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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 230


Chapter 230 - Nine Lotus Seats

Xue Dan-Ru paused and ignored Xuan Bing's red and frustrated face. She just continued, ’’However, there is one thing I don't understand... Why did you use such a violent way to get him? Why didn't you try to get him face to face? I think that young and naive teenager would be impossible to resist the seduction of the gorgeous beauty Grandmaster Xuan. You actually took such a sneaky and violent way. That was truly the worst one...’’

In her eyes, there was disdain that couldn't be covered. She continued, ’’Sister Xuan, how could you do such a filthy thing just because you wanted to vent your se*ual hunger... I truly cannot understand why you would do it...’’

Xuan Bing stopped explaining. She knew that she couldn't make it better by explaining.

And she couldn't tell anybody about the reason why she would have wanted to do such a thing.

The only thing she should do was to fight hard.

She kept her mouth shut. Her eyes were cold. Her attacks were getting more and more fierce.

’’Sister Xuan, you are being so fierce. Do you want to end the fight earlier so that you can have time to enjoy the young man down there? If you really are so eager to shag your little pretty man... I can step away and wait... Let's say... Six hours. Is it enough?’’

Xue Dan-Ru showed a concerned expression on her pretty face, ’’When you finish that 'thing' and enjoy enough, we go on with the fight. That will be the same to me. I am willing to help you with your sweet plan. I am not so evil after all.’’

When she finished talking, even herself blushed!

Xuan Bing screamed. She was finally pissed!

Her face was cold like ice. She struck her long sword again and it became a silver long dragon in the sky. It was swinging its claws and teeth rushing to Xue Dan-Ru. Its aura was shaking the whole world.

Yet all that was merely the beginning of Xuan Bing's attack. She swayed her sword again and again after that. One after another, sword lights turned into flying dragons. Dragons showed up one by one in the air rushing out crazily.

While she was ashamed and angry, she had used her power in an extreme level. Facing such a fierce attack, Xue Dan-Ru sweated. She tried so hard to defend, but she had no chance to fight back. At this moment, she showed her weakness facing the person who was stronger than her. She kept stepping back, and at the end, it was even difficult to defend for her. Yet she was still talking in a disdainful voice, ’’What? Did I hit the point in your heart? So you want to end this as soon as you can? Are you planning on dealing with me first before you deal with that young man... Hahahahaha...’’

Xuan Bing didn't respond to the insults. Her pretty face was full of anger. The calmness in her eyes was long gone. There was only a flame of anger in her eyes.

The cold killing intent appeared!

The whole world became cold because of her killing intent...

The sword lights suddenly gathered together and became one huge flying dragon rushing out.

Xuan Bing's black figure flashed and suddenly rushed up. - Shoot! - She shouted, ’’Nine Lotus Seats!’’

Her voice was fierce and full of horror. The sharpness of her eyes seemed virtual!

Xue Dan-Ru was frightened. She kept defending with the long dragon, and at the same time, she was rapidly stepping back.

The Nine Lotus Seats was acknowledged as the most powerful move in the Qing-Yun Realm!

Once Xuan Bing used this move, someone must die!

Even Xue Dan-Ru couldn't be sure that she could defend against it!

A moment earlier, Xue Dan-Ru had actually insulted Xuan Bing to an extreme level. Xuan Bing decided to kill Xue Dan-Ru with a single strike. That was why she recklessly used such a horrible strike, which could hurt herself almost as bad as it damaged the enemy.

Even though Xue Dan-Ru wanted to escape, she didn't have the chance.

Because there were also dozens of long dragons that hadn't been combined with the huge one getting over to her like a circle of wall entrapping her, they were like living dragons.

As she was a powerful cultivator, she could destroy any one of those long dragon sword lights easily with just one strike. However, if she did so, she would suffer the reverse impact from the dragon. That would make her stop for a second. And that was the problem. If she stopped even for an instant, it was enough for Xuan Bing to take her life.

Death only happened in an instant during the fight between two grandmaster level cultivators!

The only choice she had was to destroy all the dragons at the same time. That was her only way out!

However, it was extremely difficult to take care of all the dragons at the same time. There was a huge dragon flying around her. It required her full power to defeat it!

What a danger! She retreated, she died. And in fact, if she attacked, she would die too!

Xuan Bing's slim body was already in the higher sky. She was sitting cross-legged in the air. Her two hands made a lotus shape and then split apart instantly.

- Poof! - Nine huge Lotus Seats appeared in the air all of a sudden!

The scent of flowers suddenly filled the air!

On each lotus seat, there was a lady in black sitting straight.

They all looked the same with civility and lowered eyelids. They looked naturally distingue and pure-hearted.

They were like crystal and clean jades that were flawless.

They were full of an untouchable aura.

The nine lotus seats were spinning slowly. The whole world seemed to stop running. The world was weirdly in a silent mode. Apparently, even the movement of the whole world was under the control of the Nine Lotus Seats.

Nobody could escape it.

While Xuan Bing was activating the Nine Lotus Seats, Xue Dan-Ru used her capability in an extreme level and finally destroyed all the dragons. She even destroyed the huge dragon that was equal to a full-power strike of Xuan Bing. However, within a short time, she surprisingly realized that the situation she was in didn't get any better. In fact, things were getting much worse for her. The air around her actually became dense like mugs!

She felt it difficult to even just move herself a bit.

As time passed by, the lotus seats were spinning faster and faster. Countless lotus petals were blooming one by one...

The scent of lotus in the air became denser and denser. It slowly filled up all the air in the sky.

Xue Dan-Ru had a quick reaction. She shouted loudly and burst her cultivation capability once again. Her slim body started to spin in a negative direction of the lotus seats. Her waist was so slim, and it seemed she would break her own waist with such rapid spinning.


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