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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 277


Chapter 277: You Know That?

Translator: Ran Editor: Arch

If Ye Xiao only had the purple qi, the Supreme Dan Beads and the Water Drops, he wouldn't have recovered so fast. After all, he had suffered from serious injuries; he had driven his saint soul, his soul and his life energy to the lowest level, and it would have required him quite a long time in order to fully recover!

However, he had just broken through to a new stage; the energy he got from the upgrade had been depleted though.

Now, the energy kept coming up again, quickly filling his Jing and Mai. To break through to a new level was like being reborn from death, and to recover himself under such a process was a perfect method.

This time, he healed himself far better and faster than before. After only a few minutes, his body had already started to emit a blue glow as the purple qi shrouded his body. From outside to inside, it moistened his wounded body, and with the passage of time, his pale face gradually turned to a rose color.

At this moment, the sun started to shine on every piece of the land.

Time was passing.

In front of the Ling-Bao Hall, there was a lot of people crowding; the countless bodies filled everyone's sight.

However, even though there were so many people, it was silent; nobody made any sound at all.

In front of the crow stood six men who stood in two groups.

They were all calm, vigorous and filled with pride, showing indifference to what surrounded them.

They were from the two great sects.

People from the other big sects were also here, standing in silence. Even though they were standing behind the Starlight Sect and the Sunlight Sect, they showed dignity and behaved decently.

These people stood side by side, yet they were clearly showing different styles.

On the third row stood the eight noble clans; they seemed indifferent, yet in fact, they couldn't hide their nervousness.

In fact, most of them thought of just quitting the auction and going back home; they didn't want to mess with these big sects at all.

However, what would be on the auction was all that these clans wanted; after all, it was related to the future of their clans. Although they knew that it was snatching food from tigers' mouths, yet they had to do it.

A reason why two seemingly contradicting feelings, worrying and longing, filled their hearts,

Everybody was waiting for the time for them to enter the hall. Far away from them, there was a figure quietly standing on a tree. As his eyes stared at the crowd, his face showed coldness and grimness.

It was in the Ling-Bao Hall.

Wan Zhenghao was as nervous as an ante on a hot pot; he kept pacing back and forth.

’’Why is the Monarch still not here? How am I going to proceed such a big event without him...’’ Sweat came out and drop to the floor from his forehead; at this moment, he looked disturbed.

[What if the Feng Monarch failed to show up once the opening hour comes? What if the two great sects ask me something I can't give. What should I do to deal with their force?

If I show weakness, they will get whatever they want, and we are going to suffer a big loss. However, if I recklessly show toughness, I will certainly offend them, and I may get killed and get my whole family killed.

With such a difficult situation, everything is unpredictable.

If I truly offend them, Ling-Bao Hall will face a difficult time for sure.

Should I be the one to face the difficulty?

Well, they may not say anything against it, but I am actually not qualified enough. I am no longer the one who's taking charge of this!]

Wan Zhenghao nearly lost five kilograms in weight because of worrying.

On the other hand, Liu Changjun was still showing a bland expression. With a calm temperament, he just quietly sat there, showing coldness and toughness.

He acted like a lofty mountain, as if Wan Zhenghao and the crowd outside had nothing to do with him at all.

He didn't care about the current situation.

In fact, at this moment, what was on his mind was quite different than expected. [What else do I need for my assassination team... How can I fix it? Where can I recruit some high quality assassins?

What I have now is far less than what my lord wants me to do!]

Wan Zhenghao wiped the sweat on him. While drowning in anxiety, he kept murmuring, ’’What happened? Why is the Monarch not here? Oh, this is bad... Nothing went wrong, right? Why hasn't he shows up already? What the hell is going on?’’

Liu Changjun rolled his eyes and looked at him in disdain; he just turned his back to him.

[What an annoying fat guy!

Murmuring, murmuring... How many times have you repeated... How about stop.

Is it helping?]

Wan Zhenghao kept pacing around with his eyebrows furrowed. Finally, he turned to Liu Changjun and asked, ’’Liu, what should we do? What if the Monarch failed to show up? What should I do... This... This is so annoying. I don't see any practical solution.’’

Liu Changjun didn't even look up; he just answered blandly, ’’It is none of my business.’’

Wan Zhenghao clearly heard him; he felt so bad as if somebody forced him to sh*t. He was angry too. [How can you say that? You always say nothing, but when you say something, it is always useless and offensive!

Damn you! We are colleagues now! If anything goes wrong, none of us can get away from it. I can't escape, nor do you!

I just can't understand how you can stay so calm.]

He didn't dare to say it out though; he just stared at Liu Changjun. He knew that Liu Changjun truly didn't care about how the auction would end.

[What a bloody assassin!

All he cares for is his assassin team!

Nothing else matters to him!

Such a prick!

But... if I curse him, what should I do if he jumps up and get on top of me?]

He looked at himself and saw a huge body. Looking down, he couldn't see his feet. He perfectly knew that he couldn't defeat Liu Changjun, in fact, he couldn't even run from him. Liu Changjun's feet was always ready to sprang into action, yet he couldn't even see his feet...

Therefore, he should better not mess with Liu Changjun.

He sighed and said, ’’Liu, you have to do something for our salesroom anyway. Look at you, nothing is important to you... You never stop making me feel bad, do you know that?’’

Liu Changjun rolled his eyes. That was all. He just kept quiet.

Angry, Wang Zhenghao shouted in a deep voice, ’’If anything goes wrong this time, Ling-Bao Hall will be f*cked up... Do you know that? If Ling-Bao Hall is gone, your assassin team will end too! Do you know that? Your intelligence group will also meet its end. Do you understand?’’



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