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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 256


Chapter 256: Strange Power

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy

Ye Xiao could clearly feel that after the breakthrough, the spiritual qi, which used to be surging inside him, was now like a brooklet running in his Jing and Mai because of their changes.

It was a shocking change, but it was reasonable. His dantian's capacity expanded a lot. It was about ten times bigger now. The spiritual qi that used to that used have reached the limits of his capacity was now far from enough. It was like a bowl of water being poured into a bucket. It seemed a like lot of water while it was in the bowl, but then it became far less than it seemed to be when it was in the bucket. Now there was a huge space left inside the bucket waiting to be filled up.

For the same reason, his Jing and Mai had become broader. It was several times wider than before. From a narrow alley which only allowed one carriage to pass through, it turned into a big street that allowed several carriages to pass through side by side. That was a huge difference.

It was a fantastic thing that he finally broke through a new level, but there was something awkward. His dantian was now nearly empty. The spiritual qi which used to fill him up was now only ten percent of the capacity of his dantian. The spiritual qi running inside his Jing and Mai was only like brooklet. He couldn't get used to the new condition of his Jing and Mai. And most importantly, there was not enough spiritual qi to fill up anything.

The key to solve such a problem was easy and simple. He just needed to absorb spiritual qi, a huge amount of spiritual qi. Only by filling it up could he start to consider further issues. The priority now was to consolidate his power.

[Spiritual qi. Ah.] Ye Xiao was thinking and frowning.

It was a real problem.

It wasn't an easy job to absorb a huge amount of spiritual qi that must work along well with his own pure spiritual qi within a short time. By operating the East-rising Purple Qi, he could fill his dantian in at least seven months. It was pretty fast already, but he couldn't wait now.

Luckily, right after he broke through, he started to work on the illness of Bing Xinyue. The yin cold qi that he absorbed from Bing Xinyue was pure and dense. That was exactly what Ye Xiao needed.

Surprisingly, he discovered that after being transformed by the East-rising Purple Qi, that cold qi from Bing Xinyue became some extremely pure energy. It entered his dantian and filled up the interspace right away.

Ye Xiao was quite happy about it, yet he didn't dare to be reckless on it. As an experienced cultivator, he knew that anything could happen during cultivation. Any tiny mistakes could lead to a severe consequence. The yin cold qi being transformed by the East-rising Purple Qi was now an absolutely good thing to him, but nobody could be sure yet.

After all, an extremely tasty pie might be poisonous.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao focused on checking the strange power from that spiritual qi. And he actually found something strange.

The yin cold qi was converted by the East-rising Purple Qi, and it fully turned into pure spiritual qi. It was good for his body. However, there seemed to be another kind of energy hidden inside that spiritual qi.

This hidden energy was strong and powerful. Although there was only a little of it, yet it still created a feeling of enormousness. Moreover, this energy seemed to be fitting well with energy of the East-rising Purple Qi.

That really surprised Ye Xiao.

As known to us all, Ye Xiao was the Xiao Monarch who had been a great cultivator in the Qing-Yun Realm. He was incredibly experienced and informed.

Since he started to cultivate the East-rising Purple Qi, although he hadn't been improving fast and was still below the league of great cultivators in the world, the East-rising Purple Qi was some marvelous martial art. It must be one of the highest ranged martial arts. Ye Xiao had never seen any other martial arts that could be more powerful than the East-rising Purple Qi.

Even though it was at the initial level at the moment, it was nearly invincible.

The strange power hidden inside the yin cold qi was not as powerful as the East-rising Purple Qi, but it was almost the same.

It was, after all, Bing Xinyue's inheritance power.

As Ye Xiao worked on it more, the more surprised he was, and he was happy about it at the same time.

This time, he helped Bing Xinyue with her illness,and at the same time, he stabilized his cultivation condition after the breakthrough. It was helping himself at the same time when he helped others.

During the whole process, he was both happy and surprised. It had been two hours since he started to digest the power till he finished.

When he opened the Sky Space again, he took a long breath out with relief, ’’Finally done. I am improved more on cultivation. However, although it seems that I have improved a lot, it is still difficult to tell how much I improved as I am already in the Sky Origin Stage now.’’

’’The Land of Han-Yang is a low-classed realm after all. It is way lower than the Qing-Yun Realm. If I am in the Qing-Yun Realm, with the denser spiritual qi in the air, it would be much better for me to improve. Even though I have the Boundless Space, an outstanding cultivating method, it cannot reach the pure spiritual qi in the Qing-Yun Realm after all. So I can't improve the quality of the spiritual qi. That is something that cannot be changed. The Boundless Space has its limits after all.’’

’’Even though my situation is hundreds or even thousands times better than other cultivators, the spiritual qi is not the purest spiritual qi.’’

Ye Xiao was anxious.

Although he was well aware of the situation, he just couldn't do anything about it.

By judging under a very strict standard, he was really improving fast. However, even though he was improving so fast, it was far from what he was expecting.

He wondered how long would it take to return to the position of the Xiao Monarch he used to be... if he was just improving on such a speed.

There was truly a big gap between now and then.

He knew that it wasn't something easy, but he was still upset about it. Especially now that those people whom he could have killed by just a single blow with his cultivation capability in his previous life kept showing off in front of him yet he just couldn't defeat them... He was just so upset about it.

As for now, he would continue feeling upset for a long time in the coming future.

The happiness suddenly disappeared in his heart. He sighed and got out of the Space. Unexpectedly...

- Bang. -

He hit on something with his head. He felt so painful on his head, and there were like a lot of stars shining in his sight. He almost passed out...



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