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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 281


Chapter 281: Reverse? Suppress It All!

Translator: Rain Editor: Arch

People from the two great sects sneered.

[Do you think we humiliated you?

Now you are going to fight back?

That is what we always want from you!

If you offend us first, you are challenging our honor. If we want to punish you, then even the House of the Chaotic Storm couldn't say anything about it!]

The six of them gloated.


Well, if the weak one wants to protect his dignity, he should pay his life to the strong one!

Maybe we will praise you if you die fighting.

But that is all.

We may give you a bit of your honor.

You honor is nothing but a corpse in our eyes!

It means nothing!]

They turned over their heads as the coldness in their eyes became deeper. At this moment, they also released their killing intent.

[Since you cannot stand it anymore, maybe we should make it stronger. Let us help you burst it out! As long as you burst it first, we can kill you anytime we want even in front the House of the Chaotic Storm!]

It was quiet in the Sky No. 1 Room.

Although a few minutes had passed after they entered the room, all the furnitures has already been replaced.

Everything prepared by the Ling-Bao Hall in this room including the wall paper were replaced. The wall was covered by a layer of silk, and the new chairs and tables were made from white jade.

In the center of the room, there was a purple jade chair; it was a lounge chair, precious and luxurious.

A young man in white clothes was sitting on it quietly with a smile on his face; he looked pretty handsome. He had a dark hair yet a white skin, and his long eyebrows connected at his temples; in his eyes, there was profoundness.

A sense of fun and sorrowed mixed deep within his eyes.

He just sat there in silence, watching the incense burning on the table. His eyes were clear, and the white robe on him made him look like a god.

The smoke of the incense was rising up and turning into a straight line. When it went higher, it started to disperse.

In the smoke, his eyes seemed to lose its focus.

At this moment, the smoke's path seemed to have been disturbed. The straight line began to move over to the young man in white.

The man finally looked up with a smile on his cheek.

The smile showed something deep.

Behind him, there was a girl in white standing there. She noticed the man's change, so she looked up to the door and said, ’’What a powerful killing intent. Such vigor! I wonder which great cultivator is here? The thing that we don't like the most is this kind of breath.’’

It was lightly spoken.

She didn't even move her feet a bit. But casually, her voice went around in the air of the whole salesroom.

It was just some simple words, and everybody clearly heard it.

The beautiful voice made everyone feel comfortable.

However, the six men from the two great sects lowered their heads all of a sudden when they heard these words.

They were shocked and terrified.

The voice of the girl was beautiful, but it carried a message of blood!

There were only two females in the House of the Chaotic Storm. One of them was Wan of The Cloud, while the other one was Xiu of the Heaven.

The voice must have belonged to one of them.

It was either Wan of the Cloud or Xiu of the Heaven.

No wonder the House of the Chaotic Storm would come in such a high profile way.

When all of them were praising how beautiful the voice was, they suddenly understood something. When they looked at the Sky No. 1 Room, they acted more cautiously.

Apparently, it was a voice of power even when it was softly said.

It wasn't heavy words, yet the threat in it was clear. It made people feel scared.

[Since the House of the Chaotic Storm says so, then continuing our suppression would likely get them offended and turn to us!]

Nobody dared to challenge the two ladies in the House of the Chaotic Storm.

Whoever dared would end up dead!

The two great sects knew that the House of the Chaotic Storm wasn't happy about how they suppressed Ling-Bao Hall.

They might get punished.

Understanding this, they immediately stopped.

When they stopped the suppression, the two hundred assassins of Liu Changjun lost control. They accidentally emitted all of their killing intent, causing the entire salesroom to be filled with and cruiel aura all of sudden.

It wasn't truly cold as temperature dropped; it felt cold because of the killing intents.

All the people there were cultivators, so they immediately knew what was going on; they didn't show much surprise anyway!

Liu Changjun took in a deep breath and shouted, ’’CALM DOWN!’’

In the silence, such a shout was like a lightning, shocking the people inside the salesroom.

But because of that shout, all of the assassins calmed themselves down, enabling them to drew back their killing intent. In an instant, the salesroom seemed to have regained its tranquility.

The hands of the assassins eventually let go of their swords.

Everyone thought that a fight could have broken out at any moment. That didn't happen though.

Wan Zhenghao sighed in relief.

The suppression on him finally disappeared; he looked to where Liu Changjun stood.

Liu Changjun was standing in the shadow, and because of that, Wan Zhenghao couldn't see him at all. However, Wan Zhenghao felt warmth in his heart this moment.

[The bastard cares about me after all. He treats me as his own brother; he just doesn't know how to express his feelings. That is all.

I think it is good enough for me!]

People always feel satisfied when they lower their standard. Liu Changjun had only done Wan Zhenghao a small favor, but the latter felt grateful nonetheless. That seemed too easy anyway!

Wan of the Cloud looked around the entire salesroom and then back to her room.


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