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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 232


Chapter 232 - Save A Life

Xuan Bing was just forcibly standing up, because she didn't want to show weakness in front of her enemy.

However, she eventually fell.

Right at the moment when Xue Dan-Ru turned over, she fell down slowly like a fallen leaf...

The blood that came out from her mouth not only stained her black clothes but also the sky.

After falling down thousands of meters, she finally came back to her mind a bit. She used the rest of the energy she had to keep herself stable. However, there was one thing that made her feel helpless...

She, as a super grandmaster level cultivator, actually couldn't even stop in the air...

She knew that if she kept falling down like that, she would be smashed in a horrible way.

[I have been virginal and beautiful all my life. How can I die in such a messy way?

Even if I will die, I should die in a proper way...]

She kept activating the qi in her dantian again and again because of such thought...

She used up the energy again and again...

She tried so hard again and again and stopped for an instant, before she fell rapidly again...

She repeated the same thing countless times during the time she was falling...

Her long hair were flying in the sky. She eventually closed her eyes and thought, [I have been commanding the world, yet I am actually going to die here this time... In such a low realm...

I have had my inheritor, but I actually haven't talk to her about things after I die...]

She kept thinking about such things while listening to the sound of wind near her ears. She felt that the land was getting closer and closer to her... She was about to meet the end...

The end of her life...

The world-shocking fight in the air finally reached its conclusion. Whoever were involved in it all died or got damaged.

Other than Ye Xiao, there was nearly nobody in the world who knew that such a great fight just happened there. The mortals were all frightened by the horrible heavy rain that would rarely happen within millions of years.

The rain was so in an upsurge. It was like there was a breach of the river up in the heavens and the water poured out uncontrollably. If the rain kept pouring like that for a few days, the entire Land of Han-Yang would be destroyed by the huge flood. In fact, the lower places in the Land of Han-Yang had already been covered by floods. There were disasters everywhere.

Luckily, the people who had created such disasters finally stopped. The great fight got to the end and the strange rain would soon eventually stop!

The rain was already stopped and what was happening at the moment was just the aftereffect. It will eventually return to peace again!

However, people didn't know the truth, so they were still in a panic.

The only person among them who knew the truth was kind of busy at the moment.

Ye Xiao was absorbing the water vapor with his full heart. The rain was still going on, yet the thunders had stopped. The two masses of shocking super energies finally disappeared. All these signs proved one thing. The great world-shocking fight up in the sky had stopped.

Since it stopped, the rain would stop soon.

In other words, Ye Xiao was losing the chance to absorb such a massive amount of water vapor...

How could he possibly slow down then?

Under such a situation, he naturally wanted to absorb as much as he could. So he stood in the heavy rain and tried so hard to absorb the water vapor...

He was so concentrated on absorbing the water energy. The wall of the Water Space in his Boundless Space were already full of water drops that were like blue gems.

- Ding Dong! -

Finally, one water drop fell down and hit the floor.

However, the floor inside the Water Space was rather moist already, and the water drop was a pure essence of water element, so it didn't break at all. It just rolled on the floor like a blue gem.

- Ding Dong! -

There fell another one.

- Ding Dong! Ding Dong! ... -

More and more water essences kept coming down from the wall to the floor. Ye Xiao heard the voice, and he felt like he was listening to the music from heavens.

As more and more blue water drops fell down to the floor, he felt so happy and full of joy.

He could feel that within every water drop, there was a great amount of life energy inside!

It was absolutely the water of life!

It was nutritious enough for all things in the world.

After getting on the floor, the water essences actually didn't mix together. Thousands of water drops gathered together on the floor, yet it didn't make any streams.

They were still blue water drops one by one!

It looked like there were countless of blue pearls piling up in the Water Space...

It wasn't some water in any normal form!

Ye Xiao was surprised and amazed by such weird scene.

The universe was truly full of wonders. There was actually such a wonderful scene in the world!

While Ye Xiao was praising the amazing scene, he suddenly heard something above him. It seemed something was falling down.

He came back to his mind and looked up. He only felt like losing his sight and a black figure suddenly fell on him.

[This... Is this a woman?]

Ye Xiao had sharp eyes. Of course he recognized it instantly. It was a lady. She was facing down with her eyes closed, and she was covered by blood stains...

[It should be a seriously wounded... flaked woman who is in a coma.

But how did this woman fall down from the sky all of a sudden?

What is happening?]

Even though things happened too surprisingly, Ye Xiao still had time to react. He surely wouldn't watch somebody die without trying to help. So he stepped aside and pushed his hands. He actually pushed the lady forward while she was falling fast in the air. It was however out of his expectation. She was falling down too speedily. Ye Xiao was dealing with it in a proper way with his full power, yet he felt his hands cracked. He nearly got his own hands dislocated.

He was frightened.

[If she is falling down because of unconsciousness, why is it so powerful?]

He felt himself lucky though. If he recklessly just reached his hands to hold her, he would not only fail to save the lady but also get his hands injured. What he did by pushing her away should be the best way to save her!

He didn't have time to think about it any deeper. He had to save her before it was too late. He rushed forward and reached his hands under the lady's body and held her in the air.

Even though he had pushed the lady and made her fly breadthwise, the force the falling brought was just too much. Even though the way she fell was totally changed, it was still too powerful. No matter on which part Ye Xiao touched her body, she would die instantly.


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