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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 242


Chapter 242 - Use You To Break Through 2

Bing Xin-Yue watched the fight for the first few minutes, and then she stopped paying attention to them. Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was much more capable than Ye Xiao on cultivation capability, however, Ye Xiao was doing much better than Wen-Ren Chu-Chu because of experience. This was all about fighting will and practice. Such fight was good for her disciple after all. In fact, she even hoped that her disciple would lose the fight this time. It would make whatever she learned unforgettable. The feeling of shame was close to bravery. It would be better for Wen-Ren Chu-Chu to practice in a real fight. Besides, as they were both in a low level, even if any dangerous situation happened, Bing Xin-Yue could stop it right away. For her, it was merely a bout between two kids!

Other than that, she looked at how Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was pissed to the point that her face had turned green. And then she looked at Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's slim body which had a waist that was small like her hand. She felt pleased inside her mind.

Beautiful as Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was with her face and body, if anyone called her fat, that person must be lying. Even a blind man wouldn't make that mistake. Wen-Ren Chu-Chu must be the one who had the slimmest waist in the entire Land of Han-Yang.

[This Feng Zhi-Ling actually made such an unbelievable lie. He actually called her fat and big...

That is a wrong way to piss somebody off.

Does he know that Chu-Chu is extremely mad at him at the moment.]

Bing Xin-Yue thought so, yet she didn't stop him. In fact, she was pleased.

She understood why Feng Zhi-Ling did all these bullshxt.

She kind of liked Feng Zhi-Ling now, because she knew what he was planning. He knew he couldn't win this fight, yet he didn't give in. He even talked with bad words. Apparently, he was also trying to improve himself by dealing with Wen-Ren Chu-Chu.

Bing Xin-Yue knew well that Ye Xiao could control both fire and ice elemental powers. If he used them both and made an explosion, it would be much more powerful than compressing his spiritual energy. Yet he didn't do it. That made his goal obvious.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was truly angry this time. Suddenly, she clapped her hands and shouted, ’’I will teach you how to have respect in a really good way, you asshole with a filthy mouth!’’

A fierce mass of cold qi suddenly came out from her body, and it seemed to be alive. It created vortexes in the air one after another. The number of the vortexes rapidly increased. Suddenly, all vortexes formed a long dragon that bound Ye Xiao's body.

The Ling Xiao Ice Art!

The primary martial art of the Misty Cloud Palace actually showed up in the Land of Han-Yang, such a low-class realm. That was so unexpected!

Even though Wen-Ren Chu-Chu wasn't strong enough in cultivation and she could only use it in a basic level, the power this martial art brought was already marvelous. Her attack was at least three times stronger than earlier.

Ye Xiao was suppressed. Now the stress in his heart was big like a mountain. He was terrified.

No wonder the Misty Cloud Palace could rise again after collapsing.

No wonder it became the No.1 palace of the Three Palaces.

No wonder all the people in the Misty Cloud Palace still hoped that they could find the Regeneration Ink Lotus, even though they knew that the Regeneration Ink Lotus was dying out soon.

No wonder most of them still continued cultivating the Ling Xiao Ice Art.

The Ling Xiao Ice Art could actually improve one's capability three times in an instant!

That was an enormous impact. That was unbelievable!

What Ye Xiao was facing was the power that came from Wen-Ren Chu-Chu. Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was just in an average level. If Bing Xin-Yue used the Ling Xiao Ice Art, how powerful would it be?

If the legendary grandmaster, the guardian of the Misty Cloud Palace, Xuan Bing, used it, how world-shocking would it be?

The No.1 cultivator in the Qing-Yun Realm, Wu Fa, had a great hostility against the Misty Cloud Palace for a long time. The hatred between the Misty Cloud Palace and Wu Fa was unsolvable. However, Wu Fa had always endured his hatred towards the Misty Cloud Palace to a certain extent.

That must be because he was afraid of the Ling Xiao Ice Art in Grandmaster Xuan Bing's hands.

Ye Xiao reckoned that since the Ling Xiao Ice Art could be so powerful in Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's hands, if Xuan Bing operated it in full power, it wouldn't be a problem for her to bring Wu Fa to the grave with her.

She could at least make an impact on Wu Fa that was serious enough to keep him from recovering. That was a certain thing.

That was the biggest reason why Wu Fa didn't dare to attack the Misty Cloud Palace for such a long time.

That was reasonable enough!

Otherwise, he would never just let the biggest enemy casually live there.

Unless he was dumb...

A huge force was suppressing Ye Xiao. It became even more powerful as Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's hands got nearer to him. He even felt difficult to breathe. He had a terrible feeling whenever he breathed.

That was a feeling that would only appear when he was totally overwhelmed in a fight.

Ye Xiao could clearly feel that the energy of her attacks contained some kind of special power that could affect his mind. Such power made Ye Xiao admire it. That was how it worked. It expanded the superiority of strength and brought about such influence in the mind, so that the enemy would bow and give up.

This influence could make an impact on the deepest part of the enemy's heart. When the enemy failed, even if he did survive, he would still carry some permanent mental damage...

That turned out to be the most terrible thing about the Ling Xiao Ice Art.

What an unbelievable power!

Ye Xiao was decisive. He immediately squeezed his dantian and made a shout. Under the oppression, the East-rising Purple Qi burst out in full power. His dantian, which had been compressed since the beginning of the battle, instantly got loosened up! It suddenly burst!

His two fists struck out like storms. They were so fierce!

- Boom! - An explosion resounded. With Ye Xiao's full-power strike, a space crack had actually appeared. The crack only showed up for an instant, yet it still showed up indeed.

This moment, a mass of light purple energy was covering Ye Xiao's entire body.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu humphed and said, ’’How dare you call me fat?’’

[Not enough energy...] Ye Xiao thought. He humphed and said, ’’Facts are facts. Justice will prevail. You are fat! Your waist is thick! It is like a bucket! I can't even see where your butt is! Do you really think that because you can act violently, everybody in the world would stop talking about the truth?’’


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