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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 305


Chapter 305: It Cooled Down!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

The cold light chopped his arm down. That wasn't the most surprising thing; even more

surprising was that the wound was so flat, and there was no blood coming out of it.

’’You...’’ Li Wanchun covered the wound with his hand. With his eyes wide opened, he shouted as

he stared at Sky No. 1 Room.

’’You what! You should thank Lady Wan for not taking your life. Off you go, hurry up! What are

you waiting for? You want to taste one cup of my apologizing tea?’’ Outside the room, a man in

black spoke to Li Wanchun, smiling with his hand on his sword.

Li Wanchun took in deep breaths. He did it for several times, and then he nodded. ’’House of the

Chaotic Storms is indeed the world's No. 1! I will remember it. I will see you when I see you. I

believe I will have a chance to show my appreciation to you for sparing my life!’’

Wan-Er humphed and blandly said, ’’I didn't want to keep you alive. However, it is a good day

that my master has a good mood today. He just came out for relaxation. I won't let your blood

ruin this mood... Now, if you don't want to go, I can keep your head here.’’

Li Wanchun held his arm with his other hand and left with hatred shown on his face.

At this moment, a piece of white cloth slowly fell down to the floor.

The cold light that chopped down his arm was actually a piece of a robe band!

Before Li Wanchun got out the door, he turned around and looked at Ye Xiao. ’’Feng Monarch,

nice scheme! I will remember you! There are lots of days to come, and you and me shall meet


Ye Xiao was surprised. He lifted his eyebrows and said, ’’How weird. You were injured by the

House of the Chaotic Storm, yet you sucked it in because you cannot afford messing with them.

That is reasonable. We will understand you. Everybody will. However, now you make trouble for

me. What do you want? To be honest, that is so difficult to understand!’’

Li Wanchun bitterly smiled as he nodded. ’’You understand it. I do too. Let's just see what will


And then he walked out the door and left.

Ye Xiao was confused. His voice sounded after Li Wanchun left, ’’What do you mean I

understand and you do too. I don't. What should I understand? Do you even know what you are

talking about? What are you? Why talk so weirdly and confusingly!’’

The two superior cultivators of the Starlight Sect who were after Li Wanchun heard it all, yet

they didn't answer. They knew whatever they answered him with would only bring them

disgrace. They just fiercely glanced at Ye Xiao before they left.

Ye Xiao was confused. ’’What is the problem with you three. Why are you being so weird... You

got bullied, so you are angry. That is fine. Why do you blame the Ling-Bao Hall... That is really

some unexpected trouble! There are actually such brutal people in the world...’’

Suddenly, the crowd burst into talks, ’’Yes. That is right. They are so brutal.’’

In fact, everybody was scolding in their minds, [How would the Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect

end up so bad if you don't have Master Bai backing you up? Now you pretend like you are so

damn innocent. Who do you want to show all this to?

Isn't it like a whore saying she's chaste?

Even more annoying is that you actually want us to yell for you!

For gods sake, we do love yelling for you though. You have such a powerful support there after


Wenren Chuchu and Bing Xinyue, who were sitting in a corner, both tried so hard not to laugh

out loud. They covered their mouths with their hands, and they nearly felt pain on their belly

because of laughing.

They came here for the supreme dan beads indeed. However, their real purpose was... In case

Feng Zhiling failed to deal with the two great sects, Bing Xinyue would help him!

She would make sure the threat from the two great sects would be gone.

Starlight Sect and Sunlight Sect were the most powerful sects in the Land of Han-Yang, but

they were nothing to Bing Xinyue. Compared to Master Bai, it might be easier for her to destroy


However, there were two main forces in the Qing-Yun Realm behind these two sects. They were

the Saint Starlight Sect and Saint Sunlight Sect!

Bing Xinyue couldn't do anything to those two sects, but Mater Bai was different. He wouldn't

be worried that the Saint Starlight Sect and Saint Sunlight Sect would know about it. No matter

whether they were sects from the Land of Han-Yang or from the Qing-Yun Realm, they were no

different for Master Bai!

When the auction was started, Bing Xinyue and Wenren Chuchu gave up on the supreme dan

beads. The reason was simple. They didn't have the money!

They came in a hurry, so they didn't bring much money this time. When they heard the lowest

price of the supreme dan beads, they just quit!

Thus, they stayed here for another purpose: the real one.

When they were preparing to do something, they didn't even have time to say a word; Feng

Zhiling had actually taken good care of the whole situation in a brilliant way.

Things were all done, yet he was still playing innocent and trying to get some moral support.

Well, apparently, nobody really believed him!

The two sects that were stirring up troubles had left.

The auction was halfway done.

The hall had cooled down, and there was barely anybody bidding.

Who dared to bid while Master Bai was sitting up there?

[What if when I call a price, Master Bai says, 'Hey, I call it one billion, and you have to go on

bidding! No way you stop!'...

Will that not drive me to death?

The two great sects were rich. They surely don't want to pay the five billion, but they have much

more than that to spend!

We do not! Not to mention five billion, one billion would break me down!

Even if I do have that money, the problem is, no matter how much I have, it could all become

Master Bai's! And the item will never be in my hand at the end.

We all see this fact. The two great sects, one of them spent five billion for a full chest of anger,

while the other spent five billion for just a wax bead...

That is five billion!

It is such a tremendous number.

Let's just keep calm. Don't stick our heads up too high. No matter how good the supreme dan

bead is, it means nothing if it isn't in your hands!]

People all have the same thoughts!

Thus, the auction was cooled down.

It was only one problem though. There was another. Nobody dared to leave. [If Master Bai

didn't tell anyone to leave, who dares to leave?]

Some of them didn't even dare to go to the toilet. They were nearly going to piss on themselves

now, but they were still sitting quietly there.

[Well, it is better pissing myself than killing myself, right?]

None of them were more powerful than the two great sects after all.

Even the two great sects got insulted like that, then what would they get?

If any of them dared to say, ’’I am going to the toilet. I need to pee.’’

If Master Bai said, ’’How dare you say the word toilet in front of me? You want to pee? Fine. I will

get you killed. Now you don't need to pee anymore...’’

Wouldn't it be a tragedy?



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