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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 265


Chapter 265: Truly Trying His Best

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

’’What a strong excuse! Protecting your family! You just said that the general had just made your father angry? And then your father went to you? And then you slaughtered over ten thousand innocent men? All that you did, you just wanted to comfort your father?’’ Ye Xiao frowned and asked.

’’That's right! So what?’’ Nan Tianxing sneered.


Ye Xiao nodded slowly, ’’Only because of a moment of anger, your actions led to a huge loss of that battle, and you caused the failure of the Kingdom of Chen. Hundreds miles of land and hundreds of thousands of citizens were lost under the Grassland Wolf's iron feet. Lives became miserable and people got killed. Wasn't it true?’’

Nan Tainxing angrily answered, ’’So what?’’

’’Nothing. I just came to a conclusion. You and your father, you are nothing but two bastards! Like father, like son! How true!’’ Ye Xiao nodded slowly and said unkindly, ’’Nan Tianxing, you are a complete bastard! That general only made your father angry, and you actually did something so evil like that. Heh, heh, the general would surely regret that he just pissed your father off;he should have killed that old bastard! It would be great if he did! That old bastard actually raised such a disgusting monster son! He deserved to die! If I were that general, I would have killed your father, the old bastard, before I kill you, the little bastard! And if you have a son, I would have killed him too, in case he would do anything sick to the world!’’

Nan Tianxing was furious that his beard was shaking. His face was dark as he wickedly smiled, ’’Feng Monarch is indeed a man with a sharp tongue. Lord Ye deserves to be the no. 1 of the Three Lords. Those offensive words from your mouth were truly hard to bear.’’

Ye Xiao said coldly, ’’A man with honor would bear my words easily. What? Nan Tianxing, do you find yourself unable to bear it? Do you know what it means?’’

Nan Tianxing's face turned dark as his eyes turned sharp;his killing intent surged. ’’Feng Monarch, are you calling me a man without honor?’’

Ye Xiao spoke peacefully, ’’I didn't mean that!’’

Nan Tianxing took a breath out with relief, yet he heard Ye Xiao go on saying, ’’I only meant that you don't deserve to be a man. Just because your father was angry, you actually abandoned millions of your own kin and your country, your homeland. You are not even a human. How can I expect someone who is no longer a human to have honor?’’

Nan Tianxing was so angry that he started shaking.

His eyes gradually turned all red. He was about to burst into fury.

He had been hanging out around for a whole day. On one hand, he was asked by his sect to pay attention to the outside situation;on the other, he was quite a loner because of his temper. He hadn't find anything suspicious recently. That's why he decided to take a break and find this place to have a nap. Unexpectedly, he had discovered such a great secret.

At the moment, Ye Xiao was like a special hoard to him!

It was like a big pie in the sky!

However, he didn't know that Ye Xiao had such harsh words against him. It was only a short conversation, yet he had been completely pissed!

The pie in the sky was, although big and looked delicious, yet it didn't actually taste good. At least it smelled terrible for the moment!

’’Good! Very good! You are good!’’ Nan Tianxing said it three times as his tone turned stronger and stronger. The killing intent in his eyes was vivid. He didn't even try to hide it.

The cold wind was blowing coldly. All of a sudden, it felt like as cold as winter, even though it was only in autumn!

’’Are you praising me? A praise from someone that shouldn't be called a man, I truly don't feel any pride from it! Instead, I feel ashamed.’’ Ye Xiao looked at him coldly. ’’I guess it has been a long time since somebody said things like this to you? Let me guess, are you praising me because I called your father an old bastard and you as the son of a bastard? Or because I said I would kill your little bastard son? You must be enjoying it? It feels so good? Isn't it?’’

While he was talking, he continually gathered up the spiritual qi inside him. He was gathering the power of his soul. The power of his spiritual mind. He felt so hungry. Hungry for a stronger power... Wouldn't it be better if he was stronger?

As long as he broke through the Dream Origin Stage, he would no longer need the gathering process. He could just burst it out in an instant. If so, he wouldn't need to talk so much useless words with this asshxle. He would have made an attack sooner.

However, now he had to motivate the power by all means.

When the cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang ’’tried their best’’, they just exerted all of their physical power and spiritual power! Even though they had exerted so much that they couldn't even lift up their fingers, it wasn't really ’’one's best’’ in the true superior cultivators'eyes!

Other than physical power and spiritual power, there were also soul power, saint soul power, spiritual mind power, and even... power of luck, power of stars, power of vigor...

Only when every kind of power was exerted could it be called ’’one's best’’!

And that was what Ye Xiao was doing at the moment.

The reason why he would choose to use such a complicated strategy was that he feared that his experience in the Land of Han-Yang would be far less than enough in front of this Nan Tianxing. Nan Tianxing was, after all, from the Starlight Sect. The martial art he was cultivating was derived from the super sect in the Qing-Yun Realm.

His background was far better than Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao was indeed incredible in cultivation, as he had once reached the peak of the Dao Origin Stage. However, he could never reach the foundation of those super sects. When he was below the Sky Origin Stage, he did defeat Liu Changjun who was in the middle levels of the Sky Origin Stage. Now he was a Sky Origin Stage cultivator, yet he wasn't confident about taking Nan Tianxing down. That was the difference between different foundations!

The present situation required him to put this man down. Ye Xiao knew he was far below the league in cultivation. Even if he died fighting, it might not be able to knock Nan Tianxing down.

So after thinking deeply for a while, the only chance he had was to ’’do his best’’ in one burst.

To do his best, the thing he needed the most was time.

However, his bad temper didn't allow him to show weakness in front of his enemy. Otherwise, he would have brought more time for himself.

Nan Tianxing had put it quite clear that he didn't want to kill Ye Xiao.

He wanted to get something more valuable on Ye Xiao's secret.

However, even though Ye Xiao knew that it would buy him more time if he said something nice, he just didn't want to step back a bit!

That was his pride!

That was the pride that he would never give up in any case.

Once he gave up that pride one time, he would do it again and again.

Even though it wasn't sincere, it would still harm the growth of his vigor!

What he always insisted was to keep such pride straight and high, up to the sky!

When he was the Xiao Monarch, that was his style;now that he was Ye Xiao, it still was!



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