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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 283


Chapter 283: Storms Are Not Meant to Be Chaotic; The Martial World

Is Not the World!

Translator: Rain Editor: Arch

Cultivators in low positions included those ordinary cultivators: Human Origin Stage

cultivators, Earth Origin Stage cultivators and even Sky Origin Stage cultivators like Guan

Zhengwen from the Crown Prince's Palace and Master Sun from the royal family. Some of them

were actually powerful and strong, some of them were already in the top range of the Land of

Han-Yang, yet they would still bow to the royal power.

However, these martial world people that the three princes saw today were quite different than

what they thought.

Those men who came to this auction were all from big sects, secret sects, noble clans and

conquerors of different regions all of them were extraordinary.

They were beyond the mortal world. Normal people were ants to them, and mortal issues meant

nothing to them.

They were not even close to ’’poor educated’’!

Let alone those great cultivators, those normal disciples from those sects were all well educated

and cultivated. Nearly all forces had their own schools to teach their young generations.

Those great sects were doing even more. If they didn't study hard, how could they understand

those martial arts books? A minor mistake on understanding would lead them to death.

In some myth, somebody who was poor educated suddenly became a superhero just because he

found some book of some great martial art...

Well, that was very likely fake.

In this very special day and place, the prices saw those people of the martial world and

embarrassingly discovered that their bloodline seemed to be nothing in those men's eyes.

Some cultivators might be less influential than the government, but they would kill anybody

who messed with them even people from the government!

Whoever was qualified enough to join this auction really cared nothing about the ’’royal power’’.

The princes felt frustrated.

They had planned to recruit some strong men, however, they found out that the royal blood in

them that they had proudly depended on was actually nothing useful. They wished they hadn't


They would rather live in the dream of ’’royal blood beyond all’’ than know the cruel reality!

In fact, not all the princes felt frustrated. In the corner there a corner sat a teenager; he was

different. He was so interested in all that was happening.

He was the youngest son of the king, and because of that, he was also the most ignored prince.

He was the only prince that had no power to snatch the crown!

His name was Chen Zhi.

The name somehow showed the will of the king. [You have three older brothers. Even if you

have a big ambition [1], you have to sink it [2]. I don't want to see my sons fighting each other.]

At the moment, this little prince was zesty, and he didn't feel anything wrong about the

settlement, even though Ling-Bao Hall seemed to have treated him poorly. After all, he was

only ten years old, and such a big event was already opening his eyes.


The auction began.

Guan Wanshan took out the first item. It was the supreme dan beads that shocked the world

during the last auction, the Supreme Pei-Yuan Dan!

The atmosphere was heated. It was no longer silent.

’’Twenty million taels!’’

’’Thirty million taels...’’

Bids sounded here and there as the prices went higher and higher. The amount being spoken

out was unbelievable in normal days, yet today it came out so easily. As people were so

enthusiastic, seditious words came out from Guan Wanshan's mouth like fuel to fire. It was just

the first item, yet it had already caused great tension in the auction! Even the most valuable

items in normal auctions couldn't do it!

Wan Zhenghao was still nervous.

Luckily, Ye Xiao arrived when the second supreme dan bead was on.

Today, the Feng Monarch, with his clean and white robe, was high profile. He stood straight up

and kept a smile on his face as he casually walked up on the stairs.

Suddenly, both of his eyes lit up.

He saw Wenren Chuchu and Bing Xinyue.

They were both in white clothes. With eyes that seemed to be filled with complicated emotions,

they stared Feng Zhiling who was walking upstairs.

Wenren Chuchu tried so hard to suppress the feeling inside her heart, but it didn't work well. As

for Bing Xinyue, she instantly controlled her own emotion.

They lowered their heads and focused on Guan Wanshan and the items on the stage.

The auction was on heat; there was no other people who had noticed Feng Zhiling, even though

he was high profile!

After all, the supreme dan beads were too attractive!

Ye Xiao walked to the Sky No. 1 Room directly. Two strong men in black stopped him and

shouted, ’’Stop!’’

The shout wasn't loud, yet the people looked over to them anyway as the Sky No. 1 Room was

one of the focal points today.

Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’I am the monarch of Ling-Bao Hall. My name is Feng. There is

something I would like to talk with your master.’’

Ye Xiao spoke in a calm and casual manner.

After a few seconds, a clear voice sounded from inside the room. ’’What is it?’’

Ye Xiao stayed quiet for a few seconds and slowly said, ’’Storms are not meant to be chaotic; the

martial world is not the world.’’

When Master Bai heard that, his eyebrows rose; clearly, he was surprised. While looking at the

door, he lightly spoke, ’’Who is that?’’

Wan-Er knew what he wanted, so she softly said, ’’Please come in, Feng Monarch.’’


In people's eyes, this Feng Monarch only said something before he got in the room; they didn't

even know what he had said.

They were all shocked though.

[Who is this Feng Monarch?

How come he is so highly treated?

Does this Feng Monarch have any secrets?]

People from the Sunlight Sect and the Starlight Sect were astonished when they saw this scene.


[1] Zhi, 志, means ambition.

[2] Chen, 辰, pronounces the same as 沉, which means sink.


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