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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 270


Chapter 270: Counterattack!

Translator: Raࠀn Editor: Arch

Nan Tianxing tried his best to defend the killing strikes from Ye Xiao, and he was dodging and stepping backward at the same time.

Facing such killing strikes that he had never heard about before, he realized that what he should prioritize was to save his life instead of winning the fight!

- Boom!

Some glows that were similar to blood flew up high.

That was Thousand Mountains Down.

The sword strike was making its greatest effect at the moment!

Even though Nan Tianxing was superior in cultivation and should be one of the best cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang, he was still in the Sky Origin Stage. Though he had tried all that he could, how was it possible for him to defend thousands of mountains falling on him at the same time!

That was a killing strike that frightened the whole Qing-Yun Realm once!

When Nan Tianxing stepped back to the side of the wall, the glow of the sword finally disappeared. On his body, a dozen of wounds appeared. It wasn't deeply cut, yet all the wounds were bleeding.

The sword strike of Ye Xiao had at least made seventy wounds on Nan Tianxing's body.

Ye Xiao made the last strike with a moan.

He stroke it out forcibly. He had already been exhausted, and his spiritual qi was collapsing. At the last moment, Nan Tianxing was defending using all of his effort. His palm strike was also incredible. Ye Xiao was hit, and he nearly flew up. He was far weaker than Nan Tianxing in cultivation after all. The Monarch's Sword was indeed marvelous and nearly invincible; it did make Ye Xiao occupy the higher position in this fight, however, at the last moment, when the power of the sword strike was reduced, Ye Xiao could not handle it anymore. He suffered the reverse impact from the palm strike.

It only happened within a second, but it had caused Ye Xiao to feel toilsome. His whole body was like broken. He had truly used up all his energy.

His dantian was still gathering spiritual qi like crazy though. It was preparing for another strike to knock Nan Tianxing down. However, Ye Xiao knew that there was probably not enough time for that strike, so he sighed.

The Monarch's Sword included nine techniques. In this fight, he had tried his best to motivate his soul power and saint soul power, but he was only able to use three techniques before he ran out of energy.

In fact, he had simplified the strikes. If he wanted to strike out the full power of the Monarch's Sword, he would need to be at least in the Dao Origin Stage!

Ye Xiao couldn't hold it. He was stricken away. Nan Tianxing didn't stop. As soon as Ye Xiao's sword strikes stopped, Nan Tianxing struck back right away. He didn't even try to heal himself a little bit.

He was moving so quickly. Suddenly, he showed up in front of Ye Xiao with his body covered in blood. Ye Xiao didn't have the time to react before he got hit by a palm strike on his chest from Nan Tianxing.

At this moment, Ye Xiao was no more a treasure to Nan Tianxing. He was, instead, a sharp knife that might kill Nan Tianxing. Nan Tianxing was lucky that he didn't die a moment earlier, so he didn't dare to slow down his pace. However, he was still hoping that he could seize Ye Xiao, otherwise, Ye Xiao would have been severely wounded, or even die in an instant!

Ye Xiao shouted and spat out blood. He flew backward. Before he touched the floor, Nan Tianxing had arrived. He was in the air beyond Ye Xiao. - Bang! - He stepped so hard on Ye Xiao's chest, pushing him down to the floor. He viciously cursed, ’’Bastard! I am going to kill you! You little shxt. You actually caused such an amount of wounds on me!’’

Ye Xiao was tightly stepped on the floor like being pinned by a mountain. He could move a bit though. However, he was still looking at Nan Tianxing with a disdainful look. He spoke with a hoarse voice, ’’Then do it. What's stopping you? That strike you used on me, what is it? Thirty percent of your true power?’’

Nan Tianxing was furious, yet he still didn't want to kill Ye Xiao.

It would be more convenient if Feng Zhiling was alive than dead.

When alive, he could be a gold mountain; but if he was dead, he was useless.

He would be nothing but a useless body!

Nan Tianxing was so furious and hated Ye Xiao to the bones, yet he still didn't want to kill him!

To kill Feng Zhiling might make him feel good for a moment, but it meant he would lose the source to the supreme dan beads. It was easy to know what he should choose!

However, he was still so angry. He didn't have any way to vent his anger. Suddenly, he swayed his hand. - Pah! - He slapped on Ye Xiao's face hard. He viciously smiled. ’’I do not want to kill you now, but I can torture you like hell. I will let you know there is always something more terrible than death! Much more terrible!’’

Ye Xiao looked at him coldly and calmly. He blandly said, ’’I don't need to be warned about that. I know much more than you do about this!’’

Nan Tianxing slapped on Ye Xiao's face again. He sneered, ’’You're all in my hands now. How dare you act so arrogantly? Heh, heh. You speak once, I will slap on you once! Let's see who could last longer!’’

Ye Xiao humphed and suddenly spat out lots of blood. It was so red that it seemed so terrible.

Nan Tianxing was shocked. He had held back his strike a bit so as not to kill Ye Xiao accidentally. He slightly loosened his foot and tried not to hurt Ye Xiao too hard. At this moment, inside the Boundless Space, the egg suddenly flew up. It seemed the egg felt that Ye Xiao was in danger. It was shaking rapidly in the air.

As it shook, the scattered purple qi in the air started to boil.

The next moment, with a booming sound, a huge amount of purple qi rushed into Ye Xiao's dantian like flood.

Ye Xiao was too weak to do anything at the moment. He had felt that his dantian was empty, yet now he felt it was filled up within an instant. That massive amount of energy suddenly filled his dantian. It was nearly about to explode. If he didn't vent it out, he might die in selfexplosion.

It was at this moment when Nan Tianxing had just loosened his feet. He didn't prepare to defend from anything. Ye Xiao didn't show any hesitation. He shouted loudly and suddenly stood up. He struck out both of his hands to hit on Nan Tianxing's chest.

Nan Tianxing was rather surprised that Ye Xiao could actually make a counterattack.

It was a firm hit on the chest this one!

A screech sounded, and there was also a sound of something cracking. Ye Xiao's strike instantly broke two bones on Nan Tianxing's chest. Nan Tianxing flew far away. However, even though he was hit so hard, he still had the power to strike back. He was so angry that he struck out another palm strike, but this time, it was with his full power. It was the most powerful and deadly strike this time!

Ye Xiao jumped and tumbled after hitting on Nan Tianxing. He felt the spiritual qi was still boiling inside him. It was like boiling water in a pot. It was far beyond the amount that he, as a Sky Origin Stage cultivator, could bear. That palm strike on the chest didn't release any pressure from the spiritual qi filling his dantian. Now that Nan Tianxing's attack was right in front of him, he was suddenly enlightened. He didn't dodge; instead, he actually stepped forward to embrace the attack against him with his chest.


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