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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 264


Chapter 264: The Ominous Star in the South Sky!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

’’I don't need a friend like you,’’ Ye Xiao spoke coldly, ’’Are you alone?’’

The man in black laughed and said, ’’Feng Monarch has a pair of sharp eyes and profound experience. You can tell where my martial art is from, yet you cannot tell who I am. If you know who I am, you would know that no matter what I do, I do it alone. I never have anyone beside me. So, if you feel that you can kill me... Just do it. As long as you can kill me, the secret of the Feng Monarch will be safe. Hmm. Is that right, Lord Ye?’’

Ye Xiao was stunned. He said, ’’Oh? May I ask who you are? What is your name?’’

The man in black said with pride, ’’In the ten thousand miles starlight, on the south of the sky, with hegemony in centuries, living alone for a hundred years. I am Nan Tianxing [1]! You can see through my martial art. I am sure you know who I am!’’

According to the way he spoke, he must have thought that once Ye Xiao heard about his name, even if he wouldn't kneel down and bow, he would definitely be extremely shocked and say something exclamatory!

However, Ye Xiao said seriously, ’’Nan Tianxing? Never heard of it. Are you that famous? Even though you look so proud speaking of your name, I truly haven't heard of it before! I am sorry.’’

The man in black was furious as he shouted in anger, ’’How dare you! You just said you haven't heard about me at all!’’

Ye Xiao shook his head, ’’Nope. Nan Tianxing... I have never heard about it. And the poetic lines you said, it seems to be something special, but in fact... that is bullshxt. Especially the 'with hegemony in centuries, living alone for a hundred years'. It is simply not correct even in grammar. You actually think you are a king or what? Hegemony in centuries? Or maybe you are a eunuch? And 'living alone for a hundred years'... That is just some simple mix-up of words. You truly are not well-educated...’’

While speaking, he shook his head and sighed.

It looked like he was being surprised about such a low-educated nerd being alive.

’’It is a terrible thing to not be educated!’’ Ye Xiao said sympathetically, ’’You... Did you ever go to school?’’

Nan Tianxing spoke coldly, ’’Let me ask you for the last time. Don't you know me, really?’’

’’Are you famous? I truly don't. Absolutely don't. Totally don't. I don't know you!’’ Ye Xiao twitched his lips and said.

Nan Tianxing showed a dark face and said, ’’I guess I have to take back whatever I said to praise you! No matter what, you should at least know the story about the ten thousand soldiers from the Kingdom of Chen that got secretly murdered in the Black Pine Forest! You should know the story about how the House of Shi and the House of Ming, which were two houses of the eight noble clans, suddenly got wiped out within a night, shouldn't you? If you don't even know that, I can judge you with a word ignorant! Truth to be told, those two cases were all me!’’

In fact, Nan Tianxing truly had been a name that shocked the entire Land of Han-Yang.

Nan Tianxing had done many things that made people turn pale-faced and quivering when hearing his name.

He was truly famous for his atrocity.

Except the two cases he mentioned just now, he had done countless other vicious things. However, nobody was able to deal with him. People could only let him live and kill.

Nan Tianxing had this habit. Every time when he was killing somebody, he would always use his name to scare the victim before he killed the victim. It made him feel the best when his victims became fearful from hearing his name.

He had been nobody when he was young. He only got famous when he was about sixty years old. That was the after-effect of his being nobody when he was young.

To him, it was fame, but to others, it was nothing but notoriety!

However, Ye Xiao knew nothing about this name. Fame or notoriety, he knew nothing.

No matter how Nan Tianxing was famous for his cruelty, he was still a person in the Land of Han-Yang. He was merely a cultivator within the Sky Origin Stage. He could never be mentioned to the Xiao Monarch. He was simply nobody to the Xiao Monarch!

Of course, even if Ye Xiao accidentally knew about him, he would absolutely say no on purpose, because Ye Xiao noticed that this Nan Tianxing cared so much about whether people knew about his name or not.

How would Ye Xiao let his enemy feel good?

However, one of the two cases Nan Tianxing told, Ye Xiao knew about it.

That was a battle that happened twenty years before. It shocked the whole world, and it meant a lot to the Kingdom of Chen.

At that time, the Kingdom of Chen was fighting the Grassland Tribes in the Black Pine Forest.

However, one night, ten thousand of the soldiers from the Kingdom of Chen died from nothing. The whole battle was changed. The Kingdom of Chen failed at the end. Hundreds of thousands of citizens got killed.

People got to know the truth after that battle. It turned out that the general who led the ten thousand soldiers offended the father of some big figure in the world. That father was not capable to do anything, so he asked his son to kill the general. They killed the general and all his soldiers even when they were fighting in a war. They did it with some nasty methods!

Ye Xiao knew about it because Ye Nantian told it to him before. Ye Nantian hated the man who should be blamed so much, but nobody knew who exactly the murderer was and where he was!

Now, Ye Xiao happened to know that the murderer was actually the man in front of him, Nan Tianxing!

Looking at Nan Tianxing's green face, Ye Xiao asked casually, ’’Which kingdom are you from?’’

Nan Tianxing's face turned darker.

Ye Xiao read the answer from his appearance. He sneered, ’’Well, that is unexpected. You are actually from the Kingdom of Chen, yet you killed the army of the Kingdom of Chen! Nan Tianxing, how dare you keep telling such a story... You know what, you are an asshole! You are a traitor! You are treasonous! Do you know that?’’

Nan Tianxing sneered, ’’I am a cultivator. Cultivators shouldn't be limited by their nationality! How can I be treasonous!’’

’’That is truly some shameless saying.’’ Ye Xiao nodded slowly. ’’A cultivator can have no nationality. Does that mean a cultivator can abandon his family? Does that mean a cultivator can abandon his parents, wife or husband, and children? So he can just ignore all those? Even if people kill your father, you will just stand aside being cold-hearted?’’

Nan Tianxing was furious. ’’What do you think you know! That general pissed my father off. That was why I killed him and his ten thousand soldiers! What wrong did I do? If a cultivator cannot protect his family, then what's the point of cultivation?’’

He sounded as though his actions were just and right. It sounded like it was reasonable for him to do such a thing.


[1]Nan Tianxing, 南天星, means the star in the south sky.


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