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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 276


Chapter 276: The Boundless Saint!

Translator: Rain Editor: Arch

While discussions were all over the place, somebody suddenly shouted in fear; that person jumped away and began to quiver.

’’What is it?’’ Startled, somebody hastily asked.

’’The... The... The body is moving... It is... melting... rotting...’’ That man's face was pale, as if he was about to puke at any moment.

Hearing him, the crowd felt terrified; they immediately turned to look. The two corpses were indeed moving, and they were also rotting at a speed visible to the naked eye. As rotting took place, the bodies quivered and produced an extremely putrid smell.

Soon, they became smaller and smaller.

The crowd looked at each other; they all had dark expressions as a cold stream seemed to have rises from their backs to their heads.

Another shout sounded out as someone ran away. Some of the weaker cultivators immediately left after him. Everyone, including the powerful ones among them, had a pale face that showed a terrified expression.

[There's actually such a weird cold poison in earth?

Who is the murderer?

This is so horrible!]

While they were still stunned in astonishment, yet another strange thing occurred again.

The man with the mouse-like mustache fell to the ground while running away; on his throat was a shiny silver needle.

Then, a bleak voice echoed out, ’’Ignorant bastard. How dare you smear me! Now, let me show you how my needles taste like. If you have a next life, remember! My needles are all silver needles without poison!’’

However, that man with a mouse-like mustache would never have the chance to hear him anymore.

That silver needle came from nowhere. Within the blink of an eye, it took away the life of an Earth Origin Stage cultivator.

The crowd was terrified.

An old man with white beard spoke, ’’Boundless Saint? Since you are here, why not show yourself?’’

Within a fog that gloomily appeared, the bleak voice sounded, ’’I don't want to get involved with the quarrel between your sects! Since the rest of you didn't smear my name, I don't see why I should meet you? It only brings more trouble than any good! It is always better not to meet people!’’

The bleak voice gradually faded away and disappeared in the wind.

The crowd looked at each other.

That man with a mouse-like mustache was one of the weakest among these people, yet he was from the Long Clan, one of the eight noble clans. Those from the Long Clan were angry about it, yet none of them dared to say anything. They just blandly stood there, not daring to move in the slightest.

Neither the Boundless Saint nor the two big sects were something they dared to mess with.

Let alone killing one of them, even if he killed several or even a dozen, they would only have to accept it! They didn't dare to say anything about it; if they said something wrong, then their entire clan could meet its demise!

As the crowd stared each other, yet another revelation occurred in their mind.

At this moment, they all had the same thought.

[The Boundless Saint actually came to Chen-Xing City!]

[He hasn't stepped inside the martial world for such a long time. Now, he must have come for the auction. It seems that this auction is getting more and more interesting...]

[However... We have to be more careful in the auction. If we messed with the Boundless Saint, we may have to face the entire Boundless Lake. That will disastrous...]

Everyone, including those from the Starlight Sect and Sunlight Sect, left with troubled hearts.


Ye Xiao was hidden in the dark. Looking at those people leaving, he finally felt relieved.

Having serious injuries disabled him from running far away. At this moment, he was about a thousand meters away, hiding inside an ordinary citizen's house.

It was a special situation, so he had to control the people who lived in that house by force. Well, with a few words and two money notes, everything worked out pretty well.

When he removed the seal he had put on them, they suddenly became so grateful as if Ye Xiao was their own forefather.

Not everyone could witness such an amount of money. Moreover, they only had to sit still and the money was theirs.

What Ye Xiao gave them was actually a tiny bit of the money he carried with him; only two notes for twenty thousand taels of silver in total!

Twenty thousand taels of silver meant nothing to Ye Xiao nowadays. It was tiny, however, it meant a huge wealth to ordinary people!

Most of the ordinary citizens couldn't hold such an amount of money in their lives, not even if they quit eating or drinking for a while. To maintain a family, five taels of silver a month would be more than enough...

After dealing with that family, Ye Xiao swallowed five Supreme Dan beads and ten Space Water Drops, which healed him to a certain extent.

He changed his clothes and then focused on self-healing.

He had to do it after changing his clothes, because he was afraid that those men could be so crazy that they would search here...

After that fight, Ye Xiao didn't believe there would be anything certain in the world!

Anything was possible; anything would happen!

To fully cover his trace, Ye Xiao changed his disguised face again, even though it would cost him a lot spiritual qi and make the self-healing process longer.

After he made sure that he was well under cover that even somebody found him, he wouldn't be recognized, he finally started to concentrate on healing himself!

He was lost in his mind. His spiritual mind went through his entire body to check on the status of his wounded body, only to find that it was such a mess. His organs were moved to wrong positions and his bones were broken. Wounds covered his entire body. Not a part of his body was good and healthy.

The only thing that was good was his dantian. It had been dried out, yet now was filled with some streams of purple qi. With that purple qi, it would be easier for him to start the healing process. He started from operating the purple qi. The energy from the Supreme Dan beads bursted and the energy of life from those Space Water Drops started to fix the broken parts of his Jing and Mai.


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