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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 300


Chapter 300: How Dare You Look Down Upon Me?

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

[Anyway, this Lady Wan of the Clouds should stop now. The Sunlight Sect has shown their

respect after all! Killing only needs a head to be hit on the ground. Although the head is still on,

it is almost on the ground!]


Things went to an unexpected direction again. People didn't know that...

Wan-Er actually wouldn't let it go.

After the Sunlight Sect made a price of 500 million, Wan-Er spoke with a clear voice, ’’You really

are determined to have it. So you added 200 million? Now, we make it one billion! What is your

bid now? You won't just stop, will you? Since you are so determined.’’

That was not challenging now. It was insulting.

The crowd burst in an uproar.

They never expected things would reach such a point.

The old man from the Sunlight Sect opened his mouth and couldn't say anything for a while. He

was apparently stunned and didn't know what he should say.

[Killing only needs a head to be hit on the ground. I have already said that. It's like I am putting

my face under your boot. You don't actually want to stop and you actually made such a move!

What the hell is going on?]

He knew he was wrong, so he acted like he put his face in front of her and asked her to slash

him as long as she can get over it.

Yet she didn't go for it. Instead, she insisted, [No! I won't get my hands dirty! Since you dared to

do the wrong thing, you better keep doing it wrong! Hurry up, keep it on!

I won't allow you to correct it!]

The old man from the Sunlight Sect understood what it was about. He was so furious that his

face turned purple; his face expanded and shrank again and again like a frog breathing. He

wanted to shout: [What do you want? That is too much! What do you want to do on us? Because

you are more powerful, so you won't stop insulting us? What do you exactly want? Give me a

clear answer!]

However, he didn't dare to really shout it out.

He hesitated for a while and then spoke in a humble voice, ’’It seems you are the one who are

determined to get it. We won't join the competition for this dan bead. You can take it, Lady


People all felt sad for him when he said so.

He had shown his weakness in an extreme way!

He couldn't say anything feebler than this anymore. No matter how powerful the House of the

Chaotic Storm was, they should stop now.

However, in the Sky No.1 Room, Lady Wan-Er sounded very tough, ’’What did you say? What do

you mean I am determined to get it? What do you mean you won't join the competition? You

think I am determined for it, so you decided to give it to me? Are you saying I am taking

advantage of our power to bully others? Are you saying that we, the House of the Chaotic Storm,

are taking advantage of our power to bully you? I don't need you to give it to me. We are both

determined to get it. The one who calls the higher price gets it! Keep bidding! If you don't, that

means you look down upon me!’’

Suddenly, nobody made any sound. The entire place was silent.

[What the hell? Now she comes with the 'taking advantage of our power to bully others' theory.

That is confusing right and wrong, swearing black is white indeed!

She is really not letting this go!]

She kept slashing on the face of the Sunlight Sect repeatedly! It didn't stop! It never ended!

[If you dare to say anything to argue, I will go and take your life!

If you don't say anything... Good. Just keep bidding. I call my price anyway. You keep coming

after me. You have to!]

Everybody knew what this lady was doing now. [You bully people so that you can spend ten

million to take the item that should be worth at least 300 million? I won't let you! You dare to

bully people, I will bully you! Don't you want to take advantages of others? I will make you

spend times of the price to take that item!]

She was obviously on the Ling-Bao Hall's side.

She was backing Ling-Bao Hall up.

Wan Zhenghao, Liu Changjun, and his assassins felt really good now!

It felt like having a sweet ice-cream in a super hot day.

They felt comfortable from top to bottom.

That was so good!

That couldn't be better!

Even Liu Changjun, who had never shown a single smile all the time, smiled. It lasted for a

short time, but he did. To make this man smile, that was something even Ye Xiao couldn't

manage to do!

[Now you keep acting arrogant! Now you keep suppressing us! Now you take advantages!

Humph! Now you become a fool, ey? Now you don't know what to do, ey?]

The old man from the Sunlight Sect nearly spat out blood.

He had a bad feeling like he had just swallowed some sh*t.

Many times, he wanted to shouted: [I am looking down upon you! So what!]

Yet while he was facing the mysterious and powerful House of the Chaotic Storm, he couldn't

dare to do it.

Even if they forced him to really eat sh*t, he would have to do it well!

He would have to say thank you after eating that and keep praising its taste loudly!

If the House of the Chaotic Storm couldn't feel satisfied about them, the entire Sunlight Sect

would be wiped up clean, young or old, men or women!

The old guy spoke with quivering lips, ’’I see. One and a half billion from us.’’

After that, he felt like his backbone was drawn away. His face looked pale, like he suddenly

became a hundred years older.

He was so pathetic and mournful at the moment. Whoever saw him right now would wipe for


It was so piteous!

However, it seemed Lady Wan-Er didn't see such a piteous scene about him, or maybe she just

didn't think it was piteous enough. Her voice sounded again loud and clear, ’’You are indeed

determined. You are indeed a great sect. So it goes to three times of the price now! However, I

am determined too. Three billion from us then!’’

Now, let's not talk about that old man. All the others felt like puking with blood at the moment.

[Lady, how far do you want to go on bullying him? He has already totally bent down on you!]

The old man was a big figure in the Sunlight Sect. His opinions were always important, and

when he moved, there would always be people following him.

However, he was now distinctly insulted in the public.

With a stuffy humph, the old man wiped his mouth, and there was blood on his sleeve. He spoke

with a sad and shrill voice, ’’Five billion! Lady Wan-Er, is this a proper price now?’’

It stopped for a while, and then Lady Wan-Er said, ’’My master used to say that once we started

to offend somebody, we should keep insulting him to the end. Now, that we have become

enemies... I don't mind to insult you more.’’

The old man from the Sunlight Sect hurriedly shouted, ’’It is my own fault. Why did you say we

are enemies? Lady Wan-Er, my sect will not admit it. My sect and your house are always

friendly to each other. It is simply a mistake today...’’



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