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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 301


Chapter 301: I Do Not Want to Be Reasonable!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

[She has mentioned Master Bai. If I dare to say one more reckless word, things will go to a

worse way, even a horrible way!

I don't want to beg like this without dignity, but I have no dignity now. Couldn't I just kneel

down to her?]

Wan-Er was finally moved. She said, ’’You made it five billion! You are determined for it indeed.

I don't have that much money. Even if I do, I won't spend it on just one Bone Ablutionary Dan

bead. I am not as rich as the Sunlight Sect. It is an auction here after all. Since I don't have that

money, even though I really want it, I can do nothing. I quit. You win.’’


At the moment, the old man from the Sunlight Sect finally couldn't hold it anymore. He puked

out blood while breathing heavily.

People all looked at each other in astonishment.

[This Lady Wan-Er truly is... cruel!

You never push a man too far, yet this Lady Wan-Er, she isn't just pushing it too far, she is

pushing it so much further than just far, and she is doing it again and again!

She actually pushed a man to spend five billion to buy a Bone Ablutionary Dan bead that is only

300 million!

He spent nearly twenty times more. Now, she actually taunts him, and she acts like she is

forced to quit because she doesn't have enough money.

That is... too much?!]

However, what Wan-Er did not only made people feel sad for that old man, but also made them

feel happy.

In recent years, the Sunlight Sect was almost the only strongest force. Every other sects or clans

had been offended by them, yet they always didn't dare to say anything.

Now that the Sunlight Sect was insulted in the public, and they had to cowardly bear it, that was

such a wonderful thing to see!

That was what everybody wished!

Only the Mu Clan people had some different feelings.

It was also in this salesroom, and it was also when selling some supreme dan beads, when one

of their men was exactly using the Sunlight Sect's strategy to try snatch a supreme dan bead.

That was when they offended the Xiu of the Heavens. They got badly insulted, and over a

hundred men of them died because of that.

Now in this place, and in the same auction, the Sunlight Sect was also trying to snatch some

Supreme Dan bead, and they exactly messed with the people from the House of the Chaotic


And that person was Wan of the Clouds this time.

It was a much worse insult this time though!

Two times, the same place, the same scene, the same story...

The Mu Clan people only felt that their backs were cold. [Is this Ling-Bao Hall connected to the

House of the Chaotic Storm? Or does it belong to the House of the Chaotic Storm?

How could it be so coincident otherwise? Two times people mess with the House of the Chaotic

Storm? That is too far from a coincidence!]

Everybody in this salesroom today were well-informed men. How could they not think of what

the Mu Clan could think about.

Now, everybody had the same question in mind, [Is Ling-Bao Hall an enrichment department of

the House of the Chaotic Storm?]

They were all suddenly anxious and fearful about this idea.

’’Lady Wan-Er, you are pushing too much talking this way...’’ That old man from the Sunlight

Sect spoke in a piteous way with blood on his mouth. ’’We, the Sunlight Sect has never offended

the House of the Chaotic Storm...’’

It sounded with a sense of sorrow that spread in the air of the whole place.

[What on earth makes the House of the Chaotic Storm act like this?]

People were all concentrated, trying to hear what the House of the Chaotic Storm would say.

Would they admit it, or would they deny it?

If they denied it, what was going on with all this then?

The ambience suddenly became cold and quiet!

At this moment, from the Sky No. 1 Room, a voice leisurely sounded. That voice was bland. ’’A

Bone Ablutionary Dan bead that is worth five billion? I truly have never seen one before... Wan-

Er, why don't you take that dan bead up to me and let it open your master's eyes.’’

It was a voice of a young man.

When the voice sounded, everybody's heart heated up heavily at once!

Suddenly, they felt like unable to hear their own breaths.



There should be only one man who dares to call her like that...


The next moment, Wan of the Clouds spoke in a respectful voice, ’’Yes! Your maid shall get it

right away.’’

Their hearts heated up again, [Your maid?

Does that... Does that mean... the man who is talking is that man?!]

Everyone figured out who it was, yet nobody dared to say it.

[No wonder Wan of the Clouds would be so different. She should be soft and gentle, yet now she

is tough. It was... because that man is here too!

That is right!

Since he is here too, not to mention an old man from the Sunlight Sect, even if all the senior

cultivators and the leader of their sects were all here, they would have to bow to this man! His

words mean the rule!

Nobody would dare to oppose it!

They would even be hundreds times more respectful than this old man!]

Everyone looked at the room of the Sunlight Sect with pitiful eyes.

There was even no sound of breath in there. It was all silence.

Wan of the Clouds shouted, ’’Didn't you hear it? Are you deaf? My master want to see that five

billion taels Bone Ablutionary Dan bead! Shouldn't you bring it up quickly? Are you looking

down upon my master?’’

The crowd was all stunned, and then everybody was enlightened. They all nearly puked out


[The House of the Chaotic Storm is truly never trying to be reasonable.

They forced others to raise the price, and he couldn't stop bidding. He couldn't even make a low

price bid! The price was raised up from 300 million to 5 billion. They actually forced him to buy


It was obviously dissipating others fortune!

Yet they didn't stop there. After their opponent buys it, they actually asked him to take that

item up to them! That just cost him five billion!]

Apparently, they were trying to make the Sunlight Sect waste that money!

The old man didn't even hold the dan bead.

It wasn't just insulting now. It was extermination!

However, even if she clearly said that she was exterminating them, so what? What could they


Who on earth dared to disobey Master Bai's words?

Whoever dared to was simply asking for death!



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