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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 224


Chapter 224 - Song Jue's Sadness

The person in the dark sneered. Her spiritual mind was instantly unleashed. Within only a second, the whole Chen-Xing City was actually covered by her sensation.

Within a radius of five thousand miles, she actually didn't miss anything in her mind.

Everything was in her sense.

However, a second after putting out her spiritual mind, she drew back her mind immediately. She just focused her spiritual mind into one line locking on Ye Xiao, who was running wildly in the dark night.

She didn't draw back her mind to save the energy, in fact...

Her face was on heat, because she blushed.

It was completely red.


She cursed fiercely.

Because when she just used her spiritual mind to sense everything in this city, she actually found at least dozens of thousands of... couples... doing that kind of embarrassing thing...

She suddenly felt unwell...

There were even some perverts forcing young girls...


Several streams of her spiritual mind immediately released killing intent. They were like swords from heavens, suddenly falling to several places in the Chen-Xing City...

At this night, all the bad guys who were bullying young ladies were killed with their whole families along.

Only the girls survived...

When the girls got out after being blessed by the gods, they actually met no resistance. All those who dared to stop them got killed at once before they had the time to act.

At that night, over forty-three hundred people died in such a strange way.

Their dead bodies all looked the same. Their heads looked fine, yet inside their heads, there were only masses of mushy things. Their bodies looked fine, yet inside their bodies, their organs were all ripped into pieces with a mushy dantian...

That was a way that made people die completely.

Even their souls were vanished.

This event had became a mysterious case in the Chen-Xing City.

It had became something that frightened those men who wanted to do anything dirty against the girls for many years.

’’Such kind of men should all die! Their families should die too, because they didn't stop them. Those who helped them in doing such a crime should also die! I won't feel ashamed killing all of them.’’

The person in the dark flew up quietly. She seemed indifferent about the bloody slaughter she just did. She just flew up to the air like a trace of cyan smoke. A stream of her spiritual mind had locked on Ye Xiao, who was walking into the General's House.

’’Humph. It turns out he is one of the people in the General's House...’’

The person humphed and moved herself.

The next moment, she had stood on the roof above Ye Xiao's room.

She was silent.

Ye Xiao actually couldn't sense anything about it.

This person was truly powerful that no one could know how strong she exactly was.

Even the Xiao Monarch had never been stronger than her.

When Ye Xiao entered the room, Song Jue was waiting anxiously for Ye Xiao to come back.

’’Where the hell have you been? How can you come back so late?’’ Song Jue's face was not so good. It was dark like the bottom of a pot.

Song Jue shouldn't be blamed for being angry though. Since his big brother left, his nephew kept on appearing and disappearing mysteriously. He always couldn't find him whenever he disappeared.

This time, it was rather immoderate. He had actually been gone for two days.

’’Cough...’’ Ye Xiao coughed and said, ’’I...’’

’’Hold on!’’ Song Jue spoke furiously, ’’I see. I know it. Every time when you cough before you talk, you are going to lie. Just tell me the truth.’’

Ye Xiao was shocked, ’’Cough? Going to lie? Really?’’

Song Jue felt complacent though, ’’Your little trick will never work on me, you little boy. Every time when you move your butt, I will know if you are going to piss or going to poo. You cough again and I will beat the shit out of you.’’

Ye Xiao was speechless. He thought, [Fine... I will listen to your guidance. I won't cough. Since when do I have such a problem? I am just going to tell some lies. Big deal? To hell I cough. I will never cough again.]

’’In fact, yesterday I...’’ He suddenly stopped after saying just a few words. He thought, [What am I going to say?

I can't tell him the truth.

Can I tell you that I got captured? Then how should I explain how I came back?] In fact, it doesn't matter what he should say after all. If Song Jue heard that he had been captured, he would rush to the ladies house for sure. That was a definite thing he would do.

Actually, it was fine that he would get to the ladies, but the question was... The lady Bing Xin-Yue was far too strong. Even ten or twenty Song Jue couldn't defeat her. Song Jue would die for sure.

’’I was just feeling bad yesterday so I got drunk out there. I came back when I felt awake. I didn't delay anything important.’’ After saying so, he coughed again.

’’You coughed? Did you lie again?’’ Song Jue shouted angrily, ’’Speak! Where the hell have you been?’’

Ye Xiao was trying to lie again when he opened his mouth. But he then covered his mouth with his hands. That was just too obvious...

’’Cough? You want to keep lying? You bastard, can't you just tell me the truth? Don't you have any other words to say other than lies?’’ Song Jue shouted again.

Ye Xiao was shocked.

And then he lowered his head.

[Ah... Life is so hard.]

After a long while, Song Jue sighed and lowered his head too. He talked to Ye Xiao, ’’Please, no matter where you will go next time, if you don't want to tell me where you will go, can you just at least tell me how long will you be gone? Please? That is the only thing your uncle will beg you for...

Do you know during the days you had been missing, how I prayed for the gods, all of them... I was so worried that something would happen to you.’’

He looked like he was going to weep, ’’Your father treats you like you are a piece of meat in his heart. Yet he actually value the country so much that he actually just left... He left me alone here watching you, a strong unruly young man, with my old and weak arms and legs. Making troubles is like having dinner to you, you little prick... I am not your father... Yet your father actually gave me the title as a steward... What kind of steward keeps shouting at his young master... But I have to take care of you... And I actually can't do anything to discipline you... But I can't let you be in danger... What a stupid boring fxcking doltish thing that makes me want to hang myself on the roof.’’

Song Jue grabbed his hair and shouted with sadness, ’’What did I do that I owe you son and father so much... How many billion debts have I made that I have to pay them back in one lifetime for you two... Oh my gods... Why can't the gods show mercy to me...’’


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