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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 235


Chapter 235 - How About A Maid 2

Even though she was naked, she didn't arouse Ye Xiao's you-know-what thoughts. Instead, it gave Ye Xiao some feeling like... Like a pure white lotus was about to bloom. It would only arouse people's intent to protect it, but never to play it...

’’So beautiful... I have never seen a woman's body that can be so good looking...’’ Ye Xiao was shocked. He felt astonished.

Although wounds covered her body because she was badly injured, they didn't make her less beautiful at all. Ye Xiao could imagine just how shockingly beautiful she would be if all her wounds were gone.

’’Cough... No wonder every man wants a wife...’’ Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts for a while. He realized that he had actually never seen a naked girl before this...

He was completely not experienced on this thing... He was merely a virgin...

So, he started to do his job from the girl's head to her feet. He actually told himself, 'She is not a stranger. She is my maid'.

It took him a long time to finish. He was busy until the noon of the next day.

Song Jue had come to the door once and shouted outside the door. Ye Xiao didn't let him in. He just told Song Jue that he would get out soon. Song Jue just left and murmured.

After the heavy rain, there were many things in the House of Ye that needed to be tidied up.

As the steward, Song Jue surely had to be responsible for that. That was what a steward should do...

- Crack! -

After a sound, the last rib of the girl had finally been moved to where it should be. Ye Xiao removed his hands from the girl's chest.

The two things on her chest were shaking lightly... They were white and exquisite. They shocked Ye Xiao. He actually reached his hand to touch them. He just couldn't help himself. He felt their softness in his hands as he held them gently. His heart actually started to beat fast. Blood rushed up to his brain and his face turned red all of a sudden.

’’Ah... my maid... is actually equal to my woman...’’ Ye Xiao raised his head and tried to think about some reasons so that he could touch her again. After thinking for a while, he felt too embarrassed. He grabbed the quilt and covered her body.

He fed the girl three blue water drops by his mouth again.

Finally, he was relieved, ’’So, after about half a year, she will be fully recovered.’’

He had a good feeling about doing something right.

The girl was still in a coma. Her face looked much better now. It seemed she didn't suffer too much now. Her face was still pale like paper, but there was a rosy color showing up...

It was certain that she could live.

She was just lying there with her hair covering the pillow. There were some hair covering her forehead. Even though she was seriously hurt, she still looked extremely beautiful.

She was like a sleeping goddess. It was so peaceful and pleasant.

Her pale lips moved from time to time. That made her look more delicate and touching...

Ye Xiao watched her like watching some extremely precious treasure. Finally, he stood up and stretched himself. His bones made some cracking sounds. He had been sitting there for a whole day. His bones seemed to have stiffened.

’’She should be awake soon.’’ He walked out the door and asked somebody to tell the cook to prepare some restorative food. And then he wrote a prescription and sent a blood guard to buy the medicines.

Song Jue came over frowning, ’’What happened? Are you hurt? Why do you need those medicines?’’

’’Not me.’’ Ye Xiao smiled and told him all about it. Then he said, ’’The girl is still in a coma. This is such a strange thing. The person who defeated her must be a crazily powerful cultivator. But why would such a super cultivator hurt a weak ordinary girl viciously like this?’’

Song Jue thought for a while but failed to figure out any answers. He frowned and walked into the room to check on her. He seemed satisfied and got out with his hands on the back. He nodded and said, ’’She is a pretty girl.’’

Ye Xiao nodded and said, ’’Of course she is. I am thinking that since she has such a powerful enemy, it won't be safe for her to get out from here when she wakes up. Her enemy obviously wants her dead. What do you think if I keep her on my side and make her my maid?’’

’’That is a good idea.’’ Song Jue said, ’’Although she is seriously hurt and she is in a coma at the moment, I can still see that she is a good looking girl with such a pretty face. And she gave me a feeling of virginity. And I can tell that she must be capable of giving birth. She is really good. It is a good idea to let her serve you. And as time passes by, maybe you will want to marry her. That is not some serious matter. It is reasonable.’’

Ye Xiao smiled embarrassedly, ’’Marry her and stuff... Let's talk about that later. I am not so sure if she will agree to stay in our house.’’

Song Jue said angrily, ’’Who gives her the right to make the decision? We saved her life. That means she is already ours. She has to agree. Decision made.’’

Ye Xiao nodded and thought, [It seems Uncle Song is more enthusiastic than me. She may have a complex story behind her. If she wakes up and refuses to be my maid here, it is also reasonable. If so... I will have to send her away secretly and not let Uncle Song know about it...]

He understood that nothing forcibly done was going to be agreeable.

[How can I force a lady to do whatever she doesn't want to... That is rude.] He thought proudly.

’’Oh right. Your father has always been against you having a maid...’’ Song Jue suddenly frowned and said after pacing two steps, ’’But it was a long time ago. Now you are grown up. It is not a good thing to let you always play with your toy yourself... Hmm. It shouldn't be a big deal. Let me talk to him. Besides, this girl is really beautiful. It will be a shame to let her go... She seemed adorable. Even I feel adored...’’

Song Jue made the judgment.

’’Hmm. I feel the same.’’ Ye Xiao nodded.

’’So be it. I'll make the decision.’’ Song Jue waved his big hand and made a conclusion.

With no reason, Ye Xiao was actually so happy that Song Jue actually made such a reckless decision.

So the mysterious lady from the sky had been sleeping on Ye Xiao's bed for two days.

She had been in a coma for two days...

Ye Xiao couldn't think of any better methods to take care of her wounds inside and outside her body. He could only clear her Jing and Mai everyday, and he also cleaned her body and fed her with some water or soup everyday. That was all.

While a person was in a coma, the body was still in need of doing something natural. So during these two days, he had been helping her do some embarrassing things...


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