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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 234


Chapter 234 - How About A Maid?

Even the normal Pei-Yuan Dan should be a marvelous dan for normal people that could bring them back from death. And he was using some supreme dan bead on the girl. He thought that it should moist the entire body of the girl once she took it. Even though it might not be able to recover her instantly, she should have been brought back to safety!

However, the truth was, within just a moment, the efficacy of the dan bead was used up...

And the most unbelievable thing was she only looked a tiny bit better... and that was all. If Ye Xiao didn't have sharp eyes, he couldn't have told the difference though...

The girl looked almost the same like she had been. She was still in danger and would die in any second...

’’What the hell! If I didn't check your body in advance, I would have thought that you were a super grandmaster or something...’’ He was self-mocking, ’’A supreme dan bead actually failed to save your mortal body. So weird...’’

The Supreme Pei-Yuan Dan didn't work well on her, so it was meaningless to use it again. Ye Xiao took out two crystal blue water drops from the Water Space and put them into the girl's mouth with another Pei-Yuan Dan bead. The two things worked together, recovering her life energy and curing her wounds at the same time. Finally, she started to breathe smoothly.

Although she was still in a coma, she would stay alive for a longer time.

As something finally went right, Ye Xiao didn't want to slow down. He took a breath in and then he put one hand on the girl's dantian while the other hand on her back. He operated the East-rising Purple Qi on both of his hands. Step by step, he finally put some pure qi into the girl's Jing and Mai...

It was still raining outside. He could clearly feel it become lighter.

When he started to operate the martial art, he felt something wrong instantly.

When his spiritual energy entered the girl's body, it was like a mud bull sinking into the sea. It just disappeared. He was frightened and he thought, [Was I wrong about her?]

So he checked on the girl's Jing and Mai again, but still got the same conclusion. There was not a single piece of spiritual power inside her body. Her body was just like a rotting wood that was totally without a sense of life...

[That's strange.] He could do nothing about it. If he kept putting his energy into her, even if he used up his energy for a hundred times, it would mean nothing. So he made up his mind and thought, [I should focus on saving her life first and think about the others later.]

He transformed the power of the East-rising Purple Qi into two streams of pure energies. He didn't put it into her body slowly and gently like he had just done. Instead, he firstly concentrated the energies into one stream of qi that was narrow like a needle. He forcibly pushed it into her Jing and Mai.

He was repairing her Jing and Mai.

When he felt that he couldn't continue inputting his spiritual energy, he would feed the girl another Pei-Yuan Dan bead and the blue water drops so as to continue repairing her Jing and Mai...

He kept repeating the process for three hours and finally repaired her Jing and Mai.

Yet the girl was still in a coma. Her breathing got stronger though. She must be better at the moment...

The girl was getting better indeed, yet Ye Xiao was tired like hell. He sat on the side of the bed and took a few deep breaths. He was totally bathing in sweat.

’’Oh my bloody god! I have never tried so hard to treat somebody before. And she is actually a normal girl who has never even cultivated. Why is it so hard this time. When I was only at the beginning levels of the Grade of Diyuan, I could cure the wound of the Golden Mai Palm for Uncle Song. I didn't feel so tired that time. This is really so weird!’’

He couldn't think through it, but only murmured to complain.

He wiped the sweat on his forehead and recovered his body. He swallowed some Pei-Yuan Dan beads too. The Supreme Pei-Yuan Dan was actually working well on Ye Xiao at the moment. Only two Pei-Yuan Dan beads could totally make him fully recovered. He then checked on the organs of the girl and fixed them. This time, he had used another five Pei-Yuan Dan beads and ten blue water vapors.

Ye Xiao only needed two dan beads to recover himself, yet the girl had actually costed him twenty dan beads along with a lot of blue water drops. That was over ten times consumption. What a huge gap between a person to another!

[She is obviously a normal girl!]

Even though he had used a lot of materials on her, she was still in coma. She just lied there quietly.

But her pretty eyelids had finally moved. She actually frowned. It seemed she was still suffering even in coma.

That was a good sign. At least she wasn't a dying person at the moment;she was just seriously hurt! That was a huge difference!

Ye Xiao was happy to see that. He didn't even take a break. He immediately checked on the bones of the girl carefully and then started to fix them.

It wouldn't work if she was still dressed. She had more broken bones than the good ones in her body. To fix them one by one, it was such a difficult thing. It was almost impossible. With her clothes on, that would be even harder.

As it was an urgent situation, he had to take off her clothes and he was okay with it. The thing that troubled him the most was that the broken bones were mainly in her important areas like the ribs, shoulders, waist and femur...

These areas truly made a virgin guy flustered.

After thinking for a while, he gritted with his teeth, ’’I am doing this only to save your life. I have to do it. I have no other choice. I am not intentionally taking advantage of you... Besides, when you get better and if you have nowhere else to go, you may want to stay and be a maid of mine or something... I happen to need someone to take care of my living affairs anyway...’’

He was murmuring, ’’Then we will be in the same family. There is no point to be embarrassed about this...’’

He sighed, ’’You are merely a normal young girl. All the things that I used to save your life... To price them all like they do in the salesroom... It should be no less than 10 billion... Oh god! I have never known any normal girl that was worth such an amount of money... Isn't my pre-investment too pricy? And I haven't counted the things I am going to use to fix your bones... If you don't serve me well in the future, then it means I have lost a lot this time...’’

’’Fine. For my maid, I am going to do it anyway...’’

He was murmuring while his hands were shaking. He took all the clothes off the girl. Her white and exquisite body immediately showed up in his sight. It was so beautiful and elegant.


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