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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 310


Chapter 310: You Still Have Lots Of Time

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

In fact, it was not only the Crown Prince who noticed something even Guan Zhengwen did. He

kept his eyes on Ye Xiao with gentleness, paying attention to every word, every gesture, and

every facial expression of Ye Xiao.

However, he didn't have the same thought like the Crown Prince did. He was judging Ye Xiao's

physical condition. [He was hit by my Melting Bone Palm, so he shouldn't have recovered so


Ye Nantian had the capability to cure the wound of Melting Bone Palm strike. Surely, he had the

capability to boost the recovery process of Ye Xiao. Besides, there were so many valuable

medical materials from the royal house. It was reasonable that he could recover so quickly...

Like the Crown Prince, Guan Zhengwen chose to believe something he would feel better. He

rather believed that Ye Xiao truly had no idea about what happened at all!

’’Now that you are well, we can hang out together again. Hmm.. Not today though. I have to take

these dan beads back. It concerns many people's lives. I will go to you someday with Zuo. Let's

go to my shop. It is a newly launched business. Surely, it won't be as good as Ling-Bao Hall.

However, I am confident that it will surpass Ling-Bao Hall someday.’’ Lan Langlang was

obviously delighted. He was so excited that he jumped while walking.

Since Lan Langlang made a beginning, the rest of the group went to greet Ye Xiao too. They

were acting so humble. They acted like Ye Xiao was the prince, while they were his underlings.

Zuo Wuji was the last. He didn't go to Ye Xiao at first, because the youngest prince, Chen Zhi

was beside him.

The youngest prince was looking up and talking to Zuo Wuji excitedly.

Zuo Wuji was apparently quite patient. He answered every question from the little prince. When

Ye Xiao walked close to him, Zuo Wuji looked up into Ye Xiao's eyes.

There was inquiry in Ye Xiao's eyes.

Zuo Wuji was surprised, and then he nodded.

Ye Xiao was surprised too. Then he was lost in thoughts. Zuo Wuji looked at him without saying

a word, frowning.

As Zuo Wuji was silent, Ye Xiao sighed and shrugged.

Zuo Wuji sighed and shrugged too.

They actually said nothing to each other, and then just left.

They really didn't say anything at all. They just looked at each other and made some small

gestures. Then they were done.

’’Are you playing silent riddles? What is it about?’’ Chen Zhi was interested, so he asked.

Zuo Wuji smiled bitterly. He didn't know what to answer.

[Silent riddles?


Such short silent riddles may influence you and your brothers' future lives. It may influence

everybody's lives in this world.]

Ye Xiao didn't say anything, but he gave Zuo Wuji a hint by eyes. [Let's talk about it deeper


Zuo Wuji got it.

The ’’three lords in town’’ got together unexpectedly this time. Lan Langlang has fallen into the

joy and surprise. He didn't notice anything wrong, however, Ye Xiao and Zuo Wuji noticed that

they both had changed!

In fact, the three of them were all changed!

They changed a lot!

They were unbelievably changed so much.

They were still the same guys wearing the same clothes. What was it that changed then?

Lan Langlang still had a innocent heart, but now he was clearly aware of his responsibility. He

knew what he could do and should do, and he knew where he should go to in the future. The

future ahead of him might not be smooth, but he knew he had to focus on the presence and

embrace the future!

Ye Xiao could feel that there was a sense of gentleness on Zuo Wuji. He seemed to be generous

and vigorous now.

He was confident and proud!

Even though he didn't say anything, the invisible vigor of him was vividly shown!

That was real!

Ye Xiao realized something.

Zuo Wuji was close to what he wanted. Maybe he had started to fight for it now. He would

become the head of the officials in court someday, and the stateliness from that was already

shining on him now.

He had wisdom and he had the elegance from it. Once he gained a official position, he would

erupt the energy that nobody could imagine.

The future was full of storms. Zuo Wuji had seen his end, and he knew where he would

eventually belong, yet he was still moving on, like a flying moth darting into the fire!

Zuo Wuji was fully prepared. He just needed a lift.

That was Ye Xiao's thought about him.

Zuo Wuji also felt that Ye Xiao was a different person now comparing to the old days.

When he saw Ye Xiao earlier, he felt Ye Xiao was gloomy and beardless.

Now, Ye Xiao was vigorous and casual. Every movement of him, every expression on his face

was so good!

Insensibly, he was emitting a feeling of ’’holding the world’’. Besides, he seemed to have a sharp

attitude that he wouldn't care about anything in the world...

[Ye Xiao's future will never be just in the Land of Han-Yang.] Zuo Wuji spoke to himself, [And,

he is now almost ready... I guess...]

’’What's troubling you? Brother Zuo, they have arrived.’’ Chen Zhi's voice brought Zuo Wuji back

from his deep thoughts. He looked up and found that they had reached the Southern General's


Lan Langlang was safely home. The princes politely refused to get in and have some tea. They

just left themselves.

The Crown Prince asked Chen Zhi to go with him when he was leaving. Chen Zhi didn't want to;

he wanted to hang out with Zuo Wuji. Zuo Wuji was smiling and asking for the Crown Prince's

permission. The Crown Prince was carrying a troubled mind. He tried so hard to calm himself

down, but he was still troubled, so he didn't insist.

Before he left, he bended down and talked to his little brother, ’’Zhi, behave yourself. Don't get

into troubles. Okay?’’

He tapped on Chen Zhi's head and waved to Zuo Wuji. At last, he rode on the horse and left.

When Zuo Wuji looked at the Crown Prince while talking to his little brother, he noticed the fear

deep inside Chen Zhi's eyes. He watched the Crown Prince get up and leave. He kept smiling.

That was the only expression on his face all along.

It looked like he was wearing a mask.

’’I still have a lot of time,’’ Zuo Wuji murmured to himself.

And then he talked to Chen Zhi, ’’You too. You have lots of time too.’’

Chen Zhi kept his eyes opened widely and asked, ’’What? Brother Zuo, what are you talking


Zuo Wuji smiled.

[Is it a lot or not. Maybe it needs more time to be decided on.]



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