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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 275


Chapter 275: Who Has Needles in the Martial World?

Translator: Rain Editor: Arch

One of the two dead bodies was Chen Yuanfeng from the Sunlight Sect. That was fine; after all, he was just a small figure that nobody cared about. His death was not a big deal. However... Nan Tianxing from the Starlight Sect actually died here too.

Such a scene was something that could cause anyone to take in a cold breath!

How many people in this city could actually kill Nan Tianxing?

They all knew the answer to this question.

If Nan Tianxing was easy to deal with, he would have been captured and executed many times by the king of the Kingdom of Chen.

Because he was powerful, strong and experienced, the Kingdom of Chen couldn't do anything about him, so he had always been free!

If he was that confident, he wouldn't have come to the capital of the Kingdom of Chen so casually!

However, such a great figure had really lost his life here in silence. It truly terrified all of them!

Most importantly, even though all the big figures were gathered in this city, among these people, the ones who had the capability to kill Nan Tianxing wouldn't be more than ten!

Moreover, even people from Starlight Sect were included!

The crowd separated into two groups. One group checked on Chen Yuanfeng's body, while the other checked on Nan Tianxing. They were all troubled, yet they still refrained from showing any emotion.

’’Yuanfeng's face looks surprised. Cautious as he was, he was still caught by surprise. The fatal wound in his throat is very small. His sword was beside him; he must have tightly held it before he died. When he was hit, he dropped it. All the signs show... that he was fully guarded when he was attacked. However, he was still killed by a single attack, and that is why he looked so surprised. The murderer must be at least in the Sky Origin Stage!’’

’’It was a surprise attack!’’

An old man from the Sunlight Sect slowly spoke, ’’Such a strong cultivator actually needed to use poison on Yuanfeng, an Earth Origin Stage cultivator. The poison seems to be extremely toxic. As for the weapon that caused that wound... it should be something with a sharp point... It should be narrow like... a needle!’’

He stood up. ’’In this martial world, who uses poisonous needles as his weapons?’’

At the same time, people from the Sunlight Sect also voiced out their own conjectures, ’’There are sword wounds all over Nan Tianxing's body. None of them has damaged his bones though. Obviously, these wounds were not enough to take his life. There are many wounds, but they are not fatal. What caused his death was the strong cold poison that entered his body through those tiny needle wounds...’’

’’This person must have been seriously wounded by Nan Tianxing too. After he had killed Nan Tianxing, he himself had lost energy. In order to take advantage of the situation, Chen Yuanfeng showed up, and that must be why Chen Yuanfeng was so surprised.’’

’’In the martial world, who uses cold poison needles as his weapon?’’

Both groups asked a similar question.

It suddenly turned silent.

The crowd deeply pondered upon the answer to this question. Some of them just looked at each other, completely clueless. Some of them just looked at the sky, showing indifference to the dead men.

Suddenly, someone broke the silence and asked, ’’These two are from two different sects. How come they died here at the same time?’’

This question shocked everyone.

That was right. One was at the eighth level of the Sky Origin Stage, while the other was at the sixth level of the Earth Origin Level. In terms of cultivation, an enormous gap existed between them. Nan Tianxing would never seek Chen Yuanfeng as company; besides, Nan Tianxing preferred to be alone. Moreover, Chen Yuanfeng would never dare to stay with Nan Tianxing; he was surely afraid to be played to death by the latter.

That made it even stranger.

How could they die together? Apparently, they died under the hands of the same person

Chen Yuanfeng's face was so weird!

This peculiar scene aroused too many questions; it baffled everyone.

’’In this martial world, there seems to be only one man... who uses needles as his weapon...’’ somebody said in a low voice.

’’Who?’’ Everyone else immediately turned to look at him.

The man was slim, short, and had a mouse-like mustache [1]. Being stared at by several great cultivators nearly caused him to pass out; his legs began to shake, and he couldn't even talk coherently now.

Those great cultivators immediately realized that they had been emitting their vigorous energy. The man with a mouse-like mustache was weak, so he would, without a doubt, be scared. Luckily, his fright didn't take his life. So, the great cultivators drew back their vigorous energy and asked him, ’’Who are you referring to? Which well-known cultivator uses needles as his weapon?’’

’’It is... the legendary Boundless Saint, the head of the Boundless Lake... His weapon is needles.’’ While quivering, the man with a mouse-like mustache continued, ’’And... his needles are shapeless and full of forms...’’

’’That's impossible! It cannot be him!’’ They simultaneously shook their heads, denying that conjecture.

’’Look, there's some blood here. Check out its color, it's certainly neither Chen Yuanfeng nor Nan Tianxing's blood. It must be the murderer's blood! I'm sure of it.’’

’’If the Boundless Saint was the culprit, he wouldn't need to spit out blood. With his strength, he could easily kill Nan Tianxing. Chen Yuanfeng doesn't even need to be mentioned! It's impossible for him to get hurt like this!’’

An old man with a white beard spoke in a serious tone.

People nodded in agreement.

The mysterious Boundless Saint had a handful of marvelous martial arts, and was at a level far beyond Nan Tianxing, it was impossible for them to have any quarrels. Killing Chen Yuanfeng was as easy as breathing. Anyway, there was no way he would utilize his needles against him.

However, if it wasn't this Boundless Saint, then who was it?

’’Here!’’ someone suddenly exclaimed. ’’There are some other wounds on Nan Tianxing's body.’’

People moved in closer to have a look. They became speechless right away.

They had carefully observed the body, yet they had still missed some nearly invisible wounds. Those mysterious wounds were narrow and long; they looked like needle wounds, but they were actually not.

’’These wounds should have been caused by some extremely narrow flying knives...’’ An old man gestured with two of his fingers and said, ’’I think it would be like this long.’’

After reaching this conclusion, confusion once again befell everyone.

[Who on earth... uses needles and knives at the same time?]




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