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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 239


Chapter 239 - An Astonishing Gift

The peak of the Grade of Diyuan to the Grade of Tianyuan seemed to only have a small distance, yet there was actually a huge difference between them. At least, for Ye Xiao, entering the Grade of Tianyuan was the beginning of the cultivation life.

However, in the Land of Han-Yang, the Grade of Tianyuan already signified the cream of the crop.

In Ye Xiao's opinion, reaching the Grade of Tianyuan only meant starting to know a little about cultivation. That was it.

He could clearly feel himself making progress. He felt good and happy about it. After cultivating, he would usually go to see Bing-Er at once. He was getting used to taking care of her as he did it more and more frequently. Every time when he saw the trust inside Bing-Er's eyes, he could feel that the burden on his shoulder was getting heavier and heavier.

It was more and more obvious.

Experiencing the feeling of being loved and all these subtle emotions also made him feel good.

’’That must be the warm affections in the world.’’ Ye Xiao felt that his spiritual mind was improving. Even though he was gaining more and more responsibilities, he didn't feel tired at all. Compared to the solitary man he used to be in his previous life, his life was more realistic this time and it fulfilled his heart.

’’This is what life should be. Responsibility. Duty. Guardian. Meaningfulness. Goals. It is not only just for... becoming stronger. That would only make me feel lonely.’’ Ye Xiao spoke to himself.

’’If I only focus on becoming stronger and stronger, and if I only kill or do whatever can help me become stronger, then my cultivation speed would inevitably be faster... However... There will be no joy in my life.’’

’’In fact, cultivation, love and affections... they are all the way we experience our own lives. The more substantial my life is, the more interesting my life will be. I think I should go on and experience everything so that I won't be lonely until I die...’’

That was something he had recently understood. It was a new chapter of his mind trip.

In the next several days, Ye Xiao took care of Bing-Er's Jing and Mai to remove the obstructions inside, which were caused by her injuries. And then he found something surprising. When he checked her Jing and Mai, he found that her Jing and Mai was so unobstructed.

There was no qi inside, but her body was naturally good for cultivation.

In other words, she had a very unbelievable physique!

No matter what she intended to cultivate, it would be very efficient.

Ye Xiao had never heard of anyone who had such an incredible physique.

For example, before Su Ye-Yue's body became the Phoenix Body, she was already a gifted girl. Without any help from any masters, she had actually reached the seventh level of the Grade of Renyuan. It was already so rare. Even in the Qing-Yun Realm, such physical condition should be part of the first-class physiques. All the sects in the Qing-Yun Realm would have been eager to have her as their disciple. Even Ye Xiao in his previous life couldn't be a match to her.

As for now, Bing-Er was actually a lot more gifted than Su Ye-Yue. At least she was far better in terms of physique. With her gifted body, it would only take her one day to cultivate the martial art that normal people needed to cultivate for a year. And she might even get a much better result!

That was why she was so unbelievable!

So Ye Xiao had a new job now. That was teaching her how to read after narrating her some stories. At the beginning, he only taught her ten characters at a time. And then he discovered that he was a bit looking down on the girl.

Although she had lost her memory, she still had an extraordinary retentive memory. She could remember everything she saw for the first time. And she could even use it well.

Ye Xiao was surely happy about it. So he taught her more. Within the next few days, she was actually learning at the rate of three hundred characters a day.

That was an astonishing improvement rate even for Ye Xiao.

Within a few days, she could handle all the characters that were often used. It was reasonable that she learnt so fast though. Although she had lost her memory, she should have learned how to read before. That was why deep inside her mind, she knew how to read.

So she only needed to study a little bit, before she could handle it well. It was more like reviewing for her though...

Ye Xiao thought about that and felt relieved. After teaching her about the daily used characters, he started to teach her the words about Jing and Mai and martial arts. And he discovered that she was also very efficient in learning these. She remembered everything so fast. She could even draw inferences about other cases from one instance.

Even though she was still in a serious condition and she couldn't move herself well, every time she heard Ye Xiao's talks, she always showed a proud attitude while waiting to be praised...

At that moment, Ye Xiao would always feel so happy, so he always praised her as she wished.

Another thing that shocked Ye Xiao was that even though she was in a bad condition and couldn't move herself, she started to try cultivating after listening to Ye Xiao. And she was actually able to sense the spiritual qi in the world after attempting for three days.

’’I feel that... there are so many little living things in the world. They all like to rush into my body, but I cannot figure out where they are. I can't reach them...’’ Bing-Er asked confusedly, ’’What is wrong? Am I too stupid?’’

Ye Xiao was stunned.

[Stupid? If you are stupid, cultivators in this world, including those in the Qing-Yun Realm, could go to hell because of shame!

Those little living things are obviously the spiritual qi in the world.

Normal people can only get to know their existence. It was all the same to 99 percent of the cultivators.

Whoever was able to sense their emotion must be the most talented cultivator. It should always take a long time before a cultivator could sense them occasionally.

And Bing-Er only spent three days to reach a stage that most of the cultivators cannot reach in their whole lives!]

Ye Xiao couldn't keep thinking about it anymore.

[What kind of body does she have exactly?]

He was very happy about it though. Since she was able to sense the spiritual qi, with Ye Xiao's help, she was recovering faster and faster.

Her wounds and injuries were being restored faster and faster.

Ye Xiao was so shocked about it!

[How can it be so fast!

That is ridiculously fast!

Did I find a precious person? Like a rare treasure to the universe!?]


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