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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 269


Chapter 269: Laughing Eight Blast; The Monarch's Sword!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Nan Tianxing curiously observed Ye Xiao's actions. He looked disdainful as he said, ’’Wonderful action, grabbing a sword from the air. Not bad. However, it is a shame that it only looks good. You can trick some laymen, but it just means nothing to me who is far beyond your reach.’’

’’Whether it is useless or something good, you will learn it soon,’’ Ye Xiao spoke coldly. He felt relieved.

[This man thinks that he is so much stronger than me, so he actually waited for me to finish making the sword.

He surely has no idea what it really means that I hold this sword in hand. If he does, he would be so regretful at the moment.]

The spiritual power inside Ye Xiao suddenly reversed. His body was not only emitting a mass of blue glow, but also some golden one.

It was like the star sky befalling to the world.

’’Feng Monarch, just come with me!’’ Nan Tianxing noticed the change, so immediately had some doubts. He didn't dare to be reckless. He didn't hesitate. He suddenly moved to Ye Xiao and tried to grab him. Apparently, he had done enough waiting.

Ye Xiao moved aside on foot. It was just a tiny move, yet he showed an astonishing vigor.

It was something hard to describe.

It was some heroic bearing that could make him so eye-catching even inside a crowd of millions of people.

It was his unique technique.

The Laughing Eight Blast.

He just slightly moved his feet. With his fluttering clothes, he had stepped ahead confidently. It was like the running spring water in mountain, the tide in the ocean, the wind that blew through the bamboo forest, and a walk beyond the clouds.

When he began to do this, it reminded him of something he missed a lot.

In his mind, there sounded the comment that Jun Yinglian had given to this technique.

’’This technique is the most resplendent. It makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. Ye Xiao, what you called it before really does not fit it.’’

’’Well then, what should I call it?’’ Ye Xiao asked at that time.

Jun Yinglian's pretty face showed that she was deeply thinking. She then answered with a soft voice, ’’Though I am young, the world means nothing but a laugh; my sleeve flies, and I will laugh at the whole world!’’

Back to the fight, in Ye Xiao's eyes, there was only the deepest yearning. He swayed the long sword and spoke in a soft voice, ’’Though I am young, the world means nothing but a laugh to

me; my sleeve flies, and I will laugh at the whole world!’’

The sword in his hand became colder, turning dark green.

The Ice Soul Sword was fully formed.

The blade was sharp and cold.

It rushed out, carrying endless solemness, dignity and honor.

It was the Monarch's Sword of the Xiao Monarch!

It was the skill, Monarch's Sword: Here Comes The Monarch.

All of a sudden, Nan Tianxing had this weird feeling. It felt like there was a king who ruled the entire world standing in front of him with overpowering strong vigor. It felt like that king was staring at him with disdain. It felt like the sword of this king would decide his life or death!

He was obviously much stronger, much more powerful than the man in front of him, but at this moment, his mind was totally under his opponent's control!

He knew things weren't right, yet he didn't come up with any thoughts to resist at all!

Instead, he felt that he deserved to die. It felt like he deserved to show his neck to his opponent and ask for death!

He knew it was wrong to feel so. Most dangerously, he couldn't control his own mind. In haste, he bit on his own tongue. Suddenly, the blood spurted out from his mouth. He spat it out. However, he came back to himself and quickly stepped back.

He saw something cold and shiny in front of him. The point of that long sword was only half an inch away from his eyes. It was getting over him like the water falling down to the mountain.

He was so scared to the point where his clothes were drenched in sweat.

If he reacted any bit later, he would surely lose his eye for good. Even though he was nearly invulnerable, his eyes were soft and weak.

It wasn't just about his eye. If his eye was stabbed and the sword didn't stop, then it would eventually reach his brain; at that time, he would die at once.

[That was so close!

So close!

What is that sword art?]

He was sweating and terrified. He shouted in anger, ’’What is that sword art?’’

Ye Xiao didn't answer. He just moved his foot again. It was just a move forward, but in fact, it felt like he was also stepping back, stepping left, stepping right, and stepping beyond the clouds. He casually moved, yet it felt like he had occupied everywhere.

Even with the pair of experienced eyes, Nan Tianxing couldn't tell where Ye Xiao exactly was.

He couldn't figure out where he was.

He could never manage to prevent him from moving around anymore.

Among the resplendent glow, another sword strike came over to him. The ice sword emitted the cold qi and froze the air around it. The sword was so cold, and somehow, it felt like its movement was the gods will; it was irresistible.

Nan Tianxing knew that he could defend it, so he stepped back further. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up as he shouted, ’’That... is that the Sword of Soul that was told in the myth? To hold the sword with the soul; to draw the sword out with the saint soul; to be the unique one in the world?’’

Ye Xiao was still quiet. His eyes looked calm. His face only showed indifference. The long sword was shining. There were some glowing dots that looked like flowers flying to the floor. It looked like full of fallen flowers.

It was the skill, Monarch's Sword: God's Will!

Nan Tianxing knew that things went wrong. He tried all he could to escape from the attacks. However, two rounds after, there were already wounds on his body. Blood came out from him flying in the air. Under the continuous attacks of the Xiao Monarch, Nan Tianxing's physical shield was finally broken!

Finally, Ye Xiao's powerful opponent got truly injured under his sword!

Ye Xiao successfully wounded him, so he attacked faster. The blade was rushing down to Nan Tianxing, and it felt so sharp and heavy.

It was like millions of mountains rapidly falling from the sky.

It was the skill, Monarch's Sword: Mountains On Top!

Numerous streams of purple energy showed up in the air.

[With my soul, I give the ice its soul, so the ice has soul, and it will follow my lead. My heart bonds to the sword, so does my body. I bond to the heavens as a whole!]

He was performing the Laughing Eight Blast footwork while performing the Monarch's Sword. He used the East-rising Purple Qi to motivate it, and used his soul to control the sword. He injected his saint soul into the sword and locked it with his spiritual mind. He was completely concentrated!

At this moment, Ye Xiao's battle capability was at least ten times bigger than he should be. In fact, it might be even bigger, much bigger!

When he performed that skill, he sensitively noticed that the spiritual qi inside him was about to decrease. He was unable to perform the Monarch's Sword for a long time!

Even though he had used his soul power and saint soul power, he still had a low foundation of cultivation!

The lucky thing was that he had finished striking that sword attack out.

The killing strike was on its way!

Nan Tianxing screeched. He didn't even dare to defend that strike. He just kept stepping away. The blue glow from a top-level Sky Origin Stage cultivator was crazily unleashed from his body. He kept pushing his palms ahead.


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