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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 284


Chapter 284: Meet Again

Translator: Rain Editor: Arch

Nobody dared to eavesdrop Ye Xiao's talk because they didn't want to mess with the House of

the Chaotic Storm. In fact, it wasn't easy for them to do so anyway, because the space around

the Sky No. 1 Room was blocked.

The crowd only saw Feng Zhiling say something before he casually walked straight into the


As his clothes fluttered, he disappeared from people's sight.

At this moment, people from the two great sects went blank. [What the hell is this? Why can

this Feng Monarch be so close to the House of the Chaotic Storm?]


When Ye Xiao entered the room, he saw a man in white quietly facing a strange Chinese zither.

There was a censer on the table where the zither was on. Its smoke flew everywhere in the

room, making it feel like a place beyond reality.

Even though the auction was noisy outside, the silence made it seem like even the sound of the

needle touching the ground could be heard.

And that was just between a door.

Two sides were like a market and a forest.

When he stepped in, Ye Xiao realized something. He found that... the man in white looked

familiar to him.

It seemed he had seen him somewhere before, but no matter how he tried, he could only think

of a dim white figure. He just couldn't remember it clearly.

[What is going on?

That is weird!]

Ye Xiao couldn't recognize Master Bai.

However, he remember one thing.

It was the ’’One Sight Dreaming’’!

The weird martial art inthe myth.

He also roughly remember something about what happened that night. He couldn't remember

it clearly, but he was sure something had happened.

After that, he noticed something from the eyes of the young man in white.

However, he still couldn't remember what really happened that night.

He did once remember the conversation on that day, but he forgot it all. Apparently, he had

been affected by some strange martial art. The East-rising Purple Qi was indeed a marvelous

martial art and it could mostly protect him from other martial arts. However, he was too weak.

The memory of that conversation had vanished as time passed.

He still felt tense when he saw Master Bai.

Although he didn't remember anything about Master Bai, he was sure that he had met him

before. He must had talked to this man on that night.

He was one hundred percent sure about it!

When Master Bai saw Feng Zhiling, confusion clouded his mind as he said with a smile, ’’Feng


He didn't stand up though. He just kept sitting on his chair, and he didn't even move a bit.

However, he made people feel that he had already showed his respect.

And it brought about a pleasant feeling to people.

While he was talking, his eyes were in peace as he looked at Feng Zhiling. The hair that lingered

in front of his eyes were like the smoke from the sender, and his fringe was slightly floating.

Ye Xiao stared back at him peacefully and then spoke with a smile, ’’Master Bai?’’

Master Bai was still smiling, but his eyes were different. They were not like peaceful water in

the lake anymore. They became like the running tide, and the waves rushed to the sky rolling.

Ye Xiao felt like his eyes were stabbed, so he drew back his focus. That called an end to the eye

contact between them.

Master Bai smiled and said, ’’Please have a seat, Feng Monarch.’’

As he was speaking, a chair showed up on the back of Ye Xiao.

This chair suddenly showed up. Even though Ye Xiao was experienced, he couldn't figure out

how it was done.

It wasn't important anyway. Ye Xiao knew the power of the House of the Chaotic Storm. He

knew he wasn't a match to it. In fact, the more powerful and mysterious it was, the better for Ye

Xiao under the current situation.

Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’I don't think there will be lots of people who have the honor to sit

with Master Bai, am I right? Should I show flattery?’’

And then he casually sat down.

Master Bai was still bland; he didn't care at all. In fact, he was paying attention to every move of

the other party: the every expression on his face and every spot on his clothes.

He was even noticing his mouth, tone, emotion when he talked.

He did all this for only one thing, yet he didn't get it yet!

When Ye Xiao sat down, Master Bai said with a smile, ’’Certainly. Not everyone is qualified

enough to sit in front of me. In fact, there are even less who can talk casually like you in front of


Ye Xiao laughed, ’’Then I should thank you for showing me mercy, as I am acting too boldly.

However, in front of you, the person who is able to control the whole world, anybody would go

crazy because of the pressure.’’

Master Bai smiled. This time, it was a smile with tiredness.

Ye Xiao found that Master Bai was actually a person who liked to smile. Every smile on his face

represented different things.

Nobody was able to read his mind, and he would not allow anybody to.

Master Bai smiled with tiredness and spoke again, ’’Feng Monarch, did you meet me somewhere


Ye Xiao was stunned, ’’No. Why?’’

Master Bai spoke blandly, ’’You did!’’

He was so confirmative, like nobody was allowed to question him.

In his eyes, sharpness showed up.

At this moment, the vigor of the well-known Master Bai who controlled the whole world finally


Ye Xiao frowned. ’’To be honest, I do have a feeling like I have known you for some time.

However, I don't remember meeting you anywhere. I don't think it is appropriate to say that I

met you before as I cannot be sure about it.’’


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