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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 308


Chapter 308: Harvest!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

A million made 100 thousand. It was not a small profit, yet it wasn't a big one. Ten billion made

one billion. That was huge. The total price of this auction was 145 billion and 80 million. The

circulating money in the whole Land of Han-Yang would be less than half of this amount.

Thus, the total money Ling-Bao Hall made from the pledge business was huge!

In fact, people who attended this auction, especially those from the noble clans, they knew it

was an auction for some extremely precious dan beads, yet they still didn't bring much money,

because they thought they didn't have chance to snatch the dan beads. Everybody knew that the

great sects would lay their hands on this auction. That was why everybody just wanted to see if

there was good luck for them to get something. They would buy something nice if they had the

chance, but they would just quit if they didn't. They didn't bring enough money, but they

brought a lot. If they wanted to by a Bone Ablutionary Dan bead for 300 million, they could

afford it easily.

However, things changed too fast. The auction was an unexpectedly hot event. The Sunlight

Sect made some trouble during the auction and got kicked out. Two great sects were both

bullied and extorted by Master Bai. They were both gone at the end.

The House of the Chaotic Storms left quietly after the two great sects left. The opportunity

suddenly came to people in the crowd.

That was some chance to acquire two, three, four, five dan beads... As long as there was money,

there was dan beads.

The more the better!

The noble clans went crazy facing such an opportunity.

They didn't bring enough money, so what should they do?

They just made bids. They would rather be in debt to win more dan beads. They sent their men

back to their family for more money. They paid, they got what they won. It was just a normal

thing in the salesroom.

However, this time the number was quite huge. The trading business was the most important

thing to the noble clans. They would never take their money out recklessly. Since they couldn't

get enough money, they had to make a pledge.

They took all the valuable materials they had collected for all the years to the Chen-Xing City.

Ling-Bao Hall would make an evaluation.

The Long Clan was the greediest one. They got ten supreme dan beads, and it totally costed

them over 3 billion. How could they possibly get so much money in such a short time? They

nearly cleared the entire stock of their clan, and their clan had spent thousands of years to

collect all those treasures.

Anyways, they still felt lucky. They thought they had taken a great advantage this time...

All in all...

The number was about 145 billion. In fact, they had made at least 160 billion this time. They

only got less than 80 billion in cash, and the rest were all different kinds of items. In other

words, they made 15 billion more than what they appeared to earn!

They didn't need to share it to the Kingdom of Chen.

The profit was about 72 billion this time.

As they promised, they would have to pay 14 billion as tax and sixty percent of the profit as

donation to the kingdom. That made it 42 billion. Besides, they needed to give ten percent to

the military. That was about 7 billion.

Thus, suddenly there was a 63 billion deduction.

According to that, Ling-Bao Hall had only earned over 10 billion.

Wan Zhenghao was satisfied already.

’’We have to share the wealth. If we keep it to ourselves, it will choke us to death.’’ That was how

he put it.

What he said made Feng Monarch lost in thoughts for a while. Feng Monarch found it quite


However, it was only reasonable.

Those materials and treasures that was worth about 80 billion all went into his own pocket!

He wasn't unobtrusive at all.

In fact, what he could take away from Ling-Bao Hall now was only worth 10 billion. He didn't

even check it. He just put them all into the Boundless Space.

There was a big part of it Ye Xiao hadn't seen before; he had just heard some of them. Now that

he got so many things that he had never seen before, he didn't feel much excited anymore. He

didn't have time to check them one by one, so he just put them into the Space and let the Nine

Spaces do the sorting. He would like to leave them be for a while!

Even if he wouldn't get the other treasures that was worth about 60 billion, Ye Xiao was already


It wasn't easy to provide timely help, but it was quite easy to add brilliance to his present


’’All the items that the noble clans promised should be brought back to the Chen-Xing City in

three days!’’ Wan Zhenghao said.

Ye Xiao really wanted to laugh out loud to vent the pleasure in his heart.

That felt so good.

There were so many valuable things for him.

Bing Xinyue and Wenren Chuchu saw Feng Monarch leave, yet surprisingly, they didn't do


Wenren Chuchu was preoccupied by emotions, and Bing Xinyue had a complex expression in

her eyes too.

They were both troubled by the unclear situation. They couldn't see which side was their

enemy, and which was their ally.

’’Maser, when you get better, I will need to go back to Kingdom of Lan-Feng. We have to fight

against Kingdom of Chen. I am the princess after all. This title brings me honor and power that

normal people cannot have. The kingdom is in a bad time, so I have to fulfill my responsibility!’’

Wenren Chuchu looked at the way Ye Xiao left. She was calm, and she showed a pair of solemn

eyes. She was determined. [He insists his duty to protect, I have my own duty!]

Bing Xinyue sighed and said, ’’Fine. When I am better, I will return to the Qing-Yun Realm.

There is something I have to sort out. We need to start raising the Regeneration Lotus as soon

as possible. I have to inform our sect and see if it is possible to get us more resources to help

Feng Monarch make more Jade Lotus... It is something the future of the entire Misty Cloud

Palace relies on... Chuchu, he cannot make any mistake on this.’’

Wenren Chuchu's eyes turned a bit dim. She said, ’’Yes. I understand.’’

She lowered her head.

They couldn't lose Feng Zhiling, however, Feng Zhiling stood for the Kingdom of Chen. The

Kingdom of Chen was enemy to the Kingdom of Lan-Feng for sure. There was way to change

the fact.

She was the princess of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

More importantly, she seemed to like this guy, Feng Zhiling.

If it was about the future of her kingdom, she could just abandon her feeling for him. She

wouldn't feel bad even if she needed to suffer the pain in heart for the rest of her life. However,

Feng Zhiling was the last chance the Misty Cloud Palace got now.

The Misty Cloud Palace was the sect she belonged to.

She thought about that, and the complexity in it made her feel headache.


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