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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 304


Chapter 304: In a Way Like Thunderbolt!

Translator: Rain Edtior: Chrissy

The crowd held their breath. They just quietly listened to her.

However, they couldn't but complain in their minds about it.

Wan-Er just said ’’their life will be more prosperous and flourishing’’ in a very weird tone.

It brought thoughts to people. How is it prosperous? Hmm. Prosperous like covered by blood and surrounded by fire... Flourishing... Is it flourishing because of the fire, or because of the souls that came out from their dead bodies?

The Sunlight Sect was gone.

nly Starlight Sect stayed as one of the great sects.

Li Wanchun, the leader of the Sunlight Sect, didn't dare to say a word nor make a single sound. He remained timid.

When he first saw Wan of the Clouds bullying the Sunlight Sect, he felt so good.

He really felt good about it!

He saw his opponent being humiliated by others in front of him, so he felt like losing lots of weight. He felt so happy and excited, so much that he wished that he was the one humiliating the Sunlight Sect!

However, as things went on, it was getting more and more aggressive and out of control. When Master Bai showed up, Li Wanchun's happiness had instantly vanished. There was only sweat on his forehead and fear in his mind.

Sunlight Sect was not the only sect that bullied Ling-Bao Hall.

There was the Starlight Sect too.

The Starlight Sect discussed about it earlier. Ling-Bao Hall is only a commercial organization. They have money. Well, even if we do bully them, so what? They better be wealthier, because we can make more benefits from them!

Now they knew that Ling-Bao Hall was tough as a super giant iron board!

It was even a burning iron board.

Their backer was ’’a guy never gets married’’ it is hard and tough!

Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect just kicked on it.

It was such a bad luck.

The men from the Sunlight Sect were insulted, but now they were gone. They would be fine at least for now.

Master Bai's next target should be the one that was left.

Who is the target?

It is... me?!

Li Wanchun's forehead was covered by sweat. He was so scared.

He kept praying inside his mind, I didn't do anything indeed. I just tried to scare them a bit. I didn't want to make them feel despaired. I never bid today. Master Bai, please let go of me... ou have vented your anger. ou have punished them as a warning to the rest of us...

I will behave myself, I promise.

I will be the one who is warned...

However, things were never going as one wished...

Master Bai spoke in a bitter voice, ’’It seems the two great sects have both come today. Now that Sunlight Sect is gone, which is the other one? Do you know that, Wan-Er?’’

Here it was.

At this moment, Li Wanchun's tear was going down!

I cannot escape it after all.

Master Bai's words meant a beginning of another issue now.

If Wan of the Clouds answered him, Li Wanchun would lose the chance to hold initiative.

So he hurriedly said, ’’Li Wanchun from the Starlight Sect. I am most pleased to see you today, Master Bai.’’

Master Bai answered with an ’’oh’’. He said, ’’It is the Starlight Sect... No wonder they are so self-assured.’’

Li Wanchun was sweating.

With his sweat dropping on the floor, he bitterly smiled and said, ’’Master Bai, you are making fun of me. In front of you, who dares to be self-assured...’’

Master sounded satisfied; he said, ’’That is good. I like those who are not self-assured in front of me. I reckon you must be an honest man. Alight, come here to me. ou have come here today, so I cannot let you return with nothing. I have a dan bead here. Pay me five billion for it. With this dan bead, it should be enough for you to make a good report when you are back.’’

Li Changchun kept his eyes opened. His eyeballs nearly popped out from his eyes.

What did I hear?

h my freaking god!

Master Bai wants me to spend five billion for his dan bead?

Sunlight Sect spent five billion and only got a chest full of anger. What would I get if I spend this five billion?

Li Wanchun smiled and said, ’’k.’’

He couldn't say no. He didn't dare to. If he said so, he might end up worse than Sunlight Sect!

Under the watch of the public, Li Wanchun took out all his money and reached his hands to the two men next to him. He collected all the money he could. The three of them should be very rich in this world, yet they still couldn't make it five billion. He had to borrow one billion from another sect to make it right. At last, he took all he got to the Sky No. 1 Room.

He took the money to them, yet he still needed to stand and wait outside for a while. Finally, somebody came out and took the money. After a while, they took a... wax bead out to him.

’’Hmmm? Where is the Bone Ablutionary Dan bead?’’ He was stunned. He couldn't help asking.

There should only one dan bead in Master Bai's, right?

It should be the dan bead that he robbed' from Sunlight Sect, right?

At first, he felt alright about it; if Master Bai forced him to buy it, he would have that supreme dan bead after all, although it was a bit expensive. When he was back to the sect, he could easily find some excuse for what happened.

He could say, ’’What could I do? Master Bai already did that. Could you question him? r refuse him?’’

’’f course you would do the same thing like I did! At least I have a supreme dan bead now!’’

Things were different now. Now... there was no supreme dan bead.

There was only a wax bead!

There was no dan bead at all.

Wan of the Clouds didn't show up. She answered from inside, ’’What Bone Ablutionary Dan bead? When did my master say he would give you the Bone Ablutionary Dan bead?’’

Li Wanchun couldn't find a word to say.

He wanted to be angry, but he couldn't dare to.

If he didn't say anything, he would have to spend five billion for a wax bead...

What could he do?

He really couldn't explain it over!

Li Wanchun stood there with a blank head as his face turned green and pale. He was in hesitation. Wan of the Clouds spoke again, ’’No return of goods. Master Li, if you really don't feel satisfied, come in and have a cup of tea that represents my apology?’’

Li Wanchun stood for a while and took a long breath out. ’’Fine. I will take it.’’

He turned around and left.

Wan-Er spoke in anger, ’’Stop there! Li Wanchun, you came without asking, now you are going to leave without asking. What do you think our place is? Is it somewhere you can feel free to come and go? I talked to you in a polite way, yet you are disgracing me!’’

With the words, a stream of cold light flew out from the Sky No. 1 Room like a thunder.

Li Wanchun loudly screeched.

His entire right arm was chopped down from the shoulder and fell to the floor! ...


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