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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 233


Chapter 233 - Save A Life 2

If he really wanted to save the lady, he had to lead the rushing power into a proper direction so that he could handle the hit.

Luckily, Ye Xiao was pretty experienced with it. He reached out his hands along the direction to which the lady was rushing away. Step by step, he was defusing the energy of the rush. He had been running almost six rounds in the yard, before he finally took care of the impact of the rush. However, a cracking sound eventually echoed out.

The lady moaned painfully and some blood was coming out from her mouth. She suddenly fell down.

Ye Xiao knew that something was wrong. [Oh shit.]

He had done the best, yet still couldn't manage it well. The lady's waist was actually broken at the end, because it was too slim to bear the impact!

Ye Xiao had to be more careful. He held the mysterious lady and ran about five rounds more in the yard until he made sure that there was no impact left. He started to check on the lady.

Things happened so fast and he didn't have time to think about it seriously. Now that everything was settled, he actually felt something soft in his hands. He was actually holding the lady with one hand on her butt while the other on her breast...

’’No wonder I felt it so different...’’ Ye Xiao murmured as he got flustered.

A virgin accidentally touched two of the most secret places on a woman's body. Surely, the woman didn't realize anything. The feeling of the touch was still shocking Ye Xiao. He was kind of lost in the pleasure and he actually felt a bit embarrassed.

His face was hot at the moment.

He hurriedly held up the lady carefully and entered his room. It was still raining heavily outside. Obviously, this lady was dying. If she got a fever or something, she would die very soon...

He put her on his bed and started to check on her body. Even though he was calm and steady, and also bold, he was surprised and frightened somehow.

The lady was obviously damaged in an extremely serious way.

Her organs were mostly broken or moved. She was bleeding like hell inside her body. The bones were broken on dozens of places in her body.

Her head seemed to be hit badly. There were two obvious palm marks on her waist...

’’No wonder her waist would break just now...’’

Ye Xiao sighed.

He had thought that it was his carelessness which caused the incident, but in fact, her waist had been harmed seriously already. Falling from the sky like that, she surely should have been broken on the waist. That was all about the current situation. It was lucky that he had handle it properly enough. If he had made even any tiny mistakes, she might have become a pile of meat!

The lady was dressed in black. There were several places on her clothes that were broken. Her skin was revealed. Her right arm was completely shown. It seemed that the sleeve was ripped by someone forcibly... Her entire white right arm was in Ye Xiao's sight...

She was so thin and frail.

Lying on the bed, she was giving a feeling of wretchedness.

’’She must be under eighteen... A young little girl... Must be at about the same age as Su Ye-Yue...’’ Ye Xiao was checking on her. He held his jaw and murmured, ’’What a pretty young lady. I kind of feel adored... What a shame she is in coma.’’

Suddenly, he was back to his mind, ’’Oh shit! No way! The fight in the sky just stopped and this girl fell down... As she was falling that fast, she must be falling from about 6000 meters high in the sky... Would it be... That the people who were fighting up there... She was one of them? Does that mean she is a super grandmaster level cultivator?’’

As he thought deeper, he was more and more sure that it was possible.

He reached out his hand and touched the girl's wrist. He operated the martial art to check on her Jing and Mai. And then he frowned.

’’That is impossible. Her dantian is completely empty. There is no inner breath inside it. Her Jing and Mai are seriously blocked. Her muscles doesn't seem qualified enough to handle martial arts in any way... She is apparently a normal girl who has no cultivation capability at all...’’

He was shocked when he realized this.

He was a capable man. He could easily tell if a person knew any martial art or not by just checking their body.

The girl in front of him seemed to be just a normal person no matter how he checked on her.

He dared to swear to tje gods!

It was one strange thing he realized, but there was another one. The fight should have been in the sky that was at least 20 kilometers high. The lady was rushing down quite fast indeed, yet she should be falling from no higher than 6 kilometers high. So she shouldn't be one of the people involved in that fight.

Yet a new question came up to him. [Such a pretty young lady, who on earth hated her so much that they actually tortured her in such a way?

She was hit so badly.

Wasn't it too cruel?

And she was actually taken up to the sky and dropped down.

Does somebody want her to die without leaving any piece of her body?

The person who did this is... so... unbelievably vicious and cruel... and crazy!]

He felt so sorry about it all of a sudden. [Saving a life means boundless beneficence.

And she is such a beautiful weak lady.]

Even if Ye Xiao was cold-blooded, he couldn't just sit there and watch such a pretty girl die in front of him.

So he decided to save her. He grabbed her hand and carefully transferred some pure qi into the girl's body. He wanted to firstly keep her alive, before he figured out what to do that could get her recovered.

The most important problem now was that the girl was dying...

Ye Xiao took out a piece of Supreme Pei-Yuan Dan bead and put it into the girl's mouth. Yet he found she was gritting with her teeth and he couldn't put it in.

He didn't dare to do it forcibly. He knew that he might get her killed instantly if he tried too hard. Thinking for a while, he made up his mind and kept the dan bead on his tongue and then delivered it to the girl's mouth.

He murmured in his mind, [Well, I am not taking advantage of you... I am only trying to save you. This is the only thing I can do... Anyways, when you wake up, you won't have the strength to beat me...]

He was stirring his tongue until he finally loosened the teeth of the girl...

He felt relieved and reached his tongue into her mouth quickly...

The dan bead got into her smoothly. However, he nearly coughed to death after that, because a mass of blood was coming out from her mouth. After giving her the dan, the blood all ran into his own mouth.

He then hurriedly turned aside.

- Pah! pah! pah... -

He spat several times and thought, [Well, people keep saying that the smell in young girls' mouths should smell good like flowers... Now I know that even a gorgeous girl can have a mouth that is stinky and gross when there is blood in it...]

The Supreme Dan bead melted at once when it got into the girl's mouth. It had become a stream of warm power that ran around the girl's body...

However, Ye Xiao was quite surprised... The Supreme Dan was making effects, but it wasn't working as well as he imagined...


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