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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 303


Chapter 303: We Need to Keep Low-Profile!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

’’Feng Zhiling, you better stop the insult!’’ Another person from the Sunlight Sect swore with

fierce eyes. ’’Strutting in borrowed plumes, who do you think you are?’’

Ye Xiao twitched his lips and blandly said, ’’I am nothing important. However, I have never used

my power to bully others. I never think about taking advantages in such a vile way.’’

That man from the Sunlight Sect said with anger, ’’What advantage did we take today? You are

now twisting the knife on us. How can you call yourself noble?’’

Ye Xiao laughed. ’’Noble? So now the Sunlight Sect tries to be noble? When you tried to bully

Ling-Bao Hall earlier, did you do it in a noble way? I did not find anything noble to be honest!

Oh, perhaps now that you can't deal with the House of the Chaotic Storm, you will start to do

things in a noble way, and you want everybody to take it with you?’’

He coldly continued, ’’Do your Sunlight Sect really know what a noble way is?’’

That talk made everybody in the place feel good!

In recent years, the House of the Chaotic Storm had been quiet, hidden somewhere. The

Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect controlled the world. It was really whoever disobeyed them

would die, while those who obeyed them would rise.

What was a noble way?

The words that were always in the Sunlight Sect's mouth was, ’’absolute power is the absolute


At this moment, the Sunlight Sect went into the same problem themselves!

They actually tried to use nobility as their fig leaf, yet the fig leaf was taken down without


How could that not be a delightful thing?

Under the angry watch of the men from the Sunlight Sect, Ye Xiao casually spoke, ’’Absolute

power is the absolute rule!’’

It was exactly the motto of the Sunlight Sect!

Now that it came out from Ye Xiao's mouth, those men from the Sunlight Sect were all furious

like their organs were going to break apart!


That old man spat out blood again. His face became yellow like gold paper. He shouted in a deep

voice, ’’Let's go!’’

He couldn't stay here anymore.

Ling-Bao Hall was like a doomed place to the Sunlight Sect!

The three of them stood up and prepared to walk out.

At this moment, from the Sky No. 1 Room, Master Bai's voice sounded, ’’Oh, I am so careless. I

dropped the dan bead... Quickly, look for it. Can you find it?’’

Wan of the Clouds said, ’’Oh no. I can't find it. Where did it go?’’

Master Bai said, ’’Oh no. What should we do. It's worth five billion. Should we make

compensation of five billion to the Sunlight Sect?’’

His voice sounded sad, like he really didn't want to spend the money. ’’That is such a huge

money. How can we afford it?’’

Everybody was speaking inside their hearts, [To hell will I believe you dropped the dan bead... I

won't believe you actually cannot find a dan bead in such a small room...

That is a lousy excuse.

It is simply an excuse!]

Even though everybody knew it was an excuse, nobody dared to stand up and say something.

They all felt happy about it.

Why would they say anything to stop it?

They wished Master Bai would kill all the men from the Sunlight Sect...

That would be great for them.

It was like Wan of the Clouds answering people's wishes. She said, ’’Never mind it, Master. It is

just a small dan bead. People in the Sunlight Sect wouldn't know what it looks like anyway.

Let's just make one with some mud. I will make sure they swallow it. That will make no

evidence of our fault!’’

Master Bai seemed to be hesitant. ’’That... That doesn't seem right.’’

Wan of the Clouds said, ’’They interrupted your good mood. You finally have a chance to come

out and take a rest, yet they dared to ruin it. If you are not so generous and kind, they are all

going to die. In this world, it only takes you one word to get the Sunlight Sect wiped out. As easy

as blowing your mouth. They wouldn't have any opportunity to survive, would they? You lost

their dan bead. That should be their pleasure...’’

Master Bai said, ’’You girl. I said that doesn't seem right... because it will make my hands dirty.

Wan-Er, you told me to make a mud bead... I cannot bear the dirt.’’

People in the crowd felt like they would spit out blood.

[You cannot bear that? Imagine what the Sunlight Sect would have to bear?

Wan of the Clouds is a figure that has shocked the entire Land of Han-Yang for thousands of

years. How could she come up with such an idea? It really ruins the great image of her in our


Wan-Er said, ’’You're making a mistake, master. There will be no mud on you. I am talking

about picking some mud on the ground. I will make the mud bead myself and give it to you.

Don't worry. Besides, the men from the Sunlight Sect may not be able to tell the mud bead from

dan beads... It really is perfect to give them the mud bead.’’

People in the crowd all rolled up their eyes. [The maid and the master, you two treated the

Sunlight Sect as a group of fools. How could they not tell the mud bead from dan bead... They

are a great sect that has a thousand years of history after all]

Master Bai nodded in agreement. ’’That makes sense. However, we need to keep low-profile. We

cannot be too obvious, since it will expose my identity. You should go talk to them yourself...’’

’’Yes, master.’’ Wan-Er tried hard not to laugh.

Everybody was speechless in the room.

[You have stirred the whole world around and badly disgraced the Sunlight Sect. You are highprofile

to the sky, yet you actually talked about 'keep a low-profile' thing. Who do you think you

can tell such a lie to...]

The three men had walked to the door, yet when they heard the talk from the Sky No. 1 Room,

they were all furious. They suddenly lost their sights and nearly passed out.

The old man looked back as his lips trembled. He stared at the Sky No. 1 Room with fierce eyes,

as if wanting to say something.

The other two covered his mouth and stopped him. They dragged him out in a tough way.

[What could you say at the moment? One more word, and you may just get killed right away. It

is not only about our lives. It is also about the whole Sunlight Sect's future.]

In the Sky No. 1 Room, Master Bai said, ’’That old man turned around. He seemed very angry...

Wan-Er, what do you think?’’

Wan of the Clouds said, ’’How about... I catch up with them and ask him? I will ask him if he

feels right about all this?’’

Master Bai said, ’’Forget it. We are decent people. We don't need to do that to such an ignorant

person. Let them go. Hmmm. If the Sunlight Sect is really mad at me, maybe their life will

become more interesting.’’

Wan-Er's hand covered her smiling mouth. ’’That's right. If they really dare to be mad at us,

their life will be more prosperous and flourishing...’’

Master Bai loudly laughed.



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