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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 229


Chapter 229 - The Fight Between The Grandmasters

General Ye frowned and kept cursing, ’’What the hell is this! Why are good things only happening to Su Ding-Guo! Where is the justice...’’


In the sky, the fight continued.

Two shadows, one was black while the other was white, created thousands of phantoms in the misty sky. They were having an extremely drastic fight.

The lady in black swung her sword and thousands of silver lightnings showed up and rushed forward. The lady in white moved her sword and thousands of red sword breaths flew in the air. They were cutting the whole space into pieces.

Even though the fight was so drastic, their faces were still calm with no special expressions. Their hair were flying, and so were their clothes. They were both unrivaled beautiful ladies. They looked like dancing in the air, and it seemed they hardly had any killing intent themselves.

However, as they had been fighting for such a long time with their full efforts, they were getting exhausted. Even though they had the capability to recover automatically, they just fought too hard.

Yet neither of them was willing to give in. No one admitted defeated.

Back in the history, Xue Dan-Ru, the lady in white, was lower than Xuan Bing in the cultivator ranking of the Qing-Yun Realm, because she truly was not as capable as Xuan Bing. As such, now was the time for her to have this opportunity to avenge the humiliation, moreover, their sects had been enemies for thousands of years. They were bound to be relentless enemies. Now that they both had the chance, none of them would let the other go.

The lady in black, Xuan Bing, knew that she didn't have a long time to live anymore, so she figured that if she could kill her sect's most dangerous enemy before she died, the other people in her sect might have a bigger chance to live!

At least, if the super grandmaster Xue Dan-Ru died, Xue Dan-Ru's sect would definitely fall from the top range. It would be difficult for them to save themselves too, so they would surely have no time to think about dealing with the Misty Cloud Palace. In fact, if they fell too, the other sects might be interested more in killing them. That would release Misty Cloud Palace from the stress of dealing with all the other sects.

’’Xue Dan-Ru, you are not my match. You know it. Why struggle? Just accept your death!’’ Xuan Bing spoke coldly.

’’Heh heh... I, Xue Dan-Ru, have been a virgin for my whole life. How can I admit defeat to an evil woman who raped a young man?!’’ Xue Dan-Ru sneered, ’’You shameless slut!’’

’’You are asking for death!’’ Xuan Bing's face turned totally red. She gritted with her teeth and cursed, ’’You paltry bitch! You know nothing!’’

Xue Dan-Ru sneered, ’’At least I know that a woman should cherish her good name and be virginal. I am not as filthy as you though!’’

Xuan Bing was both angry and ashamed. She screamed to the sky and the whole land shook. She couldn't stand it anymore. One of her sleeves suddenly exploded and its broken pieces suddenly flew towards Xue Dan-Ru. It revealed her extreme pale arm. On the arm, close to the shoulder, there was a red Virgin Dot [1].

’’Xue Dan-Ru! I am a virgin and I am clean! My reputation would never be ruined by a few nonsense words from your filthy mouth!’’ Xuan Bing's voice was cold like ice, ’’Well, you, the Chieftain Xue, who is said to be promiscuous, what makes you think you have the right to speak the word virginal!’’

Xue Dan-Ru humphed and the bent blade in her hand flew out. The blade breath it created was like a dragon getting over Xuan Bing from all sides. At the same time, her right sleeve exploded. She also showed a pale and elegant arm with a red dot!

’’There are so many rumors in the Qing-Yun Realm. Most of them are lies. I truly haven't thought that the admiring Grandmaster Xuan would actually believe such a lie. And you actually insulted me because of such rumors... You are virginal and elegant, but what makes you think I should be worse than you? At least I have never taken off any young man's clothes!’’

A surprised expression showed up in Xuan Bing's eyes for an instant. She just ignored Xue Dan-Ru's sneering and she just said blandly, ’’Xue Dan-Ru, I truly cannot believe that you are actually so courageous to maintain your virtue. There are so many heroes in the Qing-Yun Realm. Why? None of them can get into your heart?’’

While speaking, she didn't rest her hands. The narrow long sword in her hand instantly released thousands of glows in flower shape. It cut the space and all the attacks were getting over to Xue Dan-Ru from all directions.

It was an attack that had an extremely wide area of effect!

Xue Dan-Ru's eyes lit up and the little bent blade in her hand suddenly started to spin. And then it got off her hand and emitted golden glows. All of a sudden, it became a huge bent blade that was no less than 100 meters long. It destroyed all the attacks from Xuan Bing's sword. And then it struck down from the sky fiercely!

That was a super powerful attack! Wherever the blade went, black fissure appeared. There were streams of cyan smoke appearing at the edges of the black fissure!

It was actually so fast that the space was burned because of it!

She said blandly, ’’What you called heroes, they are nothing but a bunch of filthy men. In the whole universe, no one deserves to be with me!’’

She sounded indifferent, yet it was so convincing because of the pride in her voice!

She looked at Xuan Bing while sneering, ’’I am not like you! Hey,, hey. That is true. You are still a virgin. But if I didn't shout at you, you should have lost your virginity already. You actually came down to the mortal world to find somebody to sleep with. You actually intended to rape a young man to release your animal desire... Hah hah... Grandmaster Xuan, I truly am impressed today.’’

As she was speaking, she didn't stop attacking, ’’Well, I am not a match to you on such a point though. I don't think I will be a match to you in my whole life. No. The next life, the life after the next life, all the lives to come, I will never be as good as you on such a thing.’’

Xue Dan-Ru shouldn't be so annoyingly talkative even though they were enemies. She kept insulting Xuan Bing on her shame. The fact was that they had both been virgins for their whole lives. Xue Dan-Ru had been a virgin for her whole life even though there were so many rumors about how she was a slut. Xuan Bing had always been proud about keeping her virginity, and she naturally looked down upon Xue Dan-Ru, who had a bad reputation.

In Xue Dan-Ru's eyes, she saw that Xuan Bing actually did such a filthy thing on a young man. She was acting opposite to how people had been praising her. That was why Xue Dan-Ru wanted to talk about it so much.

Xuan Bing's face all turned red because she was humiliated in such a way. She swung her long sword and it turned into a huge sword that was no less than 100 meters long. She threw it out fiercely shouted in anger, ’’Xue Dan-Ru, there are so many things you don't know about that. Why do still keep saying those nonsense words again and again?’’

Xue Dan-Ru waved her hand and the huge blade spun. It suddenly turned into a crystal and gleamy blade mountain. It fell down from the sky. She spoke blandly, ’’You think my eyes are only ornaments? I saw what happened. Why do you still want to quibble. No matter what, you have sharp and clever eyes. The young man down there is pretty. He has a good look with tall and straight body. His eyes are bright and he was full of yang aura. He must be a pure yang virgin. Such guy is rare in the world. He will become some outstanding figure in the future. Grandmaster Xuan, you have such sharp eyes. I feel so happy for you.’’


[1] Virgin Dot, (守宫砂) it is said that in ancient China, people used some special material to draw a dot on a girl's body. According to the records, it should be in red color all the time until she had se* for the first time.

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