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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 231


Chapter 231 - Internecine

- Shoot! Shoot! Shoot... -

As Xue Dan-Ru span the first round, she wasn't used to it yet. However, when she span till the nineteenth round, she got it. She could already control herself. Even though she was still under the restraint of the lotus seats, she felt much better now.

As she continuously span fast, the sword in her hand became longer and longer. Eventually she shouted, ’’Slay The World!’’

Billion streams of glow were suddenly emitted from the sword!

While the Nine Lotus Seats was the most powerful move of Xuan Bing, Slay The World was the most powerful move of Xue Dan-Ru's!

Since the two sects had been established, these two moves had never had a chance to be used against each other. However, at this particular moment, right in the sky of the Land of Han-Yang, they both used them.

When Xue Dan-Ru operated the Slay The World to fight back, the nine lotus seats under Xuan Bing suddenly bloomed at once!

The scent of lotus suddenly filled up the whole world!

At the same time, it created streams of lotus blade one after another with endless killing intent. They just filled the surroundings. Each lotus blade was actually followed by some traces of 'Dao'!

Only Dao was invincible in the universe!

At the same time, the nine Xuan Bing opened their eyes at the same time. The eyes were all full of cold glow. They all reached out their pale hands!

’’Xue Dan-Ru, on my way to hell, there will be you going with me!’’

There was a moving and tragic expression on her pretty face. At the moment when a billion streams of glow were emitted, her slim body rushed into the center of the nine seats like a flying moth darting into the flame!

All of a sudden, shadows of her pale hands were everywhere!

A few figures were flying over to her far away from the battle.

’’As you are sincere like this, I cannot refuse it. Then let's go together!’’ Xue Dan-Ru said. And then she shouted, ’’Nobody comes!’’

Yet there were still five people rushing over to her like they were possessed. They rushed into the center of the fight without hesitation. They just ignore the order from Xue Dan-Ru and shouted at the same time. They all started to attack Xuan Bing from all directions!

There were two of them who rushed over and stayed at Xue Dan-Ru's left side and back side!

They actually turned into dozens of phantoms and built a wall of their figures covering Xue Dan-Ru.

Xuan Bing had already known that Xue Dan-Ru had her people around, but she was indifferent...

She didn't change her move at all.

- BOOM! -

The two moves that were both famous in the Qing-Yun Realm finally hit each other.

After a few moans, the three cultivator who had just rushed into the center were smashed into dusts. They didn't even have the time to make a sound!

The two superior cultivators who were guarding Xue Dan-Ru were the strongest among all those people. They were trying their best to defend Xue Dan-Ru and they actually successfully defended her for an instant. And then they were stricken back.

And then the biggest strike came from all directions...

One of the two cultivator, who was a middle-aged man, rushed out like crazy and shouted. He actually exploded himself. - Boom! - His entire body suddenly exploded into pieces...

His suicidal move actually defended the strike from the lotus seats for another instant.

The only one that was left smiled bitterly and turned around speaking to Xue Dan-Ru, ’’Without us... you will still be the same... But without you... we...’’

He didn't even finish talking when the most powerful strike of the Nine Lotus Seats finally got to him. He shouted and tried to explode himself, but he was too late. The huge impact from the strike suppressed him in full range. He didn't finish his self-explosion. There were sounds of cracking coming out from inside his body and he gradually got weak. Eventually, his entire body was broken into pieces...

'Without us... you will be the same...'

Xue Dan-Ru felt painful like her heart was being ripped apart. She shouted loudly and fought back like crazy!

- Boom Boom Boom... -

- Crack! - Both of their swords turned into pieces.

The Nine Lotus Seats were gone too. A mass of powerful strike spread out while they were the center of the spreading strike...

- Boom! Boom! Boom... -

Over a dozen of palm attacks from Xuan Bing struck on Xue Dan-Ru's body. Xue Dan-Ru shouted and opened her mouth. She spat out blood dozens of times. The blood turned into blood mist flying in the air. Inside her body, there came the sound of her bones breaking...

The nine Xuan Bing had returned to one. - Puff! Puff! Puff... -

Xue Dan-Ru's attacks were all struck on Xuan Bing's body too.

Xuan Bing opened her mouth and spat out blood too. There were also sounds of breaking bones from her body...

Yet she was still flying in the air and staring at Xue Dan-Ru coldly.

Xue Dan-Ru was more badly injured, yet she didn't show fear. She also stared at Xuan Bing with fierce eyes like she was going to eat someone.

They were actually internecine.

Neither of them had the energy to fight again. Both of their lives were in danger at the moment. They could die at any moment.

However, even though they were in such danger, they were still unwilling to give in. The flame of hatred in both of their hearts didn't recede at all. In fact, it got enhanced!

Staring at each other for a long time, Xue Dan-Ru suddenly covered her mouth and wanted to swallow back the blood she was going to spit. Yet she failed. - Wha! - She spat it all out. Some blood was spat on her white clothes and it looked like a red plum blossom on the snow.

She coughed and said weakly, ’’Xuan Bing... Why don't you use your Ling Xiao Ice Art?’’

Xuan Bing kept showing a cold face and didn't reply. In fact, in her heart, she was helpless about it. [If I can use it, you should have been dead for a long time now. And I shouldn't be damaged so badly too...

How can I tell you such a big secret?]

Xue Dan-Ru nodded and said, ’’I will remember this! This intense and deep-seated hatred!’’

She looked at Xuan Bing and spoke lightly, ’’If we can still be alive, there will be a day when one of us will die in the other's hand!’’

She turned around decisively and used her last bit of energy to protect herself. She just flew out slowly.

At the moment, neither of them had the strength to continue fighting. If they both kept watching each other, they would both die eventually. That was why Xue Dan-Ru was so hurried to leave.

The hatred was deeply planted in her heart!

[As long as you and me are still alive, there will be a day when I take your life with my own hands...

I will keep the hatred in my heart until the day I die!]

She moved away slowly for a long distance and didn't find Xuan Bing chasing her. When she turned around and looked back, there were no signs of Xuan Bing anymore.

Xue Dan-Ru's eyes was suddenly filled with the expression of hatred. She rushed to the boundless space without hesitation...

[Xuan Bing!

I will never forget you!]

Yet she didn't know that...

Right at the moment when she turned around, Xuan Bing had fallen off from the cloud even though she had been standing straightly a few seconds earlier...

It had been a long time since she lost the capability to use the Ling Xiao Ice Art, because of the damage of the Heavenly Reverse Impact...She had actually used the Nine Lotus Seats forcibly with all the energy in her dantian. At this moment, she was actually in a worst situation than Xue Dan-Ru.


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