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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 306


Chapter 306: Is It Money?

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

At this moment, Wan-Er's voice sounded from the Sky No. 1 Room, ’’My master came out for

nothing. He just want to enjoy some leisure time. He wouldn't want to buy anything. We did

that because the two great sects were stepping too over the top... We couldn't bear it, so we took


Speaking of that, Wan-Er laughed and said, ’’You may not know that Master hasn't arranged

something himself for quite a long time. Now he personally arranged such thing for those two

sects, they really are lucky.’’

The crowd burst into laughter.


’’... Hahaha, that is right! Lady Wan-Er made a good point! Great talk!’’

Lady Wan of the Clouds finally made a joke, who could not laugh after it?

Who dared not to?

Many of them nearly destroyed their throats to show that they really respected it.

’’... So... The auction should go on as it should be. Whatever you want to buy, you just bid for it.

The bad guys are gone now. Nobody will mess the fair rule now. You shouldn't have any

apprehension now, should you?’’

Wan-Er said, ’’My master and I, we are only here to observe how things are going on. We were

and we are now. Please do not worry about it. We may just leave later...’’

The crowd burst into cheers. Fawning words kept coming out from their mouths.

’’The great Master Bai!’’

’’Thank you, Lady Wan-Er! Thank you, Master Bai! You made us a peaceful and warm auction!’’

’’Master Bai and Lady Wan-Er really worked so hard for us. I am moved and I would weep

because of it...’’

’’That is right. It may be a really shitty situation now if Master Bai and Lady Wan-Er didn't help


’’Right. The great sects are acting too aggressive. What Lady Wan-Er did was simply justice. It is

so fleeting. When I am back home, I will hold a feast for the kindness you showed us!’’

’’Right! I will do it too!’’


Ye Xiao rolled up his eyes. He looked at these people and felt like ten thousand of alpacas were

running fast through his heart.

[What a bunch of bloody fence-straddler!

You were scared the sh*t out just now, and now that you have a chance to be a yes man, you all

work so hard on it. Look how sharp your mouths are. I cannot believe these men are in the top

positions of the Land of Han-Yang.

What is 'Master Bai made us a peaceful and warm auction'?

I did!

What do you mean 'hold a feast for the kindness'? And 'I will do it too'? Bullsh*t!

You better have a good dinner to calm down your bloody scared little heart. Feast? What is it


Everybody goes after it!

What a bunch of useless sh*ts!]

No matter how disdainful he was about it, the auction was back on track after all.

The auction was on heat. Master Guan, Guan Wanshan, was surprised about it!

[What happened to these people?

I just said, 'supreme level Bone Ablutionary Dan bead, one piece, the price is...'

Somebody actually interrupt me and shouted '300 million'!

And then someone followed, '350 million'!

Then '360 million'!

'370 million'!

'400 million'!

'450 million'!


Guan Wanshan didn't need to say anything to arouse their interests. The price went up like a

rocket. Within seconds, the price reached 450 million.

People talked to each other about it...

Guan Wanshan was shocked, and for a while, he was dumbstruck. He said, ’’450 million. That is

the price. Who wants to raise it? Any one higher? It is a supreme level Bone Ablutionary Dan

bead. No one has ever seen it... Hmm. No one has ever seen it until now. we finally see some...

Hmm. 450 million the first time... The second time... If there is no one making a higher price,

this dan bead will be... Wait, what is the number?’’

It happened too fast and disorderly. Even the oldest auction master, Guan Wanshan, was

stunned. He didn't remember who made the last bid... That was too fast!

And it was too disordered!

In fact, all this mess was for the words, ’’Master Bai want to see it...’’

[Maybe if I spend so much money, Master Bai would think I am clever and smart...

Then he will look after me a little?

Even if he wouldn't look after me, it would still be a great thing that... the House of the Chaotic

Storms doesn't seek troubles on me...]

[Master Bai may not remember the ones who make bids, however, what if he only pay attention

to those who do not bid? If I don't bid, would that make me too eye-catching though?]

No matter what strange thoughts they had, they all bid like hell.

They just wanted to make sure Master Bai enjoyed the auction!

[It would be great if Master Bai noticed me...]

This auction was bound to be the most successful auction in history!

It was record breaking for the Land of Han-Yang!

Even Wan Zhenghao was stunned. [What the hell. I know the supreme dan beads are good stuff.

It is some precious treasure indeed. But... It is never this good, is it? The same items showed up

several times today. It is always not a good thing to sell the same item for several times in the

same auction. It will drop the price for sure. For example, the Bone Ablutionary Dan, 300

million is a top price. In the auction, it may be higher than this price. That is possible. But there

are a few Bone Ablutionary Dan beads today. It should make the price lower. However...

Why is it getting higher and higher?

A dan bead that is worth 20 million taels became 100 million?

That is alright. Fine.

The highest price of the Bone Ablutionary Dan should be 480 million. 300 million is a

reasonable price. But it raised to 600 million!

That... Is it an inflation now? So money isn't worth as much as I think it does now?

Maybe I am wrong about the highest price? Did we do wrong on the math?]

Wan Zhenghao felt dizzy. He felt like his head was hit by gold mountains several times. He felt

dazzled in sight. Everything was like a gold mountain in his sight now!

[There are hundreds of dan beads on sale today!

Oh my god!

The lowest price of these dan beads is 60 million!

The highest is 2.5 billion. Half of them was worth about 700 million...

Is it money I am talking about now?

Is it?]



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