moment, he could recognize it. That was lifeless qi. It was the same thing inside Bing Xinyue's and Wenren Chuchu's bodies.



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