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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 274


Chapter 274: Endless Cards in Hand

Translator: Rain Editor: Arch

Chen Yuanfeng only stepped ahead to test Feng Zhiling. He knew that the moment he felt something was wrong, he should immediately sway the sword in his hand and flee away quickly. It would be better to observe from a distance before taking any other moves.

Suddenly, Ye Xiao coughed out once again and spat out blood. And then another one.

His fingers seemed to be shaking. He let out a deep sigh. ’’Fine...’’

Even though he didn't say more than a single word, the desperation in it was still hard to miss.

Chen Yuanfeng felt happy about it, so he stepped ahead further. With the current distance between them, he could even touch Ye Xiao's body. However, he was still cautious enough to slightly kick on Ye Xiao's leg first. Ye Xiao moaned and said in anger, ’’Prick! You better kill me right now. Don't you think it is obscene to humiliate a superior cultivator like this?’’

Chen Yuanfeng felt calm. He was sure that this extreme superior cultivator truly had no power to even move a bit.

He used his foot to move all those needles and knives away. With a smile on his face, he spoke with a treacherous tone, ’’Feng Monarch, what are you talking about? I just touched your leg. I didn't take off your pants anyway. You are taking it too serious now. How can I kill you now?’’

Ye Xiao humphed and weakly said, ’’You better kill me now! You know what I'll do!’’

Chen Yuanfeng laughed loudly; he finally felt relieved. He walked close to Ye Xiao and got down to see his eyes. He spoke lightly, ’’I don't want to...’’

It was right at this moment when Ye Xiao suddenly opened his eyes widely and shouted, ’’Pah!’’

A fierce and cold light shot out from his mouth!

It was as fast as lightning!

That was the last shot he kept to save his life.

Between his teeth, there was a needle!

Even though his entire body couldn't move and his arms and legs were broken, as long as he still could breath, he could kill the enemy with this needle!

Chen Yuanfeng was in the process of getting down; he couldn't even finish his words. The needle had shot into his throat!

Where the needle had just entered appeared a red dot which quickly spread.

- Klang. - The sword hit the floor.

Chen Yuanfeng's face was frozen at this moment!

His eyes were full of confusion.

He didn't understand why and how this happened.

He grabbed on his throat and made some weird sounds. He looked at Ye Xiao in disbelief. His face was full of surprise and terror as his body turned soft and slowly fell to the ground!

He never thought that Ye Xiao actually saved the last piece of needle all the time. The last strike was the killing strike. He didn't even use it on Nan Tianxing, yet he used it on Chen Yuanfeng!

Even in his wildest of expectations, he couldn't have predicted this!

It was reasonable though. Ye Xiao was now living his second life. In this life, he always kept a second plan in mind in case anything went wrong against him. This second plan had made a final call on this event!

Ye Xiao released his last strike out of his hand, hmmm, in fact, it was a strike out of his mouth. He coughed and was almost in a palsy on the floor. He forcibly shot out the needle, and it costed him all the spiritual qi he gathered. At this moment, he was once again weak and tired.

He had never been so exhausted before!

However, he still tried to stand up in order to pick up all those needles and knives. This time, he didn't put them back though. He just held them in hands; he didn't have the slightest strength to return them.

He reached his hand to take the needle back from the purple-colored dead body of Chen Yuanfeng. Then, he spoke lightly, ’’You never know. I will always save a card... You don't have a card, so you died.’’

The danger was gone. Ye Xiao forcibly operated one breath of spiritual qi to prevent himself from falling down. Although he was so tired to the point where he could pass out right away, he still forced himself to walk out of this place.

It was no longer a proper place for him to stay.

Even to walk out a hundred meters away would be far better than staying here.

After a while, there might be more people coming. If he stayed longer...

As expected, several minutes after he left, two figures arrived at this place. - Shoot! Shoot!

’’The sound must be from here just now. It was not clear, but it should be around here.’’

’’Quite a secret place, isn't it...’’

’’It truly is a good spot to murder someone...’’

’’That's right. Let's look around.’’

’’There maybe something good waiting for us there...’’

’’There is blood. There was a fight here. What a fierce battle...’’

’’This... Is this actually Nan Tianxing?!’’

’’Holy crap! It is him... How is this possible...’’

The two men that arrived happened to be two disciples from the Sunlight Sect. Looking at the dead body of Nan Tianxing, they were extremely shocked.

Nan Tianxing might not be the strongest man in this world in terms of cultivation, but he was one of the people who were skilled at scheming.

He was actually quite an important figure in the Sunlight Sect!

However, this important figure was now dead in this weird place...

That was an astonishing news!

The two of them were terrified; they were completely speechless. They were so shocked that they didn't notice that there was another dead body there.

After a while, they calmed down a bit and looked around. That was when they found the other body...

’’There is another one...’’

’’Oh? This... This is... Chen Yuanfeng?’’

’’Yes! It is him. How come... How would he die here? Didn't our Second Primary Master send him to deliver a message? How come he just died here?’’

’’Could it be that he accidentally came to this place and died here?’’

’’That's possible...’’

They both inhaled a cold breath.

Right at this moment...

- Shoot! Shoot! Shoot...

Over a dozen figures flew into this place.

They were wearing different styles of clothing. Apparently, they were from different sects.

There were people from the Starlight Sect, Sunlight Sect, other sects and the eight noble clans...

Each of them was moving fast and quick. They were all outstanding figures. Apparently, they were all superior cultivators.

When they arrived and saw the scene, their faces all turned dark!


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