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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 268


Chapter 268: A Sword From Nowhere

Translator: Ran Editor: Chrssy

Just as Ye Xiao was about to make his second strike after making up his mind, Nan Tianxing had already jumped up and laughed in an evil voice, ’’Feng Monarch, you are much weaker than me. My victory is already a given. It's better that you just come with! Be my slave. It is better than becoming a corpse!’’

Ye Xiao humphed. He didn't respond this time.

Nan Tianxing had jumped up high in the air. His body was covered by blue glow. The glow from his body was eroding the space like tide.

While his sleeve was rolling, his fight fiercely struck out.

A great strength from his hand suddenly locked on the space behind Ye Xiao.

One palm strike could actually make such a great impact!

In other words, Ye Xiao had no choice but to physically defend from that attack!

Obviously, Nan Tianxing had realized that Ye Xiao's biggest advantage was his flexibility. If he kept fighting recklessly, it would take him too much time and effort to catch Ye Xiao.

And the sky was turning brighter.

They were making a ruckus. Before long, there would be people coming to check.

It was in the Kingdom of Chen after all. There were many strong figures here. Any strange signs could bring many ambitious men!

To Nan Tianxing, Feng Zhiling was a priceless treasure. It would be a great thing if he could capture him for himself. If somebody else knew about this, he would never be able to keep him as his own. The auction was about to begin anyway.

He would have to go and attend the auction after all.

The auction was under schedule. Feng Zhiling or Ye Xiao, Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall or not, his disappearance, even his death, would never stop the auction from taking place!

So he had to finish all this mess as quickly as he could. He needed to take Feng Zhiling down and keep him as his own. He would then pretend that nothing had happened, and he would spend enough time to deal with Feng Zhiling!

As long as Feng Zhiling was in his control, he would eventually give in.

Nan Tianxing felt heat in his heart while thinking about all the benefits Feng Zhiling would bring to him.

So he decided to use an area of effect attack and make Ye Xiao fight him face to face. [You are a lot weaker than me in cultivation. If we fight face to face, I will easily win this fight.

As long as I can push you to fight against me, you have nowhere else to hide. No matter how good you are at dodging, it won't help you in any way. You will just be beaten down.

One absolute power defeats ten schemes! [1]

That is the rule.]

One had to admit that Nan Tianxing's method was truly the best and the most efficient way to fight Ye Xiao, even though it costed him a lot of energy!

Nan Tianxing rushed down with the vigor of great mountains.

As for Ye Xiao, with the danger approaching, he had to do something. He knew that it would cost him too much to directly defend from that attack, but he had no other choice but to raise his hand to hit it.

- Boom! - Ye Xiao stepped back several steps. He was shambling and almost fell to the floor. It appeared that he had lost the fight. His face was like some golden paper which was gaunt!

A hard crash like that would only let the stronger one win and the weaker one lose. It revealed the winner of this fight!

Nan Tianxing actually held back on his attack as he was afraid that he would instantly kill Feng Zhiling. But still, Ye Xiao felt that his organs inside his body were all dramatically shook. His arms were nearly broken.

Nan Tianxing humphed and got down to the floor with his hands on his back. He cold spoke, ’’Feng Monarch, I only used thirty percent of my power with that palm strike.’’

Ye Xiao laughed and said, ’’Oh really? It seems my life is quite valuable?’’

Nan Tianxing's eyes glowed with ferocity. ’’The Feng Monarch's life is indeed valuable. It is actually priceless. Once you become my slave, you will find that your life is much more valuable than you think it is!’’

He put out his tongue and licked on his lips, then he smiled. ’’Let me tell you another secret. I like people with a tough personality. When I turn a tough man into a soft-bone servant who would kneel in front of me, a servant who will let me play and torture him without any complication, a servant who will do whatever I tell him to do... That feeling of accomplishment is fantastic. That feels so good. It feels as good as turning a holy virgin into a slut in the bed! However, it is a shame that you will never have a chance to feel what I feel.’’

’’Because you can only offer me that feeling!’’ Nan Tianxing spoke with a dark and cold face, ’’That is the price you need to pay for cursing me and my father!’’

Ye Xiao was indifferent as a smile emerged on his face. ’’Do you really think you will get it? Haha. After such a long time of fighting, you have been lowering your voice on purpose, and you have even tried to control everything that makes sounds in this area. I guess you really don't want other people to know this? You want to keep it to yourself, right? That palm strike was indeed thirty percent of your power. I guess that was because you needed to try to control the sound of this area at the same time, so you don't have enough energy to focus on attacking! Haha. You are controlling this small space well. However, there are so many superior cultivators in the capital at the moment. As long as I focus on breaking one point of this place and shout out whatever I can, all of your plans will fail. Now you are actually dreaming in day time. What a fool.’’

Nan Tianxing's plan in his mind was seen through. That made his face turn dark again. He slowly spoke, ’’You can try. I promise that none of your voice would go out of this space. How can you possibly break my controlling block on this space with only your lame cultivation

capability. And, from now on, once you offend me one more time, your coming life will be one bit harder!’’

’’Oh really? Then I must have a try.’’

Ye Xiao slowly stood up. His eyes were like lightning.

He reached out his hands. His hands were like dragon claws making cracking sounds.

His hair was flying even if it wasn't blown by the wind! Apparently, he had activated the spiritual qi inside him to an extreme extent!

The water vapor that was formed because of the gelid qi became much colder.

The next moment, Ye Xiao suddenly joined his palms!

- Crack!

The bones of his finger made a cracking sound.

- Shring! - A long sword shining with cold glow was seized by Ye Xiao from nowhere. It was shining with a crystal glow.

The water vapor was formed into ice, while the ice was formed into the sword.

The gelid qi was turning denser and denser. The material of that sword was getting brighter and brighter.

After just a few seconds, a long sword that seemed to be made from a thousand years old ice was completely formed.

Ye Xiao kept emitting the gelid qi to nourish the ice sword.

He had activated all the gelid qi he could for this sword!

There must be many swords that could threaten Nan Tianxing. However, the one that he could take out at this moment was just this one. And it was the only one he could make from nothing within a short time.

The Ice Soul Sword!

The sword was still made from ice, but it was a lot different from ice now.

Making this sword was just the beginning of Ye Xiao's plan to kill his enemy!

He had spent so much energy and time to gather the power. The saint soul power, the spiritual power...

Now, the most important moment came.

In other words, his failure just now seemed to be real, only, it was not! ...


[1] One absolute power defeats ten schemes, 一力胜十会, means the absolute stronger power is better than all other tricky schemes.


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