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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 302


Chapter 302: Twisting the Knife!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

The other two men from the Sunlight Sect looked at the old man. In their eyes, there was a

sense of censure.

[Come on. You have been bowing for a long way over. You are nearly at the end of suffering it.

Now that things are about to get pass, I cannot believe you said something like that at this very

end and made it a worse situation now.

Honestly, it isn't egregious to say that, but it vividly shows your.

You can show it to many people, can't you? But you showed it to Wan of the Clouds! What the

fxxk! You have been playing weak for ninety-nine steps, yet you just couldn't make it a


Why do you have to make troubles for yourself? Fine. Wan of the Clouds doesn't talk anymore.

Master Bai does... The man who is thousands of times more horrible than Wan of the Clouds


Now that he talks, the dignity of the Sunlight Sect will be stepped hard on the ground under his

boot right now!

He won't show us any kindness!

It is already a big joke to spend five billion to buy a Bone Ablutionary Dan bead, even though it

is in supreme level!

Now, we even spent the five billion, yet the dan bead is not going to be ours.

Isn't it a joke out of a big joke?

Five billion, for nothing?

Master Bai asked for it, who dares not to give it to him?]

The men from the Sunlight Sect were all carrying dark faces. They all knew, [From now on,

Sunlight Sect will become a joke in the Land of Han-Yang. Our reputation is gone!]

The old man with white beard stood up and took a long breath out. ’’Fine. Fine.’’

[Since we are bound to be disgraced, it won't matter if we get disgraced more.]

He took the supreme dan bead and walked out the room with a solemn face.

When he reached the door of the Sky No. 1 Room, he said, ’’Lady Wan, I am here to give you the

Bone Ablutionary Dan bead. Please check it out.’’

’’Just put it outside the door. Is it really so valuable that I have to take it myself?’’

Her voice was calm and distant; it was obviously a voice of anger.

The old man gritted with his teeth. He cautiously put down the jade bottle and stood up.

Suddenly, he loudly asked, ’’Now that things have reached this point, I have one thing that I

have to ask about. I am confused. Please do open my mind.’’

Wan of the Clouds's voice sounded again, ’’What is it?’’

The other two men from the Sunlight Sect kept motioning him with their eyes, trying to stop

his reckless actions. The old man didn't take it. He said with anger on his face, ’’I just want to

know, what on earth did we do wrong to Master Bai today? What did we do that offended the

House of the Chaotic Storm. Why are you so aggressive to us?’’

A sneer echoed out from inside the room.

Wan-Er coldly spoke, ’’We just made you spend five billion to buy something that's worth 300

million, and you actually feel humiliated? When you tried to spend ten million to buy it, do you

care about how others felt?’’

The old man was stunned when he heard that. After a while, he finally understood. A full mouth

of blood rushed to his lips.

He would like to die at this moment!

[All that you are doing, is only for such a reason?

For such a simple reason?]

Wan-Er coldly spoke, ’’Ten million is just a starting price, yet you toughly tried to buy that

supreme dan bead. That is no different than robbery! That is at least thirty times less of the

price! I intended to let you buy that supreme dan bead for a price that is thirty times as the

reasonable one. Master Bai stopped me! Otherwise, you wouldn't just get the supreme dan bead

with five billion, it would be nine billion! Now do you understand?’’

The old man shook and said while gritting his teeth, ’’I see. There is still one thing I don't

understand. Ling-Bao Hall and the House of the Chaotic Storm, what are your relation?’’

Everybody opened their ears for the answer.

It was a rather important question. If Ling-Bao Hall was related to House of the Chaotic Storm,

it should be their branch, then people would need to change their attitude to Ling-Bao Hall.

’’No relation!’’ Master Bai's voice sounded.

Apparently, Master Bai knew that Wan-Er appreciated Feng Zhiling. She was talking all good

about Ling-Bao Hall, however, he wouldn't allow it to go on further. The House of the Chaotic

Storm would really be covering Ling-Bao Hall and Feng Zhiling.

’’What I do today, is just what I want to do because I cannot bear watching you bully people like

that. That is all. The auction is always a competition of money. It is never a competition of


’’I took a move today, so I guess I may have drawn some troubles for Ling-Bao Hall too?’’ Master

Bai smiled. ’’However, your Sunlight Sect can make your trouble with Ling-Bao Hall after this.

You will do, won't you? Don't worry, I won't lay my hand in it.’’

There was a sense of horror in his voice.

’’We dare not.’’ The old man's face turned dark. He stepped back with his head low.

[Make trouble to Ling-Bao Hall after this?

Since Master Bai said so, who dares to? Making trouble for Ling-Bao Hall means messing up

with Master Bai! It is, after all, Master Bai's words suggesting people to do it.

Can Master Bai stand aside?

Can he?

What did he say... Won't lay his hand in it? Are you lying to kids?

If I believe it, I will die without knowing what for!

He doesn't need to lay his own hand. He can just talk, or even just make a hint by his eyes, and

countless people would love to do things for him!

Are we fools to you?!]

The old man's back looked desolate and humiliated when he walked back to their room!

He was full of hatred, yet he couldn't show it. People all felt his anger and sorrow.

However, he couldn't do anything to the House of the Chaotic Storm. Against such a giant force,

he could only bear it.

He couldn't even say another word.

Even simple words like ’’goodbye’’, he couldn't bear to say it!

The two great sects, Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect, both had thousands of years history.

However, different people took charge of them during the past. The legend of Mater Bai from

House of the Chaotic Storm lasted for thousands of years.

Even Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens were figures in the same time.

Facing three old creatures who had lived for thousands of years, who dared to seek for revenge

on them?

The Sunlight Sect had met the trouble themselves. They didn't completely fall down, but they

would soon!

The Starlight Sect didn't do anything yet, but they already felt cold in their hearts now!

They didn't dare to do anything.

They didn't want to be like the Sunlight Sect.

Besides, who dared to piss the House of the Chaotic Storm again would surely end up worse

than the Sunlight Sect! There was a sample in front of them; if they still did it wrong, wasn't it a

worse accusation?

Because of that, the men from the Starlight Sect just cowardly sat there. They didn't even dare

to let out a fart.

At this moment, a voice casually sounded over, ’’The great Sunlight Sect is indeed great! It truly

follows its good fame. My eyes are opened today!’’

The crowd all looked to where the voice came.

It was an accomplishment in normal days, yet it became so mean at this very moment!

The men from the Sunlight Sect looked over. [We don't dare to mess with Master Bai, Wan of

the Clouds, and those from the House of the Chaotic Storm, but who else dares to piss us off

now? Even if he is from the Starlight Sect, we will certainly kill him!]

They only found out that the voice belonged to Feng Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall. He was

staring back at them with cold eyes while his hands were crossed in front of his chest. In his

eyes, there was only disdain.

With his look, Feng Monarch was twisting the knife inside Sunlight Sect!



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