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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 226


Chapter 226 - Hesitation

The person in black didn't answer him. She just shook her body and her eyes emitted some strange glow. Then she raised her right hand and a massive power hit on Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao could only feel that his sight turned dark, and he didn't have the time to react before he passed out.

The person in black stepped forward and put him on the bed.

Although she had only done two things, her body was shaking badly.

And then she quickly reached out her hand and grabbed Ye Xiao's wrist.

A soft and exquisite spiritual power instantly entered Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai. Within a short while, she had moved around Ye Xiao's entire Jing and Mai. She could sense all the details about Ye Xiao's condition.

’’I see... No wonder he can remove our illness...’’

’’The power of two extremes with the Purple Qi...’’ The person in black showed some extremely complex glow in her profound eyes, ’’As expected, the man in the prediction finally showed up... But... Why are you so late?

One month... I only have one month...’’

After hesitating for a long while, she finally made up her mind. She gritted with her teeth and flipped her sleeve. She showed her pale and elegant hands and reached them into Ye Xiao's clothes...

Her hands were shaking, so was her entire body.

Her face was covered by a mass of dark cloud, yet the dark cloud was also shaking.

To keep the hands, body and mind stable was what a super grandmaster should be capable of. She was such a great grandmaster, yet she was acting weirdly this time. Her mind was struggling and she was lost in hesitation.

At the moment, the storms was going wild outside the window. It was like the world was turning over...

’’One month...’’ She murmured. Her lips were shaking. Tears were rolling inside her eyes, ’’I don't care about my life after living for such a long time... But... If I die, what should the sect do next?’’

’’But... My virginity...’’

’’How can I ruin my virginity after keeping it for countless of years... on such a strange man?’’

’’Should I give up on this? Or should I just take it? Both of them are the right choices, yet neither of them was what I want...’’

She was shaking badly. Her eyes were full of confusion and hesitation.

If someone who knew her saw this, that person would probably pass out.

Because nobody had ever seen her so weak like this. No one could imagine that she actually had such a soft side. Her pale hands were shaking and she took off the buttons on Ye Xiao's clothes. One... Two... Three...

Ye Xiao was in a coma. He didn't know anything about this. He could only accept whatever was being done to him...

However, when his broad and strong chest was revealed, her hands could feel the heat in his body. That made her shake more badly...

And then she trembled as if she got an electric shock. She suddenly stopped. Her face was turning green and then pale. She murmured, ’’I...’’

And then she stood up and covered her face. She squatted on the floor and said, ’’Oh my god... What should I do? Why is this burden all put on my shoulder?’’

’’I... I can't do it...’’

She raised her head facing up. The dark clouds were emitted around her body as tears dropped down from her cheeks...

At this moment...

A sneering came up outside the window, ’’Hey! Hey...’’

The voice was clear and cold.

Under the storm, even though it was so noisy because of the rains and winds, she actually could clearly hear that voice.

She stood up immediately. At this moment, she became the cold and offish lady who was emitting killing intent.

’’It is you?’’

She spoke lightly.

The person outside sneered again. In her voice, disdain and indifference were evident.

She humphed. In fact, she had just set up a storm confinement on the whole city. Without her permission, normal people would never be able to get in here.

Not to mention getting close to the window and being heard clearly from outside the window.

This room was also under the storm confinement and also under a spiritual confinement.

’’Xue Dan-Ru? Is it you?’’ She said slowly.

The voice outside was cold. It was sneering, ’’I really didn't expect this. Really. Things are so weird in the world. The Xuan Bing Fairy who is well-known in the Qing-Yun Realm actually has such a hobby. That is so unbelievable... Heh, heh, heh. For thousands of years, there are always men raping women, and they are truly despicable. However, I have never heard that a woman will want to rape a man. I think the myth about a female rapist turns out to be true...

Sister Xuan, you actually showed me the myth. You actually played the role yourself. Heh, heh... I am so impressed...’’

The woman laughed with her cold voice, ’’The world-shocking, well-known pure Xuan Bing Fairy is so pure like this huh? That is reasonable. You pick the handsome young men in such a low-class realm. That is smart. It will be hard to know what you have done. I guess I have discovered a huge secret today.

Well, but you have just fxcked my whole sect up and ruined all our inheritances. You actually lit up all 109 of our volcanoes and made them explode... Xuan Bing, you are so vicious. And you actually have the leisure mood to look for a pretty young man in the Land of Han-Yang...’’ She clicked her tongue, ’’You really impress me.’’

The lady in black blushed immediately. She was so ashamed.

However, she just couldn't explain it.

She shook and humphed. Suddenly, her body emitted a powerful stream of energy, and she became a mass of smoke and cloud. She then disappeared in the room.

’’Xue Dan-Ru, you yourself chose to go the tough way other than the easy one in front of you. Since you found me today, let me send you to hell before I die.

Back to the days when our sects were fighting, how many people have you killed? Today, I will avenge our people through your blood.’’

’’Hahaha. Sister Xuan, are you trying to kill me so that I can't tell anybody about your little secret? Well, although you sincerely invited me to go to hell with you... I just don't want to... The hell is your place. Right, Sister Xuan?’’ She clicked her tongue, ’’What an erotic scene today... I am not going to interrupt you...’’


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