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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 227


Chapter 227 - Accident

As the drizzle had filled the air of the world, a light stream of white fog rushed up to the sky. It was so fast that people could not notice it.

At the same time, a stream of black smoke was like a shadow chasing the white one with an intense killing intent!

In the drizzle, wherever they passed, the space there would collapse. Suddenly, black holes showed up in the sky one after another. They showed up and then disappeared...

Such strength was incredible and impossible to imagine in the mortal world!

Two unnoticeable shadows rushed up to the cloud within seconds. Nobody knew how far they had gone. And then there was the sound of explosion. - BOOM! -

This sound didn't seem loud, yet after it resounded, the whole Land of Han-Yang actually shook right after!

How powerful! The world actually shook because of it! The sky and earth were both shocked!

After that, the sound of thunders appeared continuously!

The world was shocked! The sky was full of sadness, and the earth was full of sorrow!

Almost all the mountains and hills shook because of such accident. There were many rocks rolling from the top of the mountains to the land...

The thunders continued, and it sounded faster and faster, louder and louder...

The heavy rain was covering more and more lands until it eventually covered the whole Land of Han-Yang.

In the sky, the lightnings could be seen as if they were the teeth of dogs gritting against each other. They were actually red, white, yellow, purple and blue...

They were colorful lightnings!

The colorful and strange lightnings kept crossing each other in the sky, as if they were painting the sky into a very beautiful image.

The thunder sounded more and more frequently one after another. At the end, several thunder sounds actually sounded at the same time. The thunder and lightnings kept piling up...

Everyone seemed to be awoken in dreams!

Hearing the frequent thunders, people couldn't stop guessing that there might be two ancient thunder gods fighting each other with their full powers in the sky!

They wouldn't stop until one of them died!

Nobody knew that they were actually right about it at some point! Though instead of two thunder gods, they were actually two ladies fighting in the sky. They were two gorgeous, beautiful women!

They were trying their best to try and kill each other!

Each strike, no matter whether it was a palm strike or a sword attack, made lightnings all over the sky. Within an instant, they had actually already made over three thousand strikes to each other!

Neither of them was willing to step back from each other!

The rain kept going without stopping.

The cloud and mist in the sky didn't seem scattering at all.

The thunder sounds kept shocking the world...

It seemed the thunder would go on until the sea turned dry and the rocks were melted. And the rain seemed not to stop until the end of the world came...

An entire night had passed.

At the noon of the next day, it was still in the same situation. Nothing got better.

The water vapor that was created during the fight actually all got into the Spaces of Ye Xiao...

Ye Xiao was still in a coma...

He knew nothing about what was happening at all.

The East-rising Purple Qi was running automatically inside him. It kept crashing the blocked Jing and Mai in his body time and time again...

Till the next evening, the East-rising Purple Qi finally broke through the Jing and Mai of Ye Xiao with the help with the powerful water vapor. - Boom. -

Ye Xiao finally woke up.

He was frightened by the loud thunder just as he woke up, ’’What the hell! What is it? Why is it raining so heavily? How come the thunder can be so loud?!’’

And then he remembered the things that had happened in the previous night.

’’A person in black got into my room. That person looked at me with a complex expression in the eyes. And I suddenly fainted...’’ He frowned. It seemed he didn't really know what had happened to him. The only thing he knew was that things were so weird at the moment.

And then he realized his chest was cold. When he looked down, he found that his cloth was untied. His chest showed up...

’’Well this...’’ He looked at his own chest and lost his bearings.

’’What the hell is this? Why did the person in black take off my tops after knocking me out...’’ He got up from the bed in a hurry. His face seemed pale, ’’I... I didn't get raped, did I?’’

He then hurriedly checked himself and found nothing special. And then he operated his martial art to check his pure yang energy, and discovered that it was still full without any loss... He got confused...

’’What the hell happened? She is such a powerful cultivator. She should have done something after knocking me off! But it looks like she just left without doing anything to me!’’ He rubbed his head and couldn't think of any possible answers.

He hadn't even heard of such things in both his lives...

He couldn't believe that somebody would actually feel guilty.

So he thought, [Would it be... Bing Xin-Yue?

I didn't recognize her last night, because I only looked at that person for less than a second. Yet I felt that the aura on that person was so similar with Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's...

It must be Bing Xin-Yue. But... Why did she leave? Does it mean... she has already known my true identity? But... why did she even try to do this?]

He was so confused.

And then the shocking loud thunder attracted his attention!

He grabbed his clothes and stood at the window. He raised his head and stared at the amazing lightning image in the sky. He listened to the sounds of the thunder. The astonishment in his eyes stayed there for a long time!

Other people might think that the gods must be crazy to make thunders like this.

Yet Ye Xiao knew that it had nothing to do with gods.

And it had nothing to do with weather or climate!

It was caused by human activities!

[There must be a fight between two super grandmaster cultivators in the sky!

And it must be a life and death battle!]

The fight would go on until one of them died, or both of them died!

Most importantly, among all the persons Ye Xiao had known about in both his lives, none could make such an impact!

In simpler words, both of the two persons who were fighting in the sky were much more powerful than the Xiao Monarch in his previous life!

A lot more powerful!

Who could they be?



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