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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 280


Chapter 280: Suppression!

Translator: Rain Editor: Arch

Obviously, none of the people from the House of the Chaotic Storm paid attention to them; they just solemnly moved forward, with not a single one of them looking back.

After a while, the old man let go off the young man; the young man was breathless and gasping.

’’Do not say anything stupid!’’ The old man's voice was shaking when he was speaking.

Lots of people around them looked at them as if they were looking at some fools.

[There actually are such stupid men in their clan... I guess we should stay away to them...]

The greeting team of the Ling-Bao Hall hadn't come out yet, but people from the House of the Chaotic Storm already got in.

They were truly in a high position, and they were served much better!

Wan Zhenghao showed up at the door. He reached his hand and bowed to greet them, ’’Please come in, my honorable guests...’’

He had no choice now.

He had been thinking about using the greeting team to buy some time for Ye Xiao, but now he couldn't!

Nobody would want a greeting team from him!

The House of the Chaotic Storm didn't have greeting team there, so nobody else dared to have it.

Whoever dared to must have been too bold to live.

What if the House of the Chaotic Storm asked, ’’Was it good being greeted?’’

Nobody would have a good answer for that; that would be a question that smelled like death...

Wan Zhenghao had arranged a greeting team to buy some time, but now he couldn't use it...

The crowd was rushing in.

Nobody talked; they were like students in the classroom while their teacher was there!

They were actually more quiet than students!

They didn't even dare to make any sound while breathing.

Everybody regretted, [God damn it! If I knew the House of the Chaotic Storm would come, I wouldn't be here... Now I feel so uncomfortable...]

The arrival of the House of the Chaotic Storm had cooled down the atmosphere.

Normally, people would greet people they knew in the auction, but not this time. It felt like everyone was pushing the auction to start right away.

After a while, all of them were seated.

At the moment, the only sound was from the stage. Guan Wanshan was talking, and everyone else sat straight in their seats; nobody responded. Nobody even asked any questions.

Of the three rooms upstairs, in the Sky No. 1 Room, eight men in white stood on the left, while eight men in black stood on the right; they were all expressionless.

The Sky No. 1 Room was covered by a layer of silk; it seemed to be floating.

That layer of silk seemed to have separated the room from the auction.

After a few minutes, the auction had finally began.

Wan Zhenghao didn't have any means to stop it!

The Feng Monarch hadn't shown up yet.

Wang Zhenghao knew that he had to start the auction, and so increasingly grew anxious.

Because the House of the Chaotic Storm arrived, the auction would be quiet and nobody would dare to make any trouble.

It was very likely that the auction would proceed well!

Even the two great sects didn't dare to mess with the House of the Chaotic Storm.

However, they would surely dare to mess with the Ling-Bao Hall.

What if the two sects didn't get what they want and turned angry on Ling-Bao Hall...

What should he do?

The House of the Chaotic Storm wasn't Ling-Bao Hall's guard after all.

In fact, Ling-Bao Hall owned House of the Chaotic Storm a favor for what they had done now already!

Wan Zhenghao just sat in this room; he could feel the eyes from the other two rooms, causing him to feel cold and tremble.

It was a real feeling.

He felt it right though. On the two rooms, people from the two great sects were looking at Wan Zhenghao; they even knew that Wan Zhenghao could feel it. They were doing it on purpose, so that Wang Zhenghao would feel suppressed.

The suppression from the two great sects in the Land of Han-Yang seemed irresistible to everybody except the House of the Chaotic Storm.

Even Wan Zhenghao couldn't resist it!

Wan Zhenghao gathered a lot of wealth, but he didn't have much capability. Since he dared to stand out, he would need to take the suppression from all the forces!

As the two great sects expected, Wan Zhenghao was nervous.

In a corner, Liu Changjun stood there with a cold face.

He was also looking at Wan Zhenghao. He could see the sweat running down from Wan Zhenghao's cheeks.

Liu Changjun's eyes were filled with coldness. Suddenly, his hand moved to his sword and the veins on the back of his hand showed up.

It was a gesture delivering information. All the assassins under Liu Changjun's lead felt the signal from their leader at the same time. The next moment, all of them held their swords, and all of a sudden, the quiet salesroom was filled with a dense killing intent.

About two hundred assassins in different positions in the salesroom had spread their killing intent.

They were like two hundred hungry leopards.

All they needed was only an order to rush out and spray blood.

No matter who stood on their way, a dragon, a wolf or a pig, they would kill him.

They win, they kill; they lose, they get killed!

That was all!

The coldness in Liu Changjun's eyes was getting deeper. He stopped looking at Wan Zhenghao and started looking at the rooms of the two great sects; he couldn't even hold the killing intent inside his eyes anymore.

There was a flame burning in his heart; he might burst at any second.

Liu Changjun understood the pressure Wan Zhenghao was feeling; he knew how terrible it felt.

Liu Changjun might be willing to scold or beat Wan Zhenghao up, however, when somebody else was suppressing Wan Zhenghao, he couldn't bear it.

They were after like brothers now!

In the two rooms, people from the two sects clearly felt the reverse energy. The killing intent made them show vicious smiles on their faces.

[So, they finally cannot stand it anymore?]



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