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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 238


Chapter 238 - Misery Loves Company

It seemed to be a good thing for her to lose her memory though.

The girl must have been through some really tough years.

If she had lost all the miserable memory about her life after six, it would certainly be good.

At least she wouldn't need to go through any tough time in the House of Ye though.

At the very least, in Ye Xiao's mind, since she had been through such a miserable life, she hadn't learned much yet. So he thought that perhaps he could teach her something as if she was only six years old. Maybe she would acquire some great achievements in the future.

Ye Xiao sighed and it reminded him of his own previous life.

In his previous life, he was also a orphan... An abandoned child.

When his master found him, he was about the age of six.

He thought about what kind of life he had been living back then.

It didn't seem to be so different from the girl's childhood!

Thinking about that, he pitied her more.

He murmured, ’’We have been through the same misery. Let me take care of you for some time then. As for where you and I will go, I guess only the gods can tell...’’

For the following period of time, the girl became more and more dependent to Ye Xiao. Every time she saw Ye Xiao, her heart was full of joy.

The injuries on her body were very serious. Both her inside and outside were horribly hurt. Although she should be able to live after Ye Xiao's treatment, she still had difficulty in moving herself. She needed Ye Xiao to help her with almost everything, including embarrassing things. Every time Ye Xiao helped her in the bathroom, she would always close her eyes tightly while blinking with her long and pretty eyelashes. Her face would always turn red.

She would be extremely embarrassed.

Ye Xiao always felt it hilarious. After all, she was merely like a six years old. Why was she so shy?

When Ye Xiao held her up and she saw her own chest, she was so surprised that she actually said something that nearly made Ye Xiao laugh to death.

’’How... How... How come... Why is my chest so swollen... I don't feel pain...’’

There were wounds on every piece of her body.

It was rather difficult for her to put on and take off her clothes. It would only increase the pain she felt, so Ye Xiao just kept her naked.

However, it was a huge challenge to him.

Every time he saw her, he could feel his blood rushing up to his nose.

However, he cursed himself in mind every time some 'unfriendly' thoughts pop inside his mind. [How can you hold such filthy thoughts toward a girl who only has the mind of a six years old child!]

Sometimes, he even asked himself, [Am I the so-called 'weird uncle'?]

Every night, she would feel scared. She would always grab Ye Xiao's arms and would never let him leave. If he said no, she would cry. Ye Xiao had no choice but stay. So he told her some stories... As he was telling stories, he felt like crying to himself.

Imagine that he stayed with a gorgeous beauty who was naked, but couldn't do anything except tell stories.

’’I know!’’ Ye Xiao spoke with tears.

It really wasn't a good job!

Sometimes, when he looked at the poor girl who was actually the same age with him, he felt that he was living a happy life. So was he in his previous life.

Thinking of that, he treated Bing-Er better and better.

He was so patient on everything, even though they were boring. He tried hard to do as well as he could.

It was like taking care of the boy he used to be.

A girl who had nobody to depend on got badly injured and lost her memory. Under such a miserable situation, if she couldn't rely on Ye Xiao, who could she rely on?

In fact, except taking care of Bing-Er, Ye Xiao had many other things to take care of.

The auction in the Ling-Bao Hall was going to launch within seven days. He had to be more concerned about it. The assassination group that Liu Chang-Jun had been building had recruited three hundred good men. And there were also countless external human sources.

There were several intelligence systems set up almost everyday. It was like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. At the same time, he needed to arrange all kinds of training courses and managing affairs. Everything had to be well arranged... And Liu Chang-Jun was busy like hell.

Before they got busy, every time when Ye Xiao went to the Ling-Bao Hall, he could see Wan Zheng-Hao. Wan Zheng-Hao was the one who had the most free time there, even though he was taking charge. He talked rather than acted, and his men were all busy like hell all the time. For the recent couple of days, even Wan Zheng-Hao was actually losing weight because he was also so busy. The sweat that came out from his body could fill up a lot of buckets.

Thus, Ye Xiao just went and got the things that he wanted from the stock. At this time, it would only lower Wan Zheng-Hao's and Liu Chang-Jun's efficiency if he kept having conversations with them.

And then he just went home and focused on cultivation.

The next few days, Ye Xiao had been cultivating in reality. And he discovered something good. After the heavy rain, it was getting hot. The hot weather actually created more water vapor for him.

The water vapor was actually the rain that was created by the two super grandmasters. If a super grandmaster in the Grade of Daoyuan lost control, it could create thunders and lightnings, as well as heavy rains and wild winds.

The fight between the two grandmasters earlier had changed the weather in the Land of Han-Yang. It had been raining for a few days. Luckily, they stopped in time. Otherwise, the flood would ruin the whole world and it would become hard to live in this world.

At this moment, the forces that changed the weather were long gone, the Land of Han-Yang was adjusting itself to a normal state. The water that remained on the land should surely return to where it should be. As it got hotter and hotter, the water became water vapor and spread along the wind. That was one of the methods that the land used to adjust itself!

Although Ye Xiao had already collected a huge amount of water vapor before, it was only a tiny piece of the whole amount of water on the land. The weather was hot, the vapor was increasing more and more. And he didn't need to transform the water into vapor anymore.

So it became much more efficient to absorb the water vapor this time. Inside the Water Space, there were more and more blue water drops on the wall.

Gradually, there appeared something like a spring mouth in the center of the Water Space. It was covered by lots of blue water drops. And there were countless blue water drops hanging on the wall too.

Ye Xiao was using every second he could to cultivate. He had a feeling that if he worked hard enough, he would very possibly enter the Grade of Tianyuan in the next coming days!


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