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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 225


Chapter 225 - Incursion!

The more Song Jue talked, the more he felt sad. He felt like he couldn't live such life anymore. He felt that his life was full of darkness and desperations...

After speaking all of this, he raised his head and found that Ye Xiao, who should be standing there listening to him, was gone...

’’Where are you!’’ Song Jue shouted.

Inside Ye Xiao's room, there came the sound of him snoring.

That seemed telling Song Jue, 'I am sleeping. I think you should go get some rests too...'

’’What the *^*(&*%*@%^*@^(&(...’’ Song Jue felt that his anger was blocking his throat. He nearly passed out. [So you actually didn't even listen to me when I talked so much there. What kind of people are you? Do you even have conscience? You are actually much more terrible than your terrible father!]

He couldn't help cursing again and again with different kind of words to the sky.

The whole House of Ye turned silent, that even a needle dropping on the floor could be heard.

Even the person on the roof felt admiring. She had heard somebody cursing before indeed. She had heard somebody cursing loudly and rudely like he was trying to crash the whole world down... However, she truly hadn't heard anybody cursing in a loud voice for over two hours without stopping. And all the words from his mouth were different. [This steward must be an outstanding man in the area of cursing in the world.]

Ye Xiao was covering his head, pretending he couldn't hear him.

The truth was that he didn't want to lie;he just couldn't explain it.

How could he explain? How should he explain the whole process?

If he started it, he had to tell everything after it. That was the only way he could explain it clearly.

Yet there was something he should never tell anybody else. Not even to his own families.

That was why Ye Xiao had to escape.

He pretended he was sleeping and he also snored. The shouts and curses from outside the door were actually like some magical whistling that kept getting through his brain. That voice was so impassioned and loud.

After over two hours, Song Jue finally left.

Ye Xiao felt relieved at last, [What the hack... That was an aura that could swallow the whole universe. Admirable... Admirable... I definitely don't have the ability to do so. I just can't reach that stage. I should better avoid it...]

He finally got the chance to really sleep.

He sighed and took the quilt. Actually, he was forcing his spiritual mind into the Spaces and start to cultivate. However, he still felt distracted. He just couldn't calm down.

He was surprised. That was something that had never happened to him before.

[What is wrong?

Is there something wrong going to happen?

Or has something wrong happened already?]

He then just sat up since he couldn't focus on cultivating. He frowned and got lost in thoughts. He was trying to figure out which part went wrong.

[Is it Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's place? Or is it Bing Xin-Yue? Is it Ling-Bao Hall? Maybe... Is it the war around the kingdom?

There are seldom things that can distract me without being noticed by myself.]

Ye Xiao was deep and lost in thoughts, yet he still didn't have the answer. He murmured, ’’Why am I so distracted tonight?’’

In fact, the person on the roof was also distracted at the moment.

She was thinking the same with Ye Xiao, [Why am I so distracted tonight?]

Feng Zhi-Ling had removed his disguise and revealed his true face. He was a handsome young man sitting on his bed lost in thoughts...

Her eyes were flashing. She was obviously in hesitation.

[What should I do?

I have less than one month to live...

After one month, without the Renascence Jade Lotus, I will be dead.

My life means little, yet how is the sect going to survive?

Losing my protection, the whole sect will enter a state of disunity, waiting to be ripped.

All that our ancestors have built will fall into ruins.

I was here only to talk to Bing Xin-Yue and tell her my last words, yet I found that... There actually is such a man who had both the Yin and Yang powers.

That is the only way other than the Renascence Jade Lotus that can help me.

But if I want to survive without the Renascence Jade Lotus, I will have to be touched by this man skin to skin?

That is something I will never agree with.

I have been keeping my virginity for so many years, and now I have to give it to a strange man? And he is actually a man from such a low-class realm who was weak like an ant?

How is that acceptable?]

She stood on the roof silently. The wind was blowing her hair at the night. She was lost in confusion.

After thinking for a long time, Ye Xiao couldn't figure out the reason. So he sat cross-legged again and operated the martial art to calm himself down. However, no matter how he tried, he kept getting more and more distracted. He had no idea why he would be like this.

After trying for several times, he sighed and murmured, ’’It is going to be dawn... What a weird night.’’

The person on the roof was shocked.

[It is going to be dawn...]

She gritted with her teeth and her eyes emitted the glow of decisiveness.

She waved her hand and then the sky that had started to become bright returned to darkness. Everything was dark again.

Endless dark clouds were gathering from all directions. It covered the whole Chen-Xing City. The next moment, it started to thunder and the wind started to blow and howl.

After a while, she waved her right hand. Ye Xiao's room became a forbidden area that was separated from the world.

A massive stream of energy suddenly filled the room.

She suddenly flashed and became like a trace of cyan smoke entering the room.

Ye Xiao's room was locked, yet she actually managed to enter it within just a second.

Ye Xiao was still lost in thoughts with his eyes frowning. He was trying to figure out the reason why he was so distracted. He wanted to solve it. That was why he didn't notice that there was another person in the room all of a sudden.

Till he heard someone take a deep breath in, he finally found that there was a person in black inside the room.

’’Who is it?’’ Ye Xiao was scared.

[This guy can actually get rid of my spiritual sensation and the sensation of my Space...

Although I am weak now and I cannot use the Spaces in full power, this guy must be some special superior cultivator as he can manage to do this.

He must be at least the Grade of Mengyuan, a super grandmaster.

In other words, he is definitely not from the Land of Han-Yang.

He must have come from other realms.

Why does a person strong like this come to my room so silently?

What does he want?]


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