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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 228


Chapter 228 - You Risk Your Lives While I Cultivate

There is a saying that professionals value skills more highly, while non-professionals just enjoy the fun. Ye Xiao was weak indeed, yet he was a professional. That was why he could notice something different.

Sitting like a lofty mountain, standing like a great rainbow;acting like a storm surging, moving like a thunderbolt!

As Ye Xiao knew, the two people fighting in the sky were proved to be real powerful!

They must be great cultivators of the Grade of Daoyuan, and they must be at the peak of the Grade of Daoyuan!

In fact, they must have been just half a step upon the limit of the Qing-Yun Realm!

Ye Xiao was astonished.

In his previous life, he was one of the top cultivators in the Qing-Yun Realm. There were certainly some cultivators stronger than him, but such kind of cultivators were always secrets of their sects. They would never fight without a serious reason. And they would definitely not get involved into a life and death battle like this one!

It was merely the Land of Han-Yang, yet there were actually two super cultivators fighting here at the same time! And it was a life and death battle!

What made them fight in such a way in this mortal world?'

Why did they have to fight in the sky of such a low-class realm?

Weren't they afraid that they might break the whole land?

That was hard to explain and to understand for Ye Xiao!

Looking at the rain getting heavier and heavier, and the thunder striking more and more frequently, Ye Xiao just couldn't understand it.

However, he didn't want to go closer and have a look at all...

If he was still the Xiao Monarch, he might have been there long ago.

Even though he was still much weaker than either of them as the Xiao Monarch, he would at least be able to watch them fight. He could hide himself safely and just watch as a Daoyuan cultivator. In fact, such a world-shocking fight was so rare that it could not be seen once in thousands of years. If a cultivator could have the opportunity to watch such a fight, it would help them improve their cultivation for sure. If Ye Xiao could, he would never let the opportunity go!

However, he was just too weak at the moment. He could only get as high as they did, but even if he could, he wouldn't dare to. In such fights, if he got touched a little bit, he would instantly vanish, both his body and his soul...

He wasn't disappointed though. The fight had given him a lot of energy from the water vapor after all...

He wouldn't try to be unobtrusive. He just stood out there in the rain and operated the East-rising Purple Qi in full effort to absorb the water vapor!

The ladies were fighting with their lives up there in the sky, yet he actually used the water vapor they created to cultivate without even saying a hello.

His Boundless Space had absorbed it automatically indeed. That was good, but it was still without guidance. So it wouldn't be so efficient. Now the water vapor had filled the world for a whole day. It was so dense in the air. And Ye Xiao operated the East-rising Purple Qi in full effort. That was so efficient this time. He could feel a massive amount of water vapor turning into pure water element energy from the air and getting into the Water Space. He had absorbed a shocking amount of water element energy this time!

He kept operating the East-rising Purple Qi to take as much water vapor as he could. After just a few minutes, the Water Space had been filled up with water vapor. After another several minutes, the wall of the Water Space started become moist. Gradually, the water vapor became many blue crystal water drops on the wall. They were like a lot of blue gems hanging on the wall of the Water Space...

One, two, three...

Before that, there had been only one water drop in the Water Space. Ye Xiao had gained it after a huge amount of hard work. It was really not easy to get one. However, within only two hours, there were countless of water drops on the wall of the Water Space already. And even more were forming.

At the same time, the East-rising Purple Qi improved a lot along with the water vapor getting into his Boundless Space!

[The increase of the water vapor in the Water Space can actually help improving the East-rising Purple Qi?

Or maybe it was not because of the water vapor;it was because of the increase of the water element energy!

No matter what, it has to be related to the increase of the water vapor inside.] Ye Xiao was elated thinking about this. So he started to work so hard to absorb more. He surely knew that it was not something that always could be seen. If the two of them suddenly stop fighting...

Then it meant the opportunity slipped away from his hand.

It was truly difficult to see a fight between two super capable cultivators!

As he knew, this was the first one of the recent thousands of years that was in such a powerful level. If he missed this one, it might take him thousands of years to witness the next one!

After all, after they finished the fight, Ye Xiao thought that he should absorb as much as he could.

He operated the martial art so concentratedly...

So, in the sky of the whole Chen-Xing City...

The water vapor was really powerful. There was actually flood running on the streets of the Chen-Xing City, the capital of the Kingdom of Chen. The places that were usually lower than the others had already become small lakes.

Inside the city, it was better after all, because there was a sewage system covering the whole city. Outside the city, it was terrible. It looked exactly like a huge flood. Some rivers had already risen up and covered the land.

The rain was still heavy and it looked like the rain was going to ruin the whole city...

Suddenly, people were all thinking about how to deal with such a horrible flood...

There was water everywhere.

The west and the east battles actually ceased the hostilities temporarily because of such a heavy rain.

Ye Nan-Tian in the north was confused and a little bit disappointed though.

They had already set up some traps, yet the Grassland Wolves couldn't come. The rain had actually submerged the whole battlefield!

It was not a good thing for the northern army though.

Because after the rain, the grass would grow a lot. Within a long period of time after it, the Northern Tribes could stop worrying about inadequate food. If the enemies were given a chance to rest, they would recover within a really short time, and they would become very difficult to defeat.



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