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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 307


Chapter 307: The Bold Feng Monarch

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Wan Zhenghao grabbed his own leg so hard. He felt the pain, yet he was so happy that he

almost shed tear.

He just wanted to shout out loud!

’’My god! This is some really easy money! It is even easier than robbing money!’’


’’That money is really easy to make!’’ Bing Xinyue looked at the scene and sighed with emotion.

Money in the Land of Han-Yang didn't mean anything to her. That was true. However, the price

was hitting some real enormous numbers. Time and time again, it shocked her. Eventually, she

said such words that didn't really fit her personality as a super great cultivator!

Wenren Chuchu had complicated thoughts. She bit her lips with her pretty teeth and sighed.

’’That is right. It is truly some easy money... I even want to kill Feng Zhiling because of it...’’

Bing Xinyue was stunned, but then she understood.

Ling-Bao Hall had claimed to support the Kingdom of Chen. The profit from the auction would

partly go to the Kingdom of Chen. For now, the Kingdom of Chen should get about dozens of

billion taels for military use!

Most of this money would be used against the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, where Wenren Chuchu


Money in the Land of Han-Yang meant nothing to Bing Xinyue, but it meant so much to other

people. It could change almost everything in the world!

For example, the war!

What is the key in winning a war? Money!

As the battle went on, the result depended on which side had more money or resources. Soldiers

needed to eat after all! They needed to dress! They needed to raise their family.

Everyday, there would be a huge amount of weapons damaged. What needed to be used to fix it?


What did the horses eat? What did they drink?

It was all about one thing: Money!

The Kingdom of Chen had such a money-making machine the Ling-Bao Hall. Wenren Chuchu

could be sure about one thing. After this auction, Kingdom of Chen would be able to hold on in

the war for ten years easily.

Kingdom of Chen could even make tax exemption during the war so that the people would

support them!

Kingdom of Lan-Feng was different though.

They had spent over half of their treasury when they were seeking allies. Now, they didn't stop

the consumption yet. They would never be able to hold it for so long!

’’Roughly, I reckon that the money they made in this auction would be at least 120 billion! The

Kingdom of Chen will take 60 billion as Ling-Bao Hall had made their declaration! 60 billion!

That is a huge number that can break down the minds of ninety-nine percent of the world's


Wenren Chuchu bitterly closed her eyes. ’’Now, the money is no more money in my mind. It

becomes knives, swords, spears... They are falling down on our people's heads...’’

Bing Xinyue sighed heavily.

Wenren Chuchu was her disciple, and she was also the princess of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

That was a special situation...


Like Lady Wan-Er said, she and Master Bai were gone secretly before anybody knew.

They didn't make any sound of it!

The auction had achieved an enormous success!

It created a new legend in the Land of Han-Yang a legend that was almost impossible to be


The money they made on this auction was twice as much as Ye Xiao expected!

When Wan Zhenghao came to him and told him the good news in a frisky way, Ye Xiao was


He even ignored the disgusting feeling for the hundred kilograms of frisky fat...

’’145.08 billion...’’

When he heard the number, he was stunned.

[Since when did 'eighty million' become the odd of a number?

That... Even in the myth, it will never happen, will it?]

Well, the reality told him yes. It truly was so shocking, so astonishing!

’’Oh my god...’’

Ye Xiao took a long breath out.

’’In the history, I, Wan Zhenghao, swear, no other auction has made more money than we do

this time! And there will never be! This auction is a unique historical event!’’

Wan Zhenghao was so excited that the fat on his body started to shake.

’’I agree that there has never been any other auction beyond this... Well in the future...’’ Ye Xiao

said in a way like laughing. He suddenly thought of something. ’’By the way, did Master Bai

leave the five billion from the Sunlight Sect to us?’’

Wan Zhenghao was surprised. ’’No.’’

Ye Xiao was furious, ’’Bastard! He took our money, five billion! That is too much! I will

remember this. Bastard, wait and see! How dare you took my money!’’

Wan Zhenghao was stunned.

[How could that five billion... be ours?

What are you talking about...

That aside, the reason why our auction could be so successful is one hundred percent Master

Bai's credit. He stood for us, so the auction became such a hot event!

If not, it would be very lucky to have half of the money we make now!

In fact, Master Bai is generous not to take the money we make in the auction...

You actually want the money in his hands?

You really are full of imagination!

That is truly too...]

Wan Zhenghao breathed the cold air. He didn't dare to say anything all of a sudden.

[I have to say, Feng Monarch really have balls...

That is bigger than my fat body!]

The auction was finished. Ye Xiao left with lots of money after giving some instructions.

People who had attended this auction had never thought that the price would be so crazily high.

Most of them didn't bring enough money.

However, there was always a way for money.

The most direct way was to pledge something to make up their short for money. Ordinary

things wouldn't work for Ling-Bao Hall like property, shops, houses, beauties and hot guys.

They were not acceptable. However... Special medical materials, treasures, unique metal

materials... These were good. Ling-Bao Hall even agreed to give money for them.

Surely, as it was a pledge, so it wouldn't be a fair price at the first place. Whoever made a pledge

should understand it. Ling-Bao Hall was doing it in a kind way after all. They offered over

ninety percent of the fair price. It was certainly a generous move of Ling-Bao Hall, a salesroom.

The guests who made pledges were happy, Ling-Bao Hall was happy. Ling-Bao Hall had made a

great profit on this business too. The profit rate was about or maybe less than ten percent, but

the number was huge, wasn't it?



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