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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 259


Chapter 259: Bing-Er's Emotional Attachment

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

After putting in a lot of treasures and other materials, Ye Xiao felt that his spiritual qi was surging. The Space had been empty for a long time, yet it was suddenly filled with spiritual qi. That was a surprising change to him. He smiled and returned to his room. And then he heard a timid voice, saying, ’’Brother Ye, you're back?’’

The girl in the room was timidly looking at him.

Ye Xiao was embarrassed. It might be a bad decision to have brought her in his room, he thought. After all those days, Bing-Er got used to staying in his room, and she just occupied his bed.

Ye Xiao looked at the girl as his face turned dark. The girl was covered by sweat, and her hair was moist.

’’Why can't you just listen to me. Don't move around. You are not well yet.’’ Ye Xiao looked at her with censure, ’’How is it today?’’

’’Nothing. Nothing bad.’’ A satisfied smile appeared on Bing-Er's peaceful face, ’’I really didn't move around casually for nothing. I was just cultivating, and after cultivating, the spiritual qi filled me, so I would surely move my body a bit. It hurts a lot at the beginning. It made me sweat because of the pain, but... After I moved, I always felt myself recovered a lot. It isn't my illusion. It is the truth.’’

Ye Xiao sighed. He didn't dare to treat it lightly, so he moved over to check on her.

She had indeed recovered a lot. She was not only out of the critically dangerous situation, but she was also able to move herself around. She could even handle some of her personal issues. The most important thing was that, other than her broken legs, the other parts of her body were all nearly recovered. After resting for more time, she would definitely get well.

The most difficult problem was her lumbar vertebra. It suffered the most damage. Ye Xiao had been working on this part particularly. A huge amount of treasures and medical materials had been used on this. He was doing it without considering the cost.

According to his judgement, it would need to take a long time to fix the lumbar vertebra, even if he spent everything he could to repair it. However, Bing-Er's body had, once again, surprised him. With Bing-Er's subliminal help, the efficacy of all those medical materials all gathered to the waist. It wasted nothing. That made the lumbar vertebra's recovery to become faster.

Ye Xiao was confused about the help from Bing-Er though.

No matter how good the treatment was, how good the materials were, if they worked on a different area, it would bring no change to her lumber vertebra. During the treatment, the loss of the material efficacy was unavoidable. It would be very efficient if half of the medical material were working on the target area. The lost efficacy would either stay somewhere inside the body or get out of the body. The body would barely be benefited on this part.

In fact, that's where the shortage of the Chinese medical method ’’combat poison with poison’’ stands. The part of the poisonous treatment that wouldn't work would eventually bring damage to the body. In fact, the medical efficacy has been following the same principle. The part of the medical efficacy that cannot benefit the body would become the ’’poison’’, that's why medicine has always been partly toxic.

Bing-Er's help was keeping the medical efficacy from getting lost in an unbelievable way. It made almost all the medicine work on the target area. So surely, the process of her recovery would be much shorter than Ye Xiao expected.

It wasn't Bing-Er's willingness to help that made it unbelievable. Not even the process. In fact, if Bing-Er was some super powerful cultivator, it wouldn't be so surprising. Even normal Dream Origin Stage cultivators were mostly unable to do that. However, to Ye Xiao, Bing-Er was just an ordinary girl who had lost her memory, yet she could do it.

That was why it was unbelievable to Ye Xiao.

’’It is truly so hard to compare one person to another...’’ Ye Xiao sighed as he looked up.

He had to admit that there were geniuses in the world.

Not only did Bing-Er's gift surprised Ye Xiao, but also her tolerance and tenacity.

As she moved herself even a bit, it would definitely hurt her a lot. However, she kept moving around herself everyday, trying to practice and recover sooner

Ye Xiao once told her that it would make it easier for her body to absorb the medical efficacy and make her recover faster if she moved herself more.

And she remembered it.

Even though it hurt her so much that her tears came out every time she moved, she kept doing it, simply because of what Ye Xiao had told her. She just wanted to get better as soon as she could.

’’I have to get well soon. Only then can I serve my good brother...’’ Bing-Er bit her lips and stretched her legs and arms. She was in a huge pain that her tears came down. She looked at Ye Xiao with tears and hopes in her eyes.

Ye Xiao felt so distressed for her. He said, ’’Bing-Er, just get yourself better. Don't worry about others.’’

Bing-Er nodded softly and walked over lamely. She held Ye Xiao's arm with her two hands and raised her head while looking at him. She took a breath of relief and said, ’’I cannot sleep before you come back.’’

Ye Xiao sighed and said, ’’Alright. Okay. Come. Let me help wash you, so you can get some rest early.’’

Bing-Er blushed and said, ’’Hmm... I think I should just do it on my own.’’

Ye Xiao was relieved. It was quite a raunchy torture to him everyday when he had to help her wash her body.

He suffered the torture both visually and mentally. It was even worse than any physical torture.

He couldn't do anything facing a mature naked body that was in a perfect shape. And he had to call himself monster every time when he had some special thoughts about her, especially when he looked at her pure eyes.

Every time he did that, he felt that he was carrying a heavy sin no matter what he did. He felt that he was a beast.

The first time she washed her almost made him explode.

And he had to cuddle with the girl and make her sleep. It was just for sleeping, nothing else...

How cruel of a torture it was?

He had to call himself a monster first, then he would think of himself as something lower than beast. That was a torture on his heart.

Now that the girl could do it herself, that was such a good news to him. What a blessing!

Ye Xiao sat at the side of the bed as he listened to the sound from the bathroom. It was the sound of the water splashing. A gorgeous body of perfect shape suddenly appeared in his mind. He felt that his nose was getting hotter and hotter, and he nearly bled like a mountain.



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